What is Officevibes? How to Use it for Team Management

officevibes could help you get the most out of your team. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about using Officevibes to help your team be the best it can be, so let’s dive in.


What is Officevibes?

Officevibe is a user-friendly tool that offers your team a safe place to provide honest feedback while also providing you with insight into how they actually feel. It is intended to bridge the disconnect between employees and the company through remote working.

Every week, Officevibe emails with an automated Pulse Survey to your direct reports. Each survey contains unique questions pertaining to ten Key Metric areas:

  • Ambassadorship
  • Project management skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Satisfaction
  • Analytical skills
  • Personal growth
  • Alignment
  • Happiness
  • Relationship with peers
  • Feedback
  • Recognition
  • Computer skills
  • Wellness
  • Technical skills
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Management skills
  • Relationship with the manager

Your team can then anonymously answer the questions in the app. The combined scores and review will then be sent to you, and you can review them on the Analysis page.

You can also use the Analysis drop-down to send your own Custom Surveys to get your team’s thoughts on specific subjects. You can also choose from a variety of survey templates.

Officevibe is also a place to work on personal development with your team, and it keeps it all transparent and secure.

Getting Your Team Ready for Officevibes

Spend some time with your team to discuss what the introduction of Officevibes means.

Here are a few key talking points to get you started:

  • Share your thoughts on Officevibe’s arrival. Your company wants its staff to be a part of creating a better workplace that puts people first.

  • Define what participation in Officevibes entails for employees (weekly surveys, written feedback sharing, etc.) and what they will gain from it.

  • Present Officevibe’s 10 Key Engagement Metrics so that your team understands what Officevibe measures.

  • Explain Officevibe’s policy on confidentiality and address any concerns about leaving Feedback. Officevibes provides a safe space for employees to express themselves openly on topics that can be difficult to discuss in person.

  • Discuss how both managers and employees share the responsibility of enriching each Officevibes conversation. Feedback is intended to be a conversation.

  • Perform a walkthrough of what the Officevibe launch will involve for your employees: Confirm when they will receive the email invitation, the email address from which it will be sent, the format of the first survey, and so on.

How to Use Officevibe Efficientlyofficevibes

We’ve identified six tasks you can easily integrate into your weekly routine to help your team grow and leverage Officevibe.

Task 1: Go Over Your Team’s Scores to Get a Better Sense of How They feel

Use the Reports & Engagement Summary to determine which Metrics are low and high scoring for your team, as well as which are trending upward and downward. Although monitoring the scores is important, we encourage you to focus on trends, which will be more reflective of how your team is evolving.

Analyze both high-scoring and low-scoring metrics. It is critical to acknowledge what is going well. If you can figure out why scores have risen in one area, you might be able to replicate that success elsewhere.

Maintaining an eye on Sub-metrics will enable you to focus your efforts on the areas where your team needs to improve.

Head to the Question Results for more information. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of your team’s performance across all dimensions by analyzing all of Officevibe’s Survey questions and how staff responded to them.

Task 2: Read and Respond to Staff Feedback

Establish a timetable with your team for responding to Feedback. Setting expectations together prevents employees from feeling ignored if feedback is not responded to immediately. To prevent losing out on any sensitive information, Officevibes recommends responding to Feedback at least once a week.

In response to Feedback:

  • Consider it carefully and try not to respond to Feedback rashly. Take a step back and assume the staff who wrote the Feedback had good intentions. Try to grasp the underlying meaning they are attempting to convey.

  • Recognize what the contractor has said before offering explanations or potential solutions. It will help them feel heard significantly.

  • Ask open-ended questions to start a conversation. You and your team are both accountable for resolving issues through collaborative efforts and open dialogue.

Task 3: Regularly Discuss and Share Officevibe Outcomes with Your Team

Meeting with your team to talk about your Officevibes results is critical, and we recommend doing so on a monthly basis. It is critical to be open and honest about your team’s strengths and areas for improvement. The goal is to work together to find solutions.

Here are some questions to start these conversations:

  • Do you believe these results accurately represent reality? Why?
  • What, in your opinion, are the underlying causes of our poorest Metrics/Sub-metrics?
  • What area should we prioritize first, and why? Do you have any ideas for how we can strengthen it?

Task 4: Based on These Team Conversations, Develop Initiatives or Action Plans to Effect Positive Change in Your Team

  • Use the Officevibe Learning Center to get ideas for your projects (accessible via your Officevibe portal).

  • Remember that sometimes the smallest changes could indeed make the biggest difference.

  • Communicate the actions you’re taking in response to Officevibe feedback.

  • Inform employees that they have made a difference!

Task 5: Use Custom Polls to Justify Your Initiatives or to Poll Employees on Topics Relevant to Your Team

Custom Polls, in addition to Officevibe Surveys, allow you to delve deeper into team-specific issues. They can also assist you in validating your team’s action plans and initiatives.

Some useful resources:

  • Users have access to a Poll Gallery with a variety of template polls on various topics. Look in your portal’s Custom Polls section for these suggestions!

Task 6: Establish team objectives and plan one-on-one meetings to guarantee alignment and improve team performance.

Task 6: Establish Team Objectives and Plan One-on-one Meetings to Guarantee Alignment and Improve Team Performance

You can work on efficiency and setting team goals now that you have a good sense of how your team feels. Officevibe will recommend talking points to guide these conversations, which you and your team members can update. You will also be able to assign employees action items and make sure everyone is working toward the same goal.

officevibesWhat Officevibes Can Help You Achieve

Having an excellent team vibe extends far beyond job satisfaction and cool perks. Here are fa ew things office things officevibes could help you achieve.

1. Add Resources for Your Team

Officevibe allows you to easily share resources with your team. This is a good option if your team regularly works from Officevibe, and it’s useful for keeping your team on board.

Users can click the Name under Team on your toolbar > Resources > New resource to accomplish this. Paste the URL, give it a name, and click Add resource. Your team can then access it from their Officevibe home screen.

2. Set Objectives in Officevibe

Goal setting is an excellent way to establish goals for your team. Officevibe allows you to keep everything in one spot while also tracking progress. Individual goals can be set for specific employees, or whole team goals can be set for the entire team to work toward.

To create goals for a team:

  • At the bottom-left of your screen, click their name under Members
  • Under their name, navigate to the Goals tab
  • On the right, click the blue New goal icon
  • Type the goal under the Goal title
  • Choose either Performance or Development as a Category
  • Complete the S.M.A.R.T. section 
  • Add any Action items to help them achieve this
  • At the bottom, click Create goal

To set goals for a specific team member:

  • At the bottom-left of your screen, click their name under Members
  • Under their name, navigate to the Goals tab
  • On the right, click the blue New goal icon
  • Type the goal under the Goal title
  • Choose either Performance or Development as a Category
  • Complete the S.M.A.R.T. section
  • Add any Action items to help them achieve this
  • At the bottom, click Create goal

3. Providing One-on-ones in Officevibe

Keeping your one-on-one meeting notes in word docs or spreadsheets is fine, but they risk being saved into a folder and never be seen again. Officevibe stores one-on-one notes in the app, allowing you and your teammate to view and edit them in real-time.

To create a new one-on-one, flow these steps:

  • Click 1-on-1 on the left Toolbar to go to the one-on-one page
  • In the top-right corner of your screen, click the blue New icon
  • Choose between starting from scratch and using a template

For each one-on-one, you could click Add Section or Add Talking Point as many times as you want or go to the one-on-one and click the gray Plus symbol to Insert.

  • Sections: This is a heading; for example, “training” could be one of the sections
  • Talking points: This is a discussion note, you could record anything that was discussed in your one-on-one meeting

You can schedule 1-on-1s ahead of time by clicking the Invite team member icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and adding your team member to it. In preparation for your meeting, they can then add their sections and talking points.

4. Using Action Items

When you finish a one-on-one meeting, add Action items at the bottom and allocate them to yourself or a team member. Action items are tasks that must be completed as a result of the discourse in your meeting.

They are not only saved to the one-on-one but they are also saved on your Team Member’s Page. Click your team member’s name from the List of members at the bottom-left of the screen, and then toggle the ‘Action items’ tab on the ‘Team Member’ Page.

When finished, simply click the gray Tick icon next to it to turn it blue. Your team can also achieve this by clicking Action items on their Homepage’s Toolbar.

When your next one-on-one with them arrives, you can go over the assigned actions together. Using actions in this manner ensures that you and your team are aware of what is being requested and keeps two of you accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Officevibe is an online service platform that assists managers in developing stronger relationships with their employees and creating an environment for great work.

Officevibe only allows anonymous feedback for teams with more than 5 members, with at least three of those participants being active.

 Guillaume Roy is the CEO of Officevibe

 Montréal, Quebec, Canada .

Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

$5 per month per employee, From $3000 per year

In New York City, the average annual salary for Culture AMP jobs is $139,921.

People continue to ask questions in an anonymous format.

Salesforce, Unilever, PwC, KIND, SoulCycle, and BigCommerce are just a few examples.

Officevibe is an excellent tool for managing teams, especially if you work remotely, as it allows you to gather feedback and keep everyone in touch. It keeps everything coordinated and provides you with a level of control that previously seemed impossible.

Give it a shot and see if it makes a difference for your team.

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