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Online Cheap Stores and Shopping Sites to Visit for Quality Products

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Getting cheap things is never a hassle but getting quality things for lesser money is always the challenge. I know how frustrating it can be to have good taste with lesser income.

shopping at an Online Cheap Store

Most times we think buying from those famous and branded sites guarantees the quality of things we purchase whereby we have to break the bank to get good stuffs. Which necessarily should not be the case.

That is why  I am here to assist you get actual items which are not just cheap! But also with good qualities here in Nigeria.  Most Nigerians still believes things online are scams or not original.

Not everything online is a scam, greatest misconception is that buying stuff online is not guaranteed and can’t be trusted.

But here are reliable and trusted sites you can confidently purchase items from at cheaper prices together with excellent quality.

9 Reliable Cheap Sites You Can Get Cheap and Quality Products 

  1. JUMIA
  2. KONGA 
  3. SLOT
  4. 3C HUB
  8. JIJI

1. Jumia

Jumia is the most reliable online platform to shop from in Nigeria, they don’t just offer discounted products, they also offer warrantees. Also, Jumia is one of the outstanding  cheap online stores in Nigeria.

Sometimes they gift vouchers for inconveniences over a purchased product or as an appreciation for buying from them or even sometimes for the season.

Jumia sales mostly all items purchasable. Mobile phones, male and female wears, accessories, Gadgets, watches, hairs, kitchen utensils etc, 

They even have an app for food delivery currently. Did I mention? They have active refund policy, That is you can get your money back if you return a product. That’s how good jumia can be.

2. Konga

Konga isn’t a bad choice for online shopping, it’s quite similar to jumia though its prices are closely related to offline prices, with a slight discounted price difference, Never the less it can be included among cheap online stores in Nigeria.

However they sell mostly everything, Ranging from mobile phones, beauty products, home appliances, kitchen utensils, construction materials and lots more, With a flexible paying option. They also have a refund policy.


3. Slot

Slot  was basically an offline store before  transiting to an online store. Slot offers promo codes for buyers and a period of warrantee. They are majorly into phones. Their prices are cheap with durable and quality products.

Amazing Online Cheap Stores

Unlike Jumia where same brands are advertised by different sellers, Slot is an individualized E-store that sales phones alone. If one thing is said to be true, their products are long lasting and guaranteed.

They also have offline stores you can visits, probably for complains or identification for those that enjoy physical contact to online guarantees. That is it is an E-Commerce and a conventional store.  

5. 3CHub

This is similar to slot, 3C HUB was formally an offline store before incorporating into an online store.  3CHUB is mostly into gadget, and they offer at cheap and affordable prices.

Regardless, 3CHUB  online presence it still have close to 70+ onsite stores in Nigeria.

They also offer service for phone swapping, That is you give them your old mobile phone in exchange for a new one, however if you intend getting a higher model or phone, you will need add money together with your old phone.

This option is particularly favorable to anyone who intend getting a new phone, but do not have enough money. All you  need to do is get your money together with your old cell. viola! you can get a new phone.

More Amazing Online Cheap Stores

1. Webmall NG

This  E-Commerce platform was launched in 2013 and has developed so far. You can get cheap and quality products with excellent delivery service. They really make shopping easy and convenient at amazingly cheap prices.

The best part with webmall is that you can pay in installments, so even if you opt for an expensive product, you can actually pay gradually, so tell me? what other excuse do we have here. Their  payment option is relatively flexible.

2. Killimall

killimall owns a site and an app which was launched in 2016. They offer products in various categories ranging from fashion, electronics, and beauty, home appliances etc.  What they do basically, is connecting consumer and merchant. 

That is you have the opportunity to scale through same product on different merchants display, and decide whichever that actually suits your preference and budget.

They also have refund policy which is the best part of every online shopping for me. Kilimall is an excellent choice while, searching for cheap online stores.


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3. jiji

Jiji is a friendly and usable website and app to shop from. Also, Jiji doesn’t only sell new products, they also sell fairly used items at affordable and cheap prices with good quality.

The sweet thing with jiji, is that buyers has the option to scale over same items with multiple sellers .

Therefor giving  buyers leverage to purchase on budget, this also means that jiji don’t sell a limited product but offers vast categories.

However you have to be very careful on jiji. Due to the vast multitude of sellers, jiji don’t pre-inspect sellers and their products, Unlike jumia. So you have to conduct your background check before buying, and also meet sellers in person.

This is a convenient option for people who doubt online payment a lot. Most importantly, Payment is after delivery, you have to be smart to buy on jiji so as not to be scammed.

4. Supermart

Supermart is a large leading online super market. Its platform is convenient for shopping grocery online without any hassle.

Also, Supermart is basically a super market but an online  store which means you can get anything in a supermarket from supermart after few hours of ordering.

5. Kara Phones

kara is a shopping website into phone and computers specifically. It’s a top online store with flexible payment options.

Generally online shopping can be stressful in its self coupled with the whole inflated prices and price battering which can be annoying. Now I have shared sites and apps you can use to get cheap items.

Jiji cheap online Stores

I hope you experience a detty December on a reasonable budget. If you know any reliable online store with cheap items that isn’t listed above please let me know in the comment section. Also, if you shopped with the above listed sites or app.

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section of this page. Merry Christmas!

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