My 401 Backyard Bar and Patio Name Ideas You’ll Never Want to Leave

Looking for catchy backyard bar names for your backyard patio or home bar? We are here to assist you in brainstorming original concepts for whatever type of backyard beer garden you may have in mind.

backyard bar names

The backyard is becoming a more imaginative place for homeowners to make improvements to their homes.

In fact, according to a PR Newswire analysis from 2021, 90% of Americans feel that outdoor living space is far more valuable today than it has ever been.

Here are 401 interesting backyard bar names and patios in case you’re planning on doing the same with your own backyard.

We’ve also given you a few naming suggestions for your personal bar. Let’s proceed.

Backyard Bar Names Ideas

Here’s a list of backyard bar names you should try out.

  • Heaven’s Doorway
  • Cheap Brews and Hangs
  • The Secret Lounge
  • The Amazing Zone
  • Sip and Sit
  • Backyard Kitchen & Tap
  • Backyard Bottleshop & Taproom
  • (Your Last Name’s) Bar and Grill
  • Baron’s Bar and Grill
  • The Backyard Paradise
  • The Crow’s Nest
  • The Man Tavern
  • The Backyard Rumpus Room
  • On the Rocks Bar
  • The Nowhere Lounge
  • Tavern Law
  • The Rusty Nail
  • The Pineapple Bar
  • Midnight Chillin’ Bar
  • The Punch Bowl
  • The Backyard Haven
  • The Backyard Happy Hour
  • Peace on Earth
  • Heaven in the Backyard
  • It’s Beer O’Clock
  • The Old Guys Backyard Bar
  • The Backyard Hangout
  • Beer Cavern
  • Hurricane Harry’s Bar
  • The Tune In Bar
  • The Black Boar Pub
  • Ace Of Spades
  • Le Gin Palace
  • The Last Call Bar
  • Bingo’s Backyard Brewing
  • The Beer Belly
  • The Laughing Lot
  • Beer and Snacks
  • The Bottle Opener
  • The Kicking Donkey
  • The Masters of Beer & Liquor
  • Rum for the Backyard
  • Beer and Chill
  • Mugs ‘N Glasses
  • The Brew Brothers
  • Bubba’s Sulky Lounge
  • The Beer Garden
  • Stag Nite Bar
  • The Hops Shack
  • The High Five Bar
  • The American Social
  • The Off Duty Bartender
  • (Your Name’s) Happy Bar
  • The Tipsy Cow
  • The One More Glass
  • Cow Shed Tavern
  • Whisk It Up!
  • The Backyard Social
  • (Your Name’s) Mixed Drinks
  • The Backyard Bash

Backyard Oasis Name Ideas

Coming up with a unique name for your oasis might seem difficult, why not try out these name ideas below

  • The Evergreen Oasis
  • Sunshine Alley
  • The Secret Oasis
  • The Evergreen Oasis
  • Paradise Valley
  • (Your Name’s) Estate
  • The Valley of Tranquility
  • Peace & Rest
  • The Outback Oasis
  • The Amazing Grace Oasis
  • Paradise Lagoon
  • The Backyard Breeze
  • The Flip Flop
  • The Whispering Oasis
  • Nature Sense
  • The Blissful Paradise
  • The Call of Nature
  • The Fresh Pavilion
  • Angel’s Oasis
  • The Spring of the Aurora
  • The Golden Bloom Patio
  • The Name of Green Land
  • Royal Gardens
  • Cedar Lakes Woods
  • The Centennial Oasis
  • The Lotus Sanctuary
  • The Fountain of the Light
  • The Serenity Gardens
  • The Magical Patio
  • The Velvet Oasis
  • Backyard Friends
  • Nature’s Oasis
  • Beyond Eden
  • The Family Den
  • The Lone Oasis
  • Shining Splendor
  • Summer Joy
  • (Your Name’s) Paradise
  • The Pastor’s Patio
  • Paradise On Earth
  • The Little Fountain
  • The Oasis of Infinity
  • The Swirling Spring
  • The Abyssal Oasis
  • The Fountain of Memories
  • Larkin Sunset Gardens
  • The Lakeview Backyard
  • The Botanical Patio
  • The Flower Bed
  • New Town Oasis
  • The Fountain of the Stars
  • (Your Name’s) Villa
  • The Tiny Terrace
  • The Oasis of Thrills
  • Marble Greens
  • An Earthly Estate
  • Garden Cress
  • The Gleen Glade Patio
  • The Shady Fountain
  • A Man’s Sanctuary

Patio Name Ideas

backyard bar and patio

Your patio name should be unique and fun, here’s a list of names you can consider.

  • The Playful Pit
  • The Alliance Patio
  • Love The Air Patio
  • Outdoor Fun
  • The Magical Corner
  • The Peaceful Patio
  • The Sparrow
  • Rustic Countryside Patio
  • Seven Grand Nook
  • The Happy Days Patio
  • The Lone Palm Lounge
  • The Royal Lounge
  • The Duce
  • Chill Out Lounge
  • R & R Spot
  • The Wooden Corner
  • The Eastern Yard 
  • The Rest and Relaxation Nook
  • Sit and Relax
  • Sunrise Deck
  • (Your Name’s) Nook
  • The Patio Lights
  • The Secret Garden
  • Welcome Home
  • Chill On Chores
  • The Weekend Patio
  • Forever Free Nook
  • (Your Last Name’s) Corner
  • The Magical Patio
  • The Outdoor Darling
  • The Friendship Nook
  • Fresh Grass
  • One With Nature
  • The Yard Cafe
  • Fresh Fields Garden Patio
  • Walk and Wander
  • Countryside Comforts
  • The Patio Explorer
  • The Comfortable Life
  • Mystical Garden
  •  The Eternal Peace Lounge
  • (Your Name’s) Patio
  • The Patio Oasis
  • The Backyard Paradise
  • The Honey Porch
  • The Rooftop Patio
  • Sunset View
  • The Book Nook
  • El Patio Bar
  • One Mile House Patio
  • The Boondocks Patio & Grill
  • The Backyard Chill Spot
  • (Your Name’s) Terrace
  • The Lookout Spot
  • The Humble Patio
  • Murdoch’s Backyard Pub
  • The Open Air Aroma
  • Sit and Soak
  • The Freedom Nook
  • The Socialite

Home Bar Name Ideas

  • The After Work Bar
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Bourbon, Brandy, and Beer
  • The Tasting Room
  • The Homey Tavern
  • A Chill Home
  • The Home Escape
  • The Quick Sip
  • Home Buzzed
  • (Your Name’s) Brew House
  • The Local Watering Hole
  • Day Drinking
  • The Laughing House
  • Backyard Belly
  • (Your Name’s) Rest Stop
  • Blues After Work
  • The Barrelhouse
  • Cool Blue Bar and Lounge
  • The Home Mixology
  • Home Cocktail Crafters
  • Stirred not Shaken
  • The Martini Bar
  • The Happy Hour Lounge
  • Mr. Bottoms Up
  • Harry’s Bar
  • The Liquor Lounge
  • The Dad’s Corner
  • Classics Made Contemporary
  • The Bottle Cap
  • The Bearded Bartenders Club
  • The Home Barkeep
  • Beyond Beer
  • Chill and Thrill Bar
  • The Cocktail Lounge
  • My Work Bar
  • Bartender Express
  • Clinking Glasses
  • The Home Bartender
  • The Home Escape
  • Wild Rover Pub
  • New Jack Swing Bar
  • Bubba’s Sulky Lounge
  • Bar Room
  • The Home Hideout
  • A Quick Getaway
  • Atomic Liquors
  • The Four of Spades
  • Bacon & Brew
  • The Home Brew
  • The Black Rose
  • The Beer Belly
  • The Heart of the Home
  • The Vine
  • The Open Door
  • 99 Bottles of Beer
  • The Full House Bar
  • The Bar With No Name
  • The Father Bear Bar
  • A Spirit Lover’s Tavern
  • The Best Bar Ever

Garden Shed Bar Name Ideas

patio name ides
  • The Little Bar
  • Uncut Cocktail House
  • The Bar Stand
  • The Cocktail Collection
  • The Romantic’s Muse
  • Garden Shots
  • Bartender on the Garden
  • Heaven Is Within
  • The Humble Garden Bar
  • Booze on Deck
  • The Crescent Lounge
  • The Red Door Bar
  • The Quintessential Bar
  • Playground Bar and Grill
  • The Bartender’s Hideaway
  • Over the Counter Distillery
  • The Kings and Queens Bar
  • Rise and Pour
  • The Crimson Lounge
  • Paddy O’ Beers
  • The Dirty Hoe
  • The Great Outdoors
  • The Quarter Lounge
  • Watering Hole
  • Everybody’s Happy Place
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Spirits & Stripes
  • Pours Garden Drinks
  • The Mixing Spoon
  • The Cocktail Club
  • A Dash of Patronage
  • Every Friday Night
  • Sit a Spell
  • The DIY Barstool
  • The Garden Shed Pub
  • The Spot On Bar
  • The Perfect Pour
  • Touch of Tequila
  • Dapper Cocktails
  • The Barman’s Den
  • Tipsy Blends

Funny Pub Shed Name Ideas

It’s totally okay to spice up your pub, by picking humorous names. Here’s a list you should consider.

  • Vodka and Soda
  • The Bottoms Up Lounge
  • Pour Your Troubles Away!
  • Tequila-Tini Bar & Grill
  • Mojito Mojito Garden Bar
  • The Over Ice Bar
  • The Glass Half Full
  • The Rum Fellows
  • Bartender Superstar
  • Mike’s Drink Shed
  • Top Shelf Bar & Restaurant, Inc.
  • Cocktails on the Rocks
  • Hard Liquor, No Mixers
  • Pour Me Another
  • Booze it Up
  • Vinously Speaking
  • The Drunk Man
  • All Liquored Up
  • Social Media Guru Bar
  • Bar Supply Heaven
  • Call My Bartender
  • Safe & Sober Tavern
  • Craft Cocktail Company
  • Pour House
  • The Drinkery
  • The Sipping Society
  • Frisky Freddy’s Bar
  • Level 9 Rooftop Bar
  • Bitter and Twisted
  • The Happiest Hour Lounge
  • Kings Beer
  • The Liquor Cabinet
  • Mary’s Mixed Drinks
  • The Barfly
  • On the Rocks
  • McLaren’s Pub
  • The Rhyming Bartender
  • Raising the Bar
  • The Rear View Lounge
  • The Bartender Express
  • Bubbly Beverage Bar & Grill
  • Busy Hands Craft Studio
  • The Boobie Trap
  • The Billy Goat Tavern
  • Froggy Bottom Pub
  • The Naughty Rabbi
  • The Boogie Bar
  • Death and Co.
  • Fun & Feisty Pub
  • I’ll Drink to That!
  • A Bar Above the Rest!
  • Bottom Shelf Bartending
  • The Cheers Effec
  • Blackjack and Bourbon
  • Punch Bowls and Cups
  • The Buffalo Wild Bar
  • Bartender Express
  • Cocktailz
  • Happy Hour
  • Barkeep on Bartender

Backyard Beer Garden Name Ideas

  • The Backyard Alcoholics
  • Colorful Cocktail Co.
  • Bar with a Breeze
  • The Heavenly Cocktail Co.
  • The Outpost Bar
  • Beer Paradise
  • Whisky Heaven
  • Wine and Fine!
  • Heaven or Bar?
  • The Peg Story
  • The Bar of Wonders
  • All For Drinks
  • The Beer Moustache Bar & Lounge
  • The Greenpoint Tavern
  • Brewed For Your Pleasure
  • The Spirits Company
  • The Bar of Stars
  • Quench Your Thirst
  • Backyard Bliss Bar
  • The Backyard Alley Bar
  • Backyard Brew House
  • The Jungle Backyard
  • The Booze Hound
  • The Backyard Bistro
  • Side Yard Teapot Bar
  • The Acoustic Bar
  • The Party Bam
  • Century’s Bar
  • The Real Deal
  • The Eden of Beer
  • Harvard Yard Bar
  • Lite Beer Joint
  • The Hop House
  • Custom Pour Bar and Grill
  • Booze Baron
  • The Craft Liquor
  • Irish Pour House
  • The Liquor Garden
  • Just Another Shot
  • The Pouring House
  • Let’s Escape
  • Perfect Pour Bar
  • Bird House – Cocktail Bar in a Treehouse
  • Apache Lounge
  • (Your Name’s) Mixing Secrets
  • Whisky O’ Clock
  • The Garden of Beer
  • Around the Bend
  • Big Apple Bar & Grill
  • Bar with a Twist
  • Chambord Lounge
  • Tipsy, Enough?
  • Lounge Here
  • The Sophisticated Shakers
  • The Garden Lounge
  • The Haven Martini
  • The Bottle Boys
  • The Lost Weekend
  • Men at Wok
  • Salt ‘N Lemon

Tips for Naming a Home Bar

patio name ideas

There are several benefits to having a bar in your home. You can drink whenever you want, you won’t need to request transport home, and making your own cocktail is less expensive.

Seeing a backyard bar after a hard day at work is also pleasant.

Choosing the correct name for your home bar can enhance the experience and give it something special.

We can also assist you in coming up with a name for your own home bar, though. There is a method you can utilize to come up with an original name and unique meaning.

1. Name Your Bar and not Describe it

Most of the time, when someone mentions a bar, or any other kind of establishment, for that matter, they immediately think of its description.

This could result in the use of forgettable generic names. Being original and memorable when naming your bar is important, both for you and for the people who will be drinking there.

For inspiration, consider several points in your past. Perhaps the name of your bar could be inspired by your education, a hobby you have, or significant figures in your life. You can also use beer or your preferred libation.

2. Cross Names Off the List

Now that you have a list of top-name ideas to think about.

The next step is to perform an elimination process. Examine each name carefully and cross off any that don’t seem or sound impressive. Continually go through this procedure until only the best are left.

3. Take Your Time Brainstorming

It’s important to take your time coming up with a name for your bar. After that, you’ll need a pen and paper to write those names down.

You’ll be shocked at how many potential names you have written down after an hour or so.

So, take your time and give it some serious thought. Keep the notepad close at hand so you may scribble down ideas you have when doing your grocery shopping, dining out, or taking a walk.

4. Get Feedback

After choosing what you believe to be the ideal name for your house bar, you should consult your spouse, friends, and family to get their opinions.

Get sound advice from your spouse by mentioning the name to them. Take notice of everything they say since it may help you choose the perfect name.


With the aforementioned name ideas, it shouldn’t be difficult choosing a unique name for your backyard bar and patio.

Ensure to pick a name that reflects your personality, while still flexing your creativity. We are rooting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are a few names you can choose from:

  • The Backyard Bash.
  • The Brew Brothers.
  • Bubba’s Sulky Lounge.
  • The Beer Garden.

They Include:

  • Angels and Kings.
  • Bar Alter.
  • Big Easy.
  • Bitter & Twisted.
  • Bonus Round.
  • The mission, vision, purpose, and basic values of your bar should be noted down.
  • To come up with new concepts, use a restaurant name generator.
  • Ask around for suggestions for restaurant names.
  • Use your location and be specific.

Here are a few names you should consider:

  • The Patio Explorer.
  • The Comfortable Life.
  • Mystical Garden.
  • The Eternal Peace Lounge.
  • (Your Name’s) Patio.

Red Lion stands out as one of the most common bar names.

Home bars, commonly referred to as Wet bars, are designed so that you can have a drink with friends and family without having to leave the comfort of your house. Home bars can be constructed anywhere in the house.

A dry bar lacks a sink and only has a location for making beverages.

Yes it does

A wet bar has a sink with running water, hence the name.

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