The Best Online Games for Quiet Days at Home

Is it one of those days where you just want to sit on the sofa and relax? This is something we can all relate to in this modern age when most of us are super busy so much of the time.

The Best Online Games for Quiet Days at Home

Even if you’re at home on your own all day, there are plenty of games you can log into and play online.

In the modern age, we also have more options than ever for how we log on and play, whether that is on our phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop.

Here is our list of some of the best online games to play on a quiet day:


Blackjack is a fun and interesting casino game that you can even play online via many different casino sites.

The game is one of the few casino options that involves a level of skill as well. You need to know when to stick with your hand and when to go for another card and try and reach 21. 

The idea is to try and beat the dealer’s hand and reach 21, or as close as you can, without going “bust” or over. 

There are some live dealer games you can play that even connect you with a real human dealer.

It is up to you how you play and who you play with, but blackjack is one option for those who want to enjoy a game on a quiet day.

There are also free modes to get you started so you can learn how to play the game.

The Wiki Game

The concept of The Wiki Game is simple but it can keep you entertained for hours, especially if you have a competitive streak in you.

The game generates two topics and their respective pages on Wikipedia and the aim is to get from one to the other by only clicking the internal links. 

This can be relatively easy if your topics are things like “Britney Spears” and “Grammy Awards” but if you get topics such as “Nuclear Fusion” and “Field Mouse” then you might struggle to make the links and connect the two.

The Wiki game makes it a lot of fun though and you can track your score against other people along the way. 

There is an app that you can download for your phone as well as the option to play via your browser. 


If you are familiar with the game of Pictionary, Skribbl is essentially just a giant online version. Someone is assigned to draw, and the other players guess what they are drawing.

Points are awarded to those who guess correctly.

This can be a fun game and it can also be very comedic as some of the drawings that are on there are nothing short of ridiculous, so you don’t have to be an artist to get involved.


This is a game that gives you the chance to take on the role of a warrior looking for adventure and even trying to find treasure.

You can team up with others or go it alone, with loot being a huge part of the online game. Who said you need to go to an amusement park or theme park to have this kind of fun?

Browserquest is great for those of us who grew up in the age of Pokémon and similar Gameboy games and it definitely has that kind of vibe to it.

It provides a good way to fill some hours on one of those days when you want to stay inside.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is quite clearly inspired by Scrabble, but the game has been modernized and turned into a platform that anyone can log into and play online.

You can also log in with a social media account, so you can play against your friends if they happen to be having a quiet day at home too. 

The game is free and if you’ve always had a way with words, or simply want to expand your vocabulary, it can be a really great option.

Slot Games

These days, slot games and iGaming are incredibly popular, but they have also evolved to offer a lot more options than ever before. There are many different themes and types of games that you can play. 

Slot games tend to run in virtually any modern browser, and it is simple to sign up and start playing. You can even try a lot of them without having to gamble real money to see if you like them.

With lots of info about the chances of winning and the potential prizes, there are also opportunities to choose the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

Whether you want a slot game that has the traditional fruit machine feel or a game with lots of mini-games, there’s plenty of variety available.


These are just some of the awesome online games for quiet days at home.

If you are a console gamer there is also a huge range of games available to you that you can log into online and start to play against friends or even strangers all over the globe, making them perfect for quiet days tucked up at home. 

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