12 Witty and Thoughtful Out-of-Office Messages for the Holidays

People typically fall into one of two categories in the closing days before a vacation: those who obsessively check the time or those who are overly occupied. Some people could even neglect to send their boss out-of-office messages.

Thoughtful Out-Of-Office Messages

Also, failure to inform others that you’re out of the office could have negative consequences, especially if they count on a quick answer.

It’s essential to set up an out-of-office reply before leaving for that much-needed vacation. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve created 7 inspirational out-of-office texts for you.

What You Should Know About Out-of-Office Messages

An automatic email sent by an email account whose owner is momentarily not checking it is known as an “out-of-office message.”

The out-of-office notification is triggered by each new email sent to this account and is delivered to the sender of the original email.

You may usually activate this option and modify your message with email service providers.

While you read this piece, we’ll talk about what an out-of-office email message is and provide some of the greatest examples we’ve found after doing a lot of research, along with a few from my coworkers.

12 Thoughtful Out-of-Office Messages for the Holidays

1. “When I go back to Civilization, I’ll Get Back to You”

Why not make a joke about your lack of Wi-Fi in your auto-responder if you’re going to a remote, mountainous area? Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that someone will keep emailing you after the initial attempt or anticipate a fast answer.

“Hello there,

I apologize for missing you, but I’m now unable to access my email. Why? I’m backpacking and getting by on trail mix, really nice water, and Spam. The stars should be visible from here.

When I go back to civilization, I’ll get back to you. or a WiFi-enabled location. Alternatively, go to work on May 10, whichever occurs initially.

Email my team at [email protected] if you need assistance straight away.”

This is one of the out-of-office messages you can leave behind while you are out of the office.

2. “Once I’ve Defrosted, I’ll Email You back”

We can utilize the bad weather as comic relief, even though this may not turn out to be so fortunate for us.

For added authenticity, you could even include a screenshot of the weather prediction. It will not only make recipients smile, but it will also elicit some empathy, which is frequently the key to good content.

“I appreciate your message. I’m currently under snow and will get back to you on January 2 after I’ve defrosted.

If you suspect I’m lying, though.”

This is one of the few emotional out-of-office messages to drop while away from the office.

3. “I’m no longer in my Position”

You can express how happy you are about your trip while still apologizing (of sorts… not really).

“Hello, there Both good and bad news is coming your way. Let’s start with the negative.

The terrible news is that I have left my position. The good news is that I’m not working and am in Cancun eating elotes.

My colleague will be pleased to help you if you can’t wait for a reply. Please send an email to [email protected].

My return date is February 7th”.

This has been rated one of the best out-of-office messages among others.

4. Do you know where I am?

We prefer to refer to people who used to live in the northern region of the United States as “snowbirds,” since they tend to migrate to warmer regions of the country in the winter.

“Good day.

I’m currently outside of the office, having Cracker Jack and peanuts with my family. Can you guess my location? You’re busy, so it’s acceptable.

Do not worry if your communication is urgent; we will attend to it. Try either of these two things:

[email protected] is where you may contact me.

I’m joking. That email address is fake.

In my absence, please contact my manager at [email protected].

On 7/19, I’ll be back in the office and will gladly respond. Enjoy your weekend!”

5. “I realize I should mention that my Access to email will be restricted”

Giving customers the ability to email an “interrupt your vacation” email address serves two purposes: it adds fun and dissuades customers from actually interrupting their vacations.

You can start it off by pleading for understanding and mentioning that he promised your family quality time.

“Hello there

Because you received this email right away (standard autoresponder behavior), I’m currently on vacation and not in the office.

Even though I might be able to read my email, have my phone nearby, and have access to WiFi in a hypothetical world, I’d rather spend time with my family. If I blink one more time, my children will be 35 years old because they are developing at the rate of a supersonic jet. I’ll also be 73. I’m not interested in it.

You can send me an email at [email protected] if you still need to get in touch. The email address for my assistant is [email protected]. They could direct you on the appropriate path.

I’m looking forward to catching up when I get back.”

6. “I’m no longer in Office, which is bad News”

Your customers or coworkers could still expect you to stop by the office and respond to their emails even if you’re on vacation and staying home. Even if you’re lounging on the couch, use this autoresponder to let them know you’re really not accessible.


I appreciate your email. I’m on a trip. upon the sofa. consuming chips. Additionally, I’ve been binge-watching Stranger Things for the eighth time (shh, don’t tell).

I’m sorry, but I can’t respond to your email (even though my office is three feet away). I’ll get back to you after making my much-anticipated journey to the refrigerator, where I purchased tickets and much expected everything else on TripAdvisor.

On the third, when I return to work, I’ll respond to you.”


7. “I really appreciate your email. I already adore it.

If anything, this holiday out-of-office email is a little passive hostile but still in theme. Why not send a thank-you note to everyone who sends you an email over the holidays and consider each one as the gift it is?

“Hello there

I really appreciate your email. Already, I adore it. I could tell right away that this communication was going to be remarkable because it was so artfully packaged in its endearing subject line. Gifts like these simply don’t occur frequently.

I’m going to have to reply to your mail, which is a shame. I’m not at the workplace at the moment because it’s the Christmas season. I’ll give your email a thorough read when I get back and discover that your request is exactly what I needed after all. But until then, I’ll store it in the inbox to prevent harm and come back to it after the holidays.

Merry Christmas!”

This is also one of the out-of-office messages you can send to your Boss or client while you are away from office.

12 Witty And Thoughtful Out-Of-Office Messages For The Holidays

8. “I’m watching Christmas Movies right now. I’ll see You later”

It’s okay to use Christmas as an excuse to indulge in your favorite childhood films, but it’s unacceptable to keep that adorable side of you to yourself when family and friends are trying to get in touch with you.

You can use the illustration below for yourself. It’s the same email, I suppose.

“Hello, Merry Christmas! Why are you sending me an email?

I’ll be re-watching the 1994 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Special, Die Hard, and Home Alone till the New Year because I’m so busy.

I may or may not pause for meals and bathroom breaks.

I’ll be back in the office on January 2 no matter how I feel or how well I’ve been keeping myself during the holiday season.

Catch you then, and don’t forget to grab Splinter a pepperoni pizza”.

9. Message for Extended Parental leave in the Workplace

This kind of message is often sent when a staff member is about to go on a long leave.

“Parental leave is in effect until [DATE].


I apologize for missing your message, but there was a good cause – our family just welcomed a new member, and I will be away from work for an extended period of time from [DATE] until [DATE].

The talented [NAME] will be taking up my responsibilities while I learn the pleasures of being a new mom (running on little to no sleep!). Contact information for [NAME] is [EMAIL ADDRESS] or [PHONE NUMBER].

I’m excited to see you again when I get back!



10. Traffic-Driving Message When leaving Work

“Hello there

Thank you for contacting me. I regrettably have little to no access to email when I’m away from the office from mm/dd to mm/dd. If your query can wait, I’ll get to the emails I neglected to answer when I get back on [DAY]. If not, get in touch with [NAME] at [EMAIL] or [PHONE], and they’ll look after you.

Did you send me an email regarding [SERVICE YOU OFFER]? Great! Read what some of our clients have to say about their wonderful experiences. (Link to case studies or client endorsements)

When I can, I’ll respond to you.


Using a few of these out-of-office messages can go a long way in terms of staff and clients’ interpersonal relationships.

11. Expert out-of-office Message

Looking for a professional Out-of-Office Message? Search no more.  

“Subj: Whoops! I won’t be back at work until [DATE].

Well, good day to you!

Although I’m eager to hear from you, you’ve unluckily caught me while I’m [limited/no access] to my email and away from the office [for VACATION/CONFERENCE/etc. – optional], [DATE] to [DATE].

Great if what you need from me doesn’t require a quick response. As soon as I get back, I’ll get in touch with you. (However, anticipate a brief wait because I think we can all agree that responding to all missed messages can take a lot of time.)

Now, don’t freak out if your situation is urgent. Contact [NAME] at [EMAIL ADDRESS] or [PHONE NUMBER] and they’ll take care of you; that’s all you have to do.

We hope to speak with you soon!



12 Witty And Thoughtful Out-Of-Office Messages For The Holidays

12. Complete “Office is Closed out of Office Message”

“Closed till [DATE]: [COMPANY NAME]

Hello there

I appreciate you getting in touch with me. Our entire office will be shut down from [DATE] to [DATE] for [REASON]. [SET COMMUNICATION EXPECTATIONS] during this time.

There is no need to take further action if your issue is not urgent. Upon my return, I will respond to your mail as soon as I can. Please [PROVIDE CONTACT INFORMATION OR GUIDANCE] if you have an urgent matter.

We come back and look forward to helping you!



In Summary

Like many others, you might not be aware that, beyond merely letting someone know you’re leaving, your goodbye message offers a special chance to be memorable and brighten someone’s day.

It only needs to be insightful and engaging; it doesn’t need to be lengthy or complicated.

Use your vacation reply to enlighten, help, or otherwise delight the email sender the next time you set it up. You’ll enjoy the activity, and they’ll enjoy the nice surprise!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select File > Automatic Replies.

2. Select Send automatic replies.

If you don’t want the messages to go out right away, select Only send during this time range.

3. Choose the dates and times you’d like to set your automatic reply for.

4. Type in a message.

5. Select OK.

I will be absent from work beginning on (Starting Date) and returning on (End Date) (Date of Return). During my absence, if you require quick assistance, please call (Contacts Name) at (Contacts Email Address). If not, I’ll reply to your emails as soon as I can after I get back. I appreciate your message.

I appreciate your email. I will have restricted or no access to email while I’m away from the office from mm/dd to mm/dd. Please get in touch with [NAME] at [EMAIL] or [PHONE] if this is urgent. When I go back on mm/dd, I’ll try my best to get back to your email as soon as possible.

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