Online Game Ideas 2022 to Play With Friends at Home or Office at Work

 – Online Game Ideas 2022 – 

Activities that can be played over the internet as well as success advice are included in online virtual night game ideas.


Even if you can’t get together with family and friends to have fun, there are plenty of ways to stay connected and compete online.

Here is everything and the ideas you will need for a fun online game night

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What is Virtual Team Building?

Virtual team building refers to the practice of organizing virtual games and activities for remote employees that allow them to interact with their co-workers even though they rarely meet face-to-face.

Remote workers don’t have the same opportunities and can’t interact with people outside the work area.

We will now discuss one of the most obvious problems that distributed teams face.

The Problem of Virtual Team Building

It can be very lonely to work in virtual teams. Remote workers are usually focused on their own tasks and responsibilities. Remote workers are often highly driven.

Distributed employees are less likely to interact with their coworkers in the same way as they would in a regular office.

Remote meetings can feel routine and dry due to a lack of interpersonal relationships. They also tend to stick to the agenda. Since they don’t get to chat every morning, nobody will have any other topics to discuss than work.

Virtual teams can lead to a loss of communication, which is crucial for employee retention and satisfaction.

People often lose the chance to chat casually near the coffee machine about their hobbies, current sporting events, or politics.

Although you may think these small conversations and interactions are insignificant, they have a significant impact on team performance and motivation.

Team members who feel connected improve their morale, productivity, and happiness. What can managers do to encourage this team spirit in remote work environments?

The Solution

It is easy to answer: participation is key. Both regular and remote teams need to build trust.

Managers should make an effort to develop non-trivial team-building activities online.

Team building is an essential part of any business’s success. There are many ways that team-building activities can be incorporated into your day-to-day events or schedules.

These activities can be used to create icebreakers and build rapport quickly with your group, to reorganize your team, or start a new project.

It is easy to create fun team-building activities online and save time during the day.

These can be integrated easily into any online meeting and will improve team communication without additional pain. Let’s now discuss some of them.

Hosting a Virtual Game Night Has Many Benefits

A virtualization is a great option for games. Mobile versions of board games such as classics are simplified and have in-app instructions to make it easier to follow the rules.

This means that you and your guests will be able to spend more time having fun and less time studying instruction books. There are other benefits:

  1. You and your family can be safe during times of pandemics when even small gatherings pose a risk to public health.
  2. This flexibility makes it possible for friends and family to attend from any location, at any time, without difficulty.
  3. Screen recordings and screenshots make it easy to capture memories.
  4. Healthy competition. (Who doesn’t love winning?)
  5. Immersion and transportation as guests try to achieve exciting goals while pretending they are fascinating characters.

Ideas & How to Host a Zoom Online Game Night 2022

Game nights are a great way for friends to meet up and play board games. It may seem strange to host a virtual gaming night.

Zoom Online Game nights ideas in 2022 are possible with the internet and video conferencing. This is a great alternative to playing with friends, family, or colleagues that may be too far away to meet up in person.

Here’s how to host a virtual gaming night.

1. You Can Set A Date and A Time

Find out who is available and then set a date. Consider the time zone of your guests if they live in different time zones.

If you have family members, friends, or coworkers on the other side of the world, it may be that game night doesn’t take place at all!

2. Send Invitations

Send an invitation once you have established everyone’s schedules.

This can be done online, through services such as Paperless Post and Evite. Or via a simple Google Calendar invitation that notifies guests when virtual gaming night approaches.

Invitees will feel special and excited by these invitations.

You should include a password for your Zoom room in the invitation. Sending the invitation at least one week before the event is happening is a good idea.

3. Select Your Favorite Games

You can choose which games you’d like to play, and how long your Zoom virtual gaming night will last.


You can plan ahead and know what games you might play. This will reduce wait times and allow you to try out the games before you arrive.

There are a few Zoom drinking games that you can play with your friends. This one also has general games for Zoom.

4. Reminder

Send a reminder the day before about virtual game night.

People can get distracted and forget to note the date and time of their event. It is enough to send a quick reminder email with the Zoom link.

5. Check Out Your Tech

Test your internet connection, microphone, video conferencing service, and laptop before the event starts. It reduces frustration and allows attendees to focus on gaming, not fixing technical issues.

6. Invite Everyone to Join the Fun

After everything is in order, you can let your guests in the Zoom waiting area. After the introductions and small talk, you can start the game in your browser. Have fun!

Ideas & Tips for Online Game Night 2022

These tips can help you make your first virtual game night a success.

These ideas will not only make attendees feel like you are thoughtful hosts, but they will also increase their enjoyment of the event.

1. Get a Free Video-Conferencing Program

Cost shouldn’t stop people from attending a fun event. A free video-conferencing service can help you keep costs down.

Zoom is a ubiquitous service. However, Zoom does not allow for meetings exceeding 40 minutes if there are more than three people.

You might also consider other video-meeting services like Google Meet which can host up to 250 people for no cost, or Jitsi Meet which is an open-source option.

2. Invite Your Guests to a Virtual Party with an Invitation

Invitations create a sense of exclusivity, excitement, and trust. Send an invitation online to invite your guests to join your virtual game night.

Sites like Paperless Post, Evite, and Canva can be used to create beautiful designs.

This guide on creating virtual holiday invitations offers great tips to create attention-grabbing evites.

3. Prior to the Time, Decide Which Games You Will Play

You can cut down on the number of guests who are mingling around by deciding what games to play in advance.

There is nothing more awkward than being stuck in a video conference with nothing to do. Invitees will be much happier if they know the rules and can get started.

Send out a survey to help you make your decision. Ask participants to name the games they’d like to play.

These are the top board games for groups, many of which can be played online.

4. If Guests Need to Download Something, Let Them Know

Online Game Ideas 2022 – Knowing what games you plan to play will give you the opportunity to let guests know if any apps are required.

Some apps for virtual game nights are browser-friendly while others require that an app be downloaded to the phones of people.

Another way to cut down on wait times and avoid technical problems during an event is to notify invitees in advance of which apps they should download.

5. Reimburse Your Guests for Drinks or Snacks

Reimbursement for drinks or snacks can help you control costs while showing your guests that you care. Although it’s a small gesture it can help lift spirits and show appreciation for your guests’ participation.

Amazing Online Game Ideas for You in 2022

online game ideas

1. Words With Friends

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. You can play Words With Friends over Zoom if everyone has the app installed on their phones.

Each player should play each other every night for the tournament. Then, have the champions compete in a head-to-head battle.

You can also play a Lighting Round, where you must unscramble a group of words in the shortest time possible with up to five people.

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2. Cards Against Humanity

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Cards Against Humanity has downloadable versions for the Main Game as well as the Family Edition on its website. This is because your favorite card game is now digital.

Scroll down to the section titled “Steal The Game.”

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3. Uno

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. You can either team up with a friend in your Uno group to play a two-on-2 game or just play the game the traditional way.

You can choose the rules you want to use before you start the game.

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4. Virtual Murder Mystery Game

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Red Herring Games has tons of affordable virtual murder mystery games available right from its website.

Just download the game and send it to all the participants. Then, you can start playing! Remember to attend the theme meeting!

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5. Codenames

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. This game lets you channel your inner spy. It also has an online version that allows for virtual play.

This is how it works: 25 secret agents can only be identified using their codenames. You must identify your agents and contact them before the other team, using clues provided by the spymasters.

It’s quick and easy to make video calls with friends.

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6. Scattergories

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. You can play the same game Scattergories online, with all the best features! 

You can choose from TV shows, desk-related items, and even pizza toppings to start your game and can find it here.

Send a link to the other players and create the game. You win if you are the last person to complete the category. This one doesn’t require sharing your screen, everything is on the website.

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7. Online Bingo

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Matthew McConaughey may not be calling the numbers, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun.

You can create a virtual game using The Bingo Maker website. All they need is your password to log in to the game. Best part? The best part?

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8. Quiz Up

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Quiz Up gives trivia night a new look. There are many categories available, including Disney, Harry Potter, and video games.

online game ideas

Play with anyone, anywhere in the world. Or play with your best friend and see who wins.

Although Zoom is not required to do this, the magic happens on your smartphone. However, we know that the best bragging happens face-to-face.

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9. DIY Board Games

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Have you ever wanted to make your own board games but didn’t have the right tools? The same.

Meet Tabletop Simulator. It offers a variety of classic thrills such as Chess and Poker, Jigsaw Puzzles and Dominoes.

Also, You can create your own games through its workshop tool.

You can choose from a variety of games or bring your own game and invite friends via a handy link. You can still have fun on the site so don’t worry if you have no internet connection.

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10. Jackbox Games

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. You can now purchase one of the party packs on this website ( some are currently on sale). Enjoy a variety of games that range from artistic tests to fill-in-the-blank queries.

It’s great fun and can be transferred to other gaming devices like your Playstation 2 or Nintendo Switch. All you need to do now is to decide which game to play.

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11. Mafia

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Mafia is a great game for larger groups. It was created by Russian psychology students and involves complex social deduction. But that’s what makes it so fun.

Split into two groups: the villagers or the werewolves. Next, you will need to determine which of your friends is a bloodthirsty killer and which are innocent townspeople.

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12. Quiplash

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. This game requires players to answer prompts with the wittiest answers possible. Your group votes for the best responses, sort of like an Apples to Apple’s group version.

You can have up to eight people play. However, one person must purchase the online game to share the fun.

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13. Guess Who?

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. This game is great for families because it’s enjoyable for all ages.

You are assigned a character and other participants have to guess your identity. Rules can vary depending on how large the group is and what your preferences are.

This one is sure to make everyone laugh. It’s fair gameplay, so make sure that no screens are shared.

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14. Cards

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Checkers, Crazy Eights and Go Fish are all classic card games. PlayingGames.io makes it easy to access all these classic card games.

online game ideas

You can choose a game and invite as many people to your link as you like. Then, you’re ready to start playing. It’s completely free and does not require any screen-sharing.

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15. Taboo

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Divide the Zoom party into two groups, share screens, and pick someone to give clues each round.

The person in question will help their team guess its main word by using only one word from the list. Or, in Taboo fashion, they can use all of your words. It’s up to them!

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16. Psych

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Let the fun begin by inviting everyone to download Psych &. You are responsible for finding the truth.

Each created Heads Up! so you can get an idea of how much fun it will bring. This one can be played over your smartphone, so don’t worry about your Zoom connection.

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17. Skribbl

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Skribbl is a free multiplayer game that tests your 5th-grade artistic skills. You can create a private space with your friends, pick a word from the list, and then try to create a masterpiece within 80 seconds.

The chat will allow you to sketch and the other players can type in what they think you are drawing. The more points a player gets, the faster they guess correctly.

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18. Don’t Overcook

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. This virtual cooking game allows up to four people to serve diners. It’s similar to DinerDash where you wait, serve, and cook for all your guests. However, it has some very strange twists.

It’s chaotic and fun, and it will fill in the gap left by dinner parties.

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19. Wordscatter

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. This is the online version of the word gameBoggle. The time it takes for players to find the 25 words they choose is between two and three minutes.

The winner of the game is the one with the most words. You should be careful though as submitting a word not found in their database will result in you losing 10 points.

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20. Among Us

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. There is a reason Among Us is one of the most loved apps for quarantine.

This one requires everyone in your group to download the app. You can also create a private game that the entire squad can join.

You will be given the title of “impostor” when you join the game. They will aim to stealthily kill their crewmates one by one. The survivors meet after each kill to discuss their theories, vote for the killer, and vote.

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21. Charades

You may still be restricted by the webcam limits, but a game of Charades or a rowdy game will help you get up from your desk chair, most likely for the first time in your entire day.

This is your chance to act out the entire movie title in painstaking detail. You can also make it a fun exercise to share with your friends so they can all see it on the internet.

Bonus: The online Charades Generator will generate all topics for you. All you have to do to bring their words to life is to add your own. You can do it silently.

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22. 20 Questions

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. You don’t have to spend countless hours trying to solve one of the portable 20 Question spheres. This is your chance.

The online version is just as smart and freakishly clever as the little plastic genius.

I believe you and your Zoom party will find a way for you to defeat the A.I. with either a classic animal or vegetable or mineral or something from one of the pre-set categories. These include movies, music and Star Wars topics.

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23. Pictionary

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Pictionary, the classic party game is great for long-distance dinner parties or nights in with friends.


Zoom’s whiteboard allows you to play virtually – Bustle provides instructions –or, you could play independently and show your drawings to the other team.

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24. TableTopics

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. Sometimes, an icebreaker game is needed. TableTopics can be used to avoid having to discuss the weather or Netflix binging for the millionth time.

The card game has 135 questions. The card game’s owner can read out prompts.

These prompts range from simple questions such as “What’s your favorite song to listen in your car?” to more thought-provoking questions such as “Would you rather be the best player on a losing team or the worst?” 

To more thoughtful questions like “Would, it be better to be the best player of a losing team or the worst on a winning one?”

It’s a lovely reminder of the amazing human interaction that can occur (no shame for our furry friends).

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25. Trophies

This simple word game is easy to master and provides some serious laughter. The judge (in this instance, the owner of a game) should pick up a card and read the topic. Next, show the group a random letter.

Then, two members of opposing teams must try to be first to use a word that matches the topic or letter. A trophy is awarded to you if the judge approves of what you are saying.

The winner is the one who has the most trophies at the end.

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26. 5 Second Rule

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. The host will choose a card and read the topic. Next, the timer will be started. The host will then give the player five seconds to think of three topics.

You can name celebrities that aren’t worthy of being famous, and teach your dog tricks. This is a great game to speed up your Zoom call.

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27. Outburst

It’s like Family Feud without Steve Harvey’s mustache. Divide the callers into two teams, and choose a host.

The objective of this board game is to get as many items written down that fit into a particular category, such as things you might find at home.

You get more points the more people you have on the list of the game host. Zoom’s whiteboard function will be useful again in this game.

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28. The Alphabet Challenge

This is one of the best online game ideas for 2022. This is a game that most kids play if they ever took a long trip.

You can choose a category such as fiction books or celebrities and name something for each letter within a set time frame.

This can be made into a drinking game. Have whoever is unable to name a new word, or forget the one before them have a drink.

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Zoom Online Games for Kids

These are 20 great Zoom games that kids will love to play.

1. Would You Rather (Kid Version).

Children are given two equally absurd choices and must choose one of them. This game is hilarious and very revealing.


2. Freeze Dance

This activity is more fun than a game. However, it gets kids moving and grooving. This activity is perfect to do after an instruction block.

Play some music and get the kids moving. Everyone freezes when the music stops. Everyone who is still dancing gets up and watches their classmates.

3. First Letter, Last Letter

This is one of the best online kids game ideas for 2022. This word game helps to reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills. Select a category, such as animals. Name an animal by the first player.

A dog is an example. The next player must name an animal starting with the letter of a dog-like Giraffe. The next player must name an animal that starts with the letter of the Giraffe, and so forth.

4. Mad Libs

Mad Libs can be used to create funny stories and to practice speech parts. Students can fill out these online forms and then share them with the class.

5. I Spy

This is one of the best online kids game ideas for 2022. A quick round of I Spy will test your students’ observation skills. Select an object from the background.

For example, students might say “I see something green.” They then take turns guessing the object.

You can also pick something from another person’s background. You could say, “I see something in Taylor’s background that is soft.”

6. Person, Place, or Thing

This alphabet game helps students to practice naming and recognizing nouns.

Player 1 begins with the letter “A” and must name any person, place, or thing that starts with this letter (note: “person” can be extended to include any living creature if necessary).

The next player must speak a noun beginning with the letter B. The game continues until each student has completed their turn.

7. Detective

This is a fun game that allows kids to guess and have some fun. Ask one student to choose “Detective”, and then ask them to turn off their microphone. Close their eyes and count to thirty.

Choose another student to be “It.” The player who is “It”, initiates an action such as patting their head. The other students do the same and pat their heads.

After the Detective has finished counting, they look at the group. If “It” thinks that the Detective is looking at another person, they alter the action by clapping their hands.

All of the students change their behavior. To catch the player who is “It”, the Detective must make three guesses.

8. Memory

A board should be prepared with random items, such as a pencil, a brush, and a spool thread. Your students will be given 20 seconds (or as many as you feel is necessary) to remember the items.

online game ideas

Students can’t write down the items or take screenshots; they must remember by sight only. Take one item off the board and move it out of reach.

Take the board back to the screen and challenge the viewer to name the missing item the fastest.

9. Draw on Your Head

This is one of the best online kids game ideas for 2022. This fun activity is quick and easy to do with your group. Name an object, such as a tree or a Lion.

Each student will need to place their whiteboard or a piece of paper over a book on their head, and then draw the object. Once they feel they have completed their drawing, they will show the group their work.

10. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Another quick challenge. This version of the familiar game does not aim to win. It is a quick challenge to see how long you can stay in the game against the teacher.

Play starts with one, two, or three shots. Everyone chooses their own choice and ensures that everyone can see it on the screen. You’re out if the teacher’s choice is better than yours. You can still play if the teacher’s choice is better than yours.

11. Mingle

Online meetings have made it difficult to have spontaneous conversations among students. Asking new questions will spice up your conversation with students.

You can either create your own cards or use this fun card pack by Let’s Mingle. This is a great activity for students to build their social-emotional skills as well as team building.

12. Mystery Person

This is one of the best online kids game ideas for 2022. Many teachers begin the school year with their students filling out an interest inventory.

Here’s an example. Send the inventory to all students and ask them to fill it out. Ask them to place a star next any information they don’t want to share.

Once you have all inventories, you are ready to play the game. Give students the chance to guess your identity by sharing three of the answers from each student’s inventory.

Give one more clue if no one else can. Continue to guess until someone else does or the person is revealed.

13. Story Chain

A hook is a way to start a story. One example: “One day, I was walking through the shady forests. I thought I was alone. But All of a sudden Students can raise their hands to share the next part of the story.

Let a student continue the story for a few lines and then let them choose the next storyteller.

Continue this process until everyone has had a chance to participate. If the story is not moving forward, you can always jump back and finish it.

14. Mystery Sound

This is one of the best online kids game ideas for 2022. This is a fun activity that tests students’ perceptions. Make a sound using something while keeping your eyes off the camera.

You can, for example, crumple a piece of paper and strike a spoon against the glass’s rim. Or snap your fingers. Students can take turns guessing what they hear.

15. 20 Questions

This classic road trip game works well for online learning. You can choose any topic that interests your students, such as an animal, an event, or something you are studying.

Each student may only ask one question, and each turn can only take one guess. Students should not just mutter the answer, they must wait until their turn.

Ask one student to keep track so you can keep track of the number of questions asked.

16. Simon Says

This is one of the best online kids’ game ideas for 2022. Simon Says is a classic game that kids love, even though it has been around for ages. Everyone should stand at their computers and start the game by calling out actions.


Students should get up and sit down as soon as they are done.

17. 5 Second Rule

Students are given 5 seconds to identify 3 items that fall under a specific category.

Although it sounds easy, five seconds is not a lot. Get the Five Second Rule Junior boardgame online or flashcards from Quizlet for free.

18. Last Word

This is one of the best online kids’ game ideas for 2022. This game is best played with a small group. Before you start playing, determine who will be first, second, and so on. To help students keep track, type the order in the chatbox.

Select a topic and a letter from the alphabet. You might want to list snack foods that start with P, for example.

Continue on until the timer goes off. The round ends when the buzzer sounds. You can make your own Last Word cards or purchase a board game.

19. Categories

This is one of the best online kids’ game ideas for 2022. This is an advanced version of the above game and it is very similar to the boardgame Scattergories.

Instead of students naming one thing, they fill in the blanks of several categories that start with a specific letter.

This online version generates rounds automatically for you.

20. Taboo

This game is a great challenge for communication skills. You will need Clue Cards with the Clue Word at the top and the Taboo Words below.

The objective of the game is to have one player prompt another to guess as many Clue Words in 60 seconds as possible, but without using any Taboo Words.

This version of the board game has both kid-friendly and more difficult cards. You can also download this online version which automatically generates cards.

FAQ About Online Game Ideas 2022

These are some common questions regarding ideas for virtual gaming nights.

1. What Online Game Ideas Can One Play On Zoom in 2022?

Zoom virtual games are competitions or challenges that can be played via the ubiquitous video conference app.

These games make use of Zoom’s features and aim to bring people together regardless of distance.

2. Are there Virtual Games Night Apps?

Codenames is a virtual game night app. It also includes Catan Universe, Trial by Trolley and Heads Up!

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Games nights are a great way to get people together and make friends. It is crucial to be able to turn this event into an internet-based one, especially if you have distant family members or work with dispersed teams.

We hope this online game ideas guide gives you the information you need to host a fun and enjoyable virtual game night.

online game ideas

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