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OfferUp Las Vegas Reviews and How to Start Selling

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OfferUp Las Vegas is a free site that allows you to sell personal items, ranging from musical instruments and furniture to clothing and books. In the age of the Internet, buying and selling online has become easier than ever.

OfferUp Las Vegas Reviews and How to Start Selling on OfferUp

Anyone can choose to buy and sell used stuff by simply downloading an app and clicking a few buttons. In this article, be ready to learn how to make use of the OfferUp opportunity.

One of the most popular ways to sell stuff locally online is OfferUp, often named one of the best buys and sell apps available.

To date, OfferUp has been downloaded 0ver 85 million times—but does that mean that you should be using OfferUp to buy and sell used stuff?

Important Facts About OfferUp

The OfferUp platform offered for iOS, Android, and the web, facilitates buying and selling of used goods.

The marketplace, which has been optimized for smartphones, features large photos of products for sale via an infinite scroll interface.

For buyers, products are featured based on the geo-location closest to the buyer to help encourage face-to-face user interactions and encourage community-centric relationships, but can also be filtered by category, price, and distance.

On the seller side, products are listed immediately by uploading a photo from a user’s smartphone or computer; the platform makes it easy to sort inbound inquiries by the highest bid before contacting prospective buyers to agree upon price and meeting place.

What More Do You Want to Know About OfferUp?

OfferUp currently offers a “bump” feature, which allows users to move their item to the top of the queue for increased visibility at a fee. Transactions are completed using cash or through OfferUp’s in-app payment platform.

OfferUp conducted surveys about marketplace opportunities and saw that women, in particular, were hesitant because of safety concerns, Customized profile features include verification badges, positive review attributes, average response time, trusted connections, and personalized background images.

The app includes messaging features for buyers and sellers to connect directly, without giving up personal information like an email address or phone number.

OfferUp Review: How Does OfferUp Work?

OfferUp is a phone application that allows you to sell everything from clothing to cars. There is no fee to list. However, if you want your item to get more attention, you can pay to have it “bumped” or “featured.”

Let’s say that you have a lot of stuff scattered around your house that you aren’t using, and you’d like to get rid of it.

Instead of going through the hassle of having a garage sale, you decide that you want to sell stuff locally online—and even better, you want to sell items locally.

After signing up for an OfferUp account, you take a few pictures of your used bookshelf or shoes, add your location, and upload them to the OfferUp app.

What You Should Do After Signing Up with OfferUp 

All you have to do now is wait for buyers to find your items and make you an offer.

Buyers can browse through OfferUp using filters for price or location, save items, and can make offers or ask sellers questions through the OfferUp platform.

The basic idea behind OfferUp is that it functions very much like an online garage sale: all items listed are used.

Transactions occur either in person or if you decide to ship the item, via Apple Pay or credit cards. Prepaid debit cards and gift cards are not permitted at this time.

Is OfferUp Safe to Use? Is OfferUp Legit?

Those who are wondering, “Is OfferUp legit? Is OfferUp safe to use?” are certainly asking the right questions.

Whenever you start using a new piece of software to purchase things online, you should always examine the safety and legitimacy of that software.

Safety is crucial while buying and selling online—especially when considering that a blog exists purely to track the number of killings sparked by Craigslist.

When it comes to determining whether OfferUp is safe to use, we’ll look at their privacy policies, their safety features, and what type of in-app security measures are taken to ensure that both parties are safe when buying and selling online.

Is OfferUp Safe to Use?

Our OfferUp review found that the app has a wide range of security features that help ensure the safety of users looking to buy and sell used stuff through their platform.

One of these features is TruYou, an identity verification system used to instill trust between buyers and sellers.

To earn a TruYou badge, users must submit photos of their state-issued ID, verify their cell phone number, and take a selfie using the app. None of this information will be shared with anyone else unless you choose to share it.

According to their privacy policy, the only information that other users can see is:

  • Your name and profile photo
  • User feedback ratings
  • Your approximate location
  • The month and year you joined
  • All active posts created by you

OfferUp Las Vegas Bonus

As an added security feature, OfferUp Las Vegas provides secure in-app messaging for those looking to buy and sell stuff locally online. To enhance security, OfferUp suggests only using their messaging system.

Email addresses are automatically removed from messages and personal information is never shared (unless you choose to do so yourself).

If any issues arise, OfferUp provides a customer care email and safeguards against intellectual property rights violations with their Law Enforcement Resources.

For those who are wondering, “Is OfferUp safe to use,” our OfferUp review says yes—the platform itself is safe and secure.

OfferUp Las Vegas Reviews and How to Start Selling on OfferUp

OfferUp Fees for Sellers

OfferUp Las Vegas charges neither the sellers nor buyers for simply buying and selling through their platform. 

Instead, they will charge you if you opt-in to push your listing to the top of the page through their Promote and Promote Plus features.

What’s convenient, OfferUp Promote Plus subscription costs $19.99 and is valid for 1 month.

OfferUp recommends you accept cash payments from buyers because most scammers use personal checks, cashier checks, or other means to scam you. 

Alternatively, you can choose to ship items to buyers who don’t live in the same area as you and receive payment through OfferUp.

And for this, OfferUp charges a fee of either a minimum of $1.99 or 12% of the sales price.

Let’s sum up all OfferUp fees in the table below:

Listing fee $0
Selling fee $0
Processing fee (only when you ship your item)  $1.99 or 12% of the sales price (whichever greater)
Promotion fee (optional) Up to $19.99 (valid for 1 month)

How to Start Selling on OfferUp Las Vegas

Selling your items through OfferUp is as simple as it gets. Let’s take a look at the exact step-by-step guide to selling your stuff on OfferUp from start to finish.

Step 1: Download the OfferUp App

The very first thing you have to do to start selling on OfferUp is to download the app easily on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Step 2: Create Your Account

Once you’ve finished downloading the app, you are required to create an account. 

I recommend you to sign in with your Facebook account because you won’t have to fill out any data manually. Plus, Facebook-verified accounts look more credible to potential buyers.

Step 3: Upload Photos & Publish a Listing

The next step after creating your OfferUp account is to set up your listing by uploading photos and writing a detailed description. 

I recommend 4 photos – one from each side of your item. Also, make sure you upload photos of the actual item you’re selling and not stock photos from Google.

Step 4: Promote Your Listing to Sell Your Item Faster

If you want to get rid of your items and get paid fast, you can bump up your ads through the Promote and Promote plus features.

These features will push your listing to the top of the search results on the platform and will probably result in getting your items sold faster.

Step 5: Complete the Sale & Get Paid

After you’ve negotiated with a potential buyer, meet them in a public space to exchange your item for cash. Having done this, the sale is completed. 

Here’s the list of some public places I recommend you to meet your buyer:

  • Cafe
  • Mall
  • Hotel lobby
  • Or even a police station lobby

Step 6: Rate the Buyer

OfferUp allows you to rate the buyer so the other sellers can understand whether the buyer is legitimate and safe to deal with. 

Note that this step is optional and the sale is complete even without rating the buyer.

OfferUp Las Vegas Reviews and How to Start Selling on OfferUp

How Does OfferUp Las Vegas Pay You?

Most sellers on OfferUp accept cash directly from the buyers. 

However, OfferUp allows you to accept payment through their platform. To choose this option, you need to deliver your item to the buyer.

And once your item is delivered to the buyer, OfferUp will deposit money into your account within five business days. 


Recommendations on OfferUp Las Vegas

The reason this site gets a lower score than some of its competitors is that its app has a number of glitches and customer support is missing in action.

There are other free sites to sell your stuff, most notably Craig’s List and LetGo, and they appear to be the better choice. But, there’s also no reason not to list your items for sale on all three of the free sites. 

So, with that being said, while OfferUp is certainly safe to use, our OfferUp review found that there are plenty of precautions that users must take to avoid OfferUp scams.

With a little extra precaution, buying and selling online through OfferUp can be a great way to clear out those extra items hanging around your house and get a little bit of cash in exchange!

We believe this article on OfferUp Las Vegas was informative. Please feel free to leave a comment, like, and share with friends and family!

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