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575+ Interesting & Catchy Newspaper Name Ideas for Schools & Towns

Are you going to start a local newspaper to cater to a certain neighborhood or demographic? I want to assist you in coming up with ideas that are worth sharing with other schools or small towns.

newspaper names

Use the name suggestions below to encourage people to maintain stronger ties to their neighborhood newspaper names.

Journalists put a lot of effort into telling the stories of a certain neighborhood or institution. It would be nearly impossible for readers to comprehend everything that is happening in a neighborhood without local news.

Despite the recent reductions in the print media sector, these companies are resilient enough to increase their market value from $305.44 billion in 2021 to $366.73 billion in 2026.

Names for Newspapers

Here is a list of generic name suggestion to draw readers in

  • Citizen Lenses
  • A Light For Hope
  • The Positive Section
  • The Cup of Truth
  • Eagle bookmarks from Kansas
  • Posting True Stories
  • Journal of Vast Verity
  • The Truth Emerges
  • Illinois Torch
  • The Universal Truth
  • Independent Lenses
  • Correct Hand
  • Excellent Tribune
  • Thoughts about Integrity
  • Filthy Narratives
  • Journal of the Righteous
  • Post by Samaritan Slate
  • Essex’s true nature
  • Kindness Candles
  • Texas’s fables
  • raised question
  • Guardians of Sirius
  • The Whistleblower’s Will
  • Simple Truth Field
  • Finding Florida’s Facts
  • Post Andromeda
  • Journal of Busy Bees
  • The Lustitia Light
  • Reality Solstice
  • People Post Jury
  • Indicator Bird
  • Mercer Ally
  • Individual Perception
  • The Square Fair
  • Oracle Tactical Oregon
  • Farmer of Truth
  • Justice List for Women
  • The Fairhope Field Guide
  • Naked Stories
  • The Straight Cuts
  • Beyond The Veil
  • Accurate Archers
  • Slingshot Spine
  • Interested Catalysts
  • Change Catalog
  • The Single Best Source
  • Authentic State Post
  • In the Background
  • Block Brainstorming
  • The Reaction Chain
  • First Principles
  • The Moral Road

School Newspaper Name Ideas

newspaper names

These newspaper names, whether used for a project or your school newspaper names, will intrigue readers in the future.

  • The Source of Truth
  • Billboard for books
  • Conviction Lens
  • Bright Torch
  • Speculative Pebbles
  • Dalmatian Security
  • Shroud of Virtue
  • Honesty’s Heels
  • Forward Guild
  • Scope of Caliber News
  • Marble Issues
  • Principled skill
  • A Unfiltered
  • Post About Spilled Beans
  • Revelation of Truth
  • The Athens Eyes
  • Point Journal Sharp
  • The Swindler
  • Morning Reflections
  • Sincere Arrows
  • Future Rays
  • Shining Point
  • The Knights Without Sleep
  • Point of emphasis
  • Journal of Eureka
  • North Pole Ideas
  • Memories of the Earth
  • Winged Shoes
  • Conversational Shadow
  • Journal of the Best Source
  • The Unflinching Informant
  • Journal of Infosphere
  • Grassroots Journalists
  • Data Drivers Everyday
  • The Telescopic Lens
  • Press of the Pigeon
  • Post by brave beagles
  • Traditional Columnist
  • Writer’s Post
  • Written Hands
  • Guild of Newshounds
  • the order of truth
  • Truth Checker
  • A Watermark
  • Pen Pal Journal
  • Purple Blanks
  • Defenders of the truth

Small-Town Newspapers Names

Here are some newspaper Names that will Motivate you

  • Sourced locally
  • The First Mover
  • Topics for Breakfast
  • The Mancos Blend
  • Giant Rock Publishing
  • Indescribable Tribune
  • The Boho Movement
  • The Fairfield Wall
  • Local Narratives Revealed
  • In the Dark Walker
  • Verbal Messages
  • A Train of Tales
  • Peak Mountain
  • Post Moon Crater
  • Moorhead Scribblers
  • The best of Hyder
  • Oatman Talks
  • Journal of Gilbert
  • Bulletin of Crested Butte
  • The Affected Issues
  • Milton-related issues
  • Blue Ridge Post Office
  • Window of Winslow
  • New Castle Quill
  • Parameter for the Post
  • Crystallized View
  • Journal of the Sitka Mailman
  • Slope News
  • Letters from Doylestown
  • Whitefish News
  • Country Portfolio
  • Unmatched Scoop
  • Georgetown Information
  • Decorah’s walls
  • Daily Holly Springs
  • Acorn Aspen
  • The Well at Lexington
  • Rockport reports
  • Millennium Bulletin
  • English History
  • Meredith’s Mirrors
  • Chatham’s lens
  • Mountain White Tribune
  • Journal of the Fur Trade
  • The Achilles’ Foot
  • Pavement Scoop
  • Buzz in Bar Harbor
  • Stories from Bisbee
  • Times of Camden Candor
  • Journal of the Cavern

Fake Newspaper Names

Newspapers are intended to communicate information about people’s experiences, but occasionally they are published by persons who have little concern for morality.

 At all costs, stay away from these bogus newspaper names.

  • News Now
  • Publicly funded media
  • Absent vetting
  • Forward Looking
  • Hustle News
  • State Newsource
  • Bright Bluff
  • Loud Mouth News
  • The False Journal
  • Press Second Source
  • Incredible Scoop
  • Traveller’s Tribune
  • How’s The Tea?
  • The rumor mill
  • Observed Rumors
  • Earlier Scope
  • Always True
  • The Glass of Tales
  • A Next Door Story
  • Hot Angles
  • The Neighbor Discussion
  • Outlet Loud Action
  • Eavesdropping Alert
  • Uncapped Journal
  • Post Minute Happenings
  • Rumors Or Not
  • Captured Moments
  • Edition on Cam
  • Informational Store
  • Informal Tribune
  • Hollywood Notebook
  • Pens with Spears
  • Simple stories
  • The Garbage Can
  • paste in a journal
  • Fresh Takeaway
  • Stamp in black and white
  • Daytime Megaphone
  • Infosphere with flags
  • The First View
  • A suitable register
  • Talking animals
  • People’s Bulletin
  • Social Signal
  • Small Town Ideas
  • Talking Box
  • Write in a journal.
  • Alley of the Daily Messenger
  • The News Assistant
  • Narrative of Nectar
  • States Label
  • Stories Cap
  • Conveyor SMS

Laughable Newspaper Names Titles

newspaper names

Satirical and parody stories are a specialty of several newspapers. See which of these naming suggestions appeals to you the most.

  • Drama on Panorama
  • Drop Line Express
  • In Chicago, we like tea
  • Relevance Reapers
  • Case Farmers
  • Loyalty Prints
  • The Universe Bulletin
  • Hello, Earthlings
  • The Native Conversation
  • Inside Life
  • Stranger Journal, familiar
  • Over the Table
  • Stories Powered by Coffee
  • Updates without Filter
  • Post Bumble Mumble
  • An Astute Reader
  • After-hours meetings
  • People’s History
  • Updated status
  • The Hero Lens
  • The Reality Challenge
  • Transpath Tribune
  • Massive Black Cover
  • Reserved for All Reporters
  • The Snowdrop Newsletter
  • Deep in the Desert
  • Camp True Stories
  • Athletes’ Journal
  • Bulletin from Fair Field
  • City Center Narratives
  • report from White Horse
  • Dark Hood Leaks
  • Wonderful Glacier Post
  • Lake Paddle Plots
  • Journal of Settlers’ Footprints
  • Animal News for Sanibel
  • Shrimp Whisperer
  • Trailer for The Thought
  • The Finger Lake Stories
  • Concerning Civilians
  • Silver Rush Journal
  • Front-facing liners
  • Bulletin of Sad Stories
  • Inside the Banana Boat
  • Journal of a White Shark
  • Greater Littleton Post
  • Friday in Frenchtown
  • Throughout Jim Thorpe
  • Buffalo and Further
  • Anchorage Nature Post

Gazettes Newspaper Names

The names of gazettes are generally simple. Typically, they just use the little town’s name. However, look at these ideas if you’re looking for a unique solution.

  • Agile Reality
  • Acoustic chamber
  • Embark
  • Apollo’s Pen
  • Dawn Chronicles
  • Miles Red Stone
  • Topaz Subjects
  • Chicago Scoop
  • Press Precision
  • The single city
  • Street Keeper
  • Positive Seal
  • Forward Pieces
  • The Truth Ants
  • Steel Fist
  • Written Anchor
  • Evergreen
  • Intensity Lines
  • The Poster
  • Now Hampshire
  • The Arkansas Acts
  • Gist of Girdwood
  • Mail from Malibu
  • Data Wave
  • Arc of Avalon
  • Narrative of Napa
  • Skagway News
  • Insider Gulf Shores
  • History of Homer
  • Postal Service
  • Annapolis Section
  • Branson’s Plan
  • Montana Extracted
  • The Red Mountain
  • Wyoming Highway
  • Frontline Woodstock
  • Articles about Stowe
  • Outside Springdale
  • Garland’s Scope
  • Keystone Front
  • In Deadwood, Life
  • New Castle Atlas
  • News from Myrtle
  • Ashley Anker
  • Life in Sandusky
  • Gunner’s Scope
  • Tennesse Time
  • Forest Cuts
  • Ally in Asheville
  • the best Portsmouth
  • Reality Orchard
  • Orchid Tales
  • Weekday students
  • Student Focus
  • The Academic Year
  • Briefcase Bulletin
  • Little Scribblers
  • An alien arrives on Earth.
  • Cylinder Alert

What Should Your Newspaper Name Be Called?

Publishers may employ creative names for their publications, but most of the time they use generic terms to give them a trustworthy air. Here is some advice that you can use.

  1. Journal + town name. This advice is excellent if you intend to write primarily about events in your hometown. As long as it is written, you can also use various spellings of the word “journal.”
  2. Use words that are news-related. The names of newspapers are usually very simple. Publishers use terminology that is closely related to the media to establish their legitimacy. These include “Tribune,” “bulletin,” and “post.”
  3. Make use of your strengths. Consider the phrases that best capture your philosophies, hometown, or aspirations. This will assist you in becoming distinctive enough to locate an appropriate name that does not already have a domain.


Consider a name for your newspaper that balances simplicity and inventiveness. Make it distinctive while maintaining the norm.

 I’m hoping our list has given you the motivation to start a magazine. Now go out and begin reporting on local news in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Famous Newspaper Names

  • Explorer News.
  • Express Daily Dispatch.
  • Headline Daily.
  • Headline Press.
  • Eyewitness Daily.
  • Eyewitness Financial Times.
  • Daily Capital.

List of common newspaper names

  • The Advance.
  • The Advertiser.
  • The Advocate.
  • The Beacon.
  • The Bulletin.
  • The Chronicle.
  • The Citizen.
  • The Clarion.

Titles including Post, Mail, Times, Gazette, Journal, Chronicle, Examiner, and sundry others, sound quintessentially like newspapers. But there are other more exotic names that are not always so self-explanatory. 

Picayune’, ‘Tribune’, and 7 More Names for Newspapers

  • Picayune. A ‘picayune’ was a coin of low monetary value in the 19th-century American South. …
  • Intelligencer. An ‘intelligencer’ is a spy. …
  • Tribune. In ancient Rome, ‘tribune’ referred to any number of elected officials. …
  • Herald. …
  • Sentinel. …
  • Gazette. …
  • Standard. …
  • Dispatch.

Newspaper Name Ideas For School

  1. Fountain of Fact.
  2. Bookworm Billboard.
  3. Veracity Lens.
  4. Blaring Torch.
  5. Pondered Pebbles.
  6. Dalmatian Guards.
  7. Veil of Virtue.
  8. Heels of Honesty.

How to write catchy news headlines

  1. Tell the story. Headlines should tell the story; they shouldn’t just tell about the story. …
  2. Use sexy verbs. …
  3. Think action. …
  4. Avoid ‘PR verbs. …
  5. Write in the active voice. …
  6. Write in the present or future tense. …
  7. Don’t bury the verb. …
  8. Don’t drop the verb.

Here are some fictional newspaper names that you might want to use for your script.

  • Vine Daily.
  • Lark News.
  • Arandela Buzz.
  • The Elizabeth Gazette.
  • Grimsby Updates.
  • Ocean Wave Report.
  • The Cloud Tower Times.
  • Green Meadows Scoop.

Start brainstorming words that you feel describe your business or the content of your newsletters, write them down then find synonyms for those words. You’ll end up with a solid starting point. Be cognizant of your audience and look for creative newsletter titles that will appeal to them and their interests.

An editorial on the first day of the publication said: “The name of The Bee has been adopted as being different from that of any other paper in the state and as also being emblematic of the industry which is to prevail in its every department.” So, the promise was a paper as busy as a bee.

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