MyHeritage App – Family Tree, DNA & Ancestry Search 2024 Update

Have you ever thought of getting an amazing app that animates the pictures in your gallery? The MyHeritage App might be your best option since it allows you to animate the photos in your gallery while also growing your family tree.

MyHeritage App

MyHeritage App Review

MyHeritage is the brainchild of Gilad Japhet (CEO) of MyHeritage Ltd and was launched in 2003. When Gilad Japhet began MyHeritage Ltd, his inaugural office was his living room in an Israeli village named Bnei Atarot.

This company is a freemium service you can utilize to explore your family roots. Aside from that, you can put life into old photos and animate them with this photo animator app.

MyHeritage also holds a feature to colorize photos you cherish from the past. The AI-enabled photo colorization feature fills vintage photos with colors while also improving the quality.

Concisely, the MyHeritage App offers services to help you explore the history of your roots with the help of DNA, documents, and photos. To better understand this app, let’s examine its features in detail.

Features of MyHeritage App

MyHeritage App

The MyHeritage App has seen rapid growth in popularity since the launch of its new face animation app feature.

It is not just nostalgic for a lot of people, it is also perceived as a perfect tool for history, or just for entertainment. In that light, here are the things you can do with it.

1. Build and explore MyHeritage Family Trees

One of many features included in the app for quite some time is the Family Trees to help you locate your unknown ancestors.

With billions of ancestral records and millions of MyHeritage Family Trees, you can subscribe to its services to explore the MyHeritage app further to find your ancestors or add records.

As soon as you upload your details to their database, MyHeritage starts looking for people who might be related to you. Additionally, you can have a look at your family tree building anytime you want.

2. Explore Your Ethnic Origins and Find New Relatives

MyHeritage DNA test enables you to upload your DNA samples and find your ethnic origins.

For instance, your DNA result will include information such as the percentage-wise breakdown of the DNA from your ancestors from different regions like Asia, Europe, etc.

Moreover, the app analyzes its database to locate people sharing almost the same DNA as yours. The purpose of the MyHeritage DNA test is to link people with relatives they had never met before.

However, their DNA test falls in the category of MyHeritage premium services. If you desire to take advantage of it, you will have to sign up for a MyHeritage subscription package.

3. Animate Faces with Deep Nostalgia

This AI-enabled photo animator app feature is employed to put life into your pictures.

You can upload a picture of your ancestor, or even a painting with a face obviously visible, to enhance and animate it with the help of an AI. The accuracy of its animation has blown the minds of its clients.

4. Use Photo Enhancement Feature to Improve the Picture Quality

The photo enhancement feature is useful if you have vintage pictures and you desire to improve their quality.

With the assistance of the AI-enabled process, you can colorize them, reduce the grain, and even improve the focus.

Surely, with the assistance of this photo colorization feature, you can make sure you have high-quality photos of your ancestors to carry their legacy and memories.

5. Explore Billions of Historical Records

With data from more than 12 billion historical records, the MyHeritage app is helpful if you are a history geek.

The SuperSearch feature allows you to explore the records of your ancestors with first and last names along with supporting documents such as birth and death certificates.

Moreover, this ancestry search app also allows you to explore other records such as court records, census records, yearbooks, and much more.


My Heritage Subscription Plans

MyHeritage App

MyHeritage app delivers basic services such as building a family tree of up to 250 people for free.

You can also animate and enhance a given number of photos with its Deep Nostalgia or Photo colorization features.

However, to have access to more of its services, there are plans divided into two categories.

1. The Premium Plan

The Premium plan starts with a price of $79/ year. However, for the first year, it costs you $49 only.

2. Ultimate Plan

You can also sign up for an ultimate plan costing $189/ year with a first-year fee of $119 to access all the services of MyHeritage.

Pros and Cons of the My Heritage App

Similar to any other service, the MyHeritage app has its phases as well. Let’s have a glance at them.

Pros of My Heritage App

1. Access to billions of historical records and ancestral information

2. Allows you to search for your relatives you were unaware of previously

3. Get to learn about your roots

4. Enhance the quality of vintage images you have

5. Animate photoshoots to bring back the nostalgia

Cons of My Heritage App

1. Its services are pricey

2. Fear of data leakage 

3. Demands stable and high-speed internet connection


MyHeritage App has built a good reputation for itself due to its features such as Deep Nostalgia, and Photo Colorization making waves. The app received a good response from its clients.

As a matter of fact, if you look at social media, many platforms and influencers are using MyHeritage App to create content.

With features offered by MyHeritage App, it is clear it has a huge advantage over its rivals as we speak. Choose your photo companion wisely.

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