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One of the most crucial elements to consider before spending your money on a brand new automobile is where to discover brand new autos.

car dealers near me

You can’t just stroll into any dealership, pick a car, test drive it, pay for it, and drive away. That is not the case. We’ve compiled a list of the best 2022 car dealers in the US to make things easier. Take a peek around.

For economic expansion and globalization, transportation is critical. It is difficult to convey passengers and freight without it.

Despite the fact that several forms of transportation exist across the world, vehicles are the most common mode of transportation that encourages mobility and freedom. 

Cars, in particular, eliminate the inconvenient aspects of public transit. Cars are quite useful, whether you use them for work or to conduct errands.

With such notions, it’s no surprise that most individuals want to possess a car. As a result, a slew of vehicle dealers sprung up to meet the market’s needs.


As a result, the global car industry anticipates selling over 77 million vehicles in 2021.

Arnold Clark, the automotive retail powerhouse, is at the top of the league table, which for the first time includes franchised and independent dealers.

The Car Dealer Top 100, produced in collaboration with ASE Global and sponsored by GForces, rates dealers based on EBITDA, with adjustments made for unusual things.

The vehicle dealers in our Top 100 list made a collective profit of £1,166,359,116 in 2019 (the most recent numbers available) on total revenue of £55,830,325,500.

10 Best Car Dealers Near Me for Efficient Car Dealership in the US 2022

There’s no doubting that automobiles are costly, and most purchasers are seeking ways to save costs wherever they can.

Visiting a used vehicle dealership is one of the most common methods to get an automobile that is still in good shape but won’t break the budget.

There are several used car dealerships around the United States since there are so many consumers seeking inexpensive autos.

So, how big can a used automobile dealership’s inventory get? Let’s look at the largest auto dealerships in the United States, organized by the average number of used vehicles for sale.


1. Larry H. Miller Group of Cos.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 30,764
Prime Location: Sandy, UT
Number of Dealership Locations: 45
Total Number of Units: 62,430

This used automobile dealership has locations in seven different states and sells Toyota, Jeep, and Lexus vehicles.

From 1979 to 1999, this multi-national corporation sold almost 420,000 automobiles! Larry H. Miller had an entrepreneurial mentality even as a youngster, in addition to his noteworthy softball pitching abilities.

Miller worked as the operations manager of five separate Denver Toyota dealerships at one point, putting in 90 hours or more each week.

2. Lithia Motors Inc.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 41,422
Prime Location: Medford, OR
Number of Dealership Locations: 86
Total Number of Units: 58,398

Lithia Motors Inc. is one of the largest automotive retailers in the United States and one of only three Oregon-based Fortune 500 companies.

Despite being one of the top ten largest used car dealers in the country, used cars account for only about 42% of Lithia Motors’ sales. Auto repair and insurance sales bring in additional cash for the organization.

With only five employees, Lithia Motors began as a tiny, local Oregon firm. During its first year, the shop only sold 14 autos.

3. Hendrick Automotive Group

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 50,912
Primary Location: Charlotte, NC
Number of Dealership Locations: 73
Total Number of Units: 99,260

Rick Hendrick founded this company in Bennettsville, North Carolina.

It has grown to become the biggest privately held automobile dealership group in the United States.

After purchasing the company that would later become Hendrick Automotive Group, Rick became the country’s youngest Chevrolet dealer.

The Hendrick Automobile Group has grown to include 143 automotive businesses across the United States!

Rick also formed Hendrick Motorsports, a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series record-breaker.

4. Asbury Automotive Group

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 55,805
Primary Location: Duluth, GA
Number of Dealership Locations: 79
Total Number of Units: 83,009

Asbury Automotive Group has 96 franchises in 10 states and is most known for creating Greenlight, an online car-buying service.

Asbury’s size and repute were important factors in bolstering Greenlight’s reputation and assisting it is gaining popularity.

However, through acquisitions such as Terry Lee Honda and Bill Estes Auto Group, Asbury has constantly grown and increased its number of outlets.

In 2016, the Asbury Automotive Group sold over 180,000 retail automobiles!


5. Group 1 Automotive Inc.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 70,475
Prime Location: Houston, TX
Number of Dealership Locations: 100
Total Number of Units: 112,897

Group 1 Automotive operates dealerships and repair locations in the United Kingdom and Brazil, in addition to the United States.

Customers may also get financial services, maintenance, and auto components from the organization.

Parts & Service, New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, and Finance & Insurance are the four sectors that make up Group 1 Automotive’s systems.

What If I Told You… In its many areas of operation, Group 1 Automotive employs around 15,000 employees, and its leadership team includes senior executives who formerly worked for Ford Motor Company.

6. Berkshire Hathaway Automotive (Van Tuyl Group)

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 74,460
Primary Location: Phoenix, AZ
Number of Dealership Locations: 69
Total Number of Units: 135,467

Berkshire Hathaway is a massive global business headquartered in the United States that has subsidiaries in a wide range of sectors.

The acquisition of the Van Tuyl Group, which specializes in the sale and resale of new and used automobiles found Berkshire Hathaway Automotive in 2015.

The Van Tuyl Group was the country’s biggest privately held dealership group, making this the largest transaction in the car industry’s history.

Berkshire Hathaway also owns GEICO, Duracell, and Fruit of the Loom in its entirety.

7. Penske Automotive Group Inc.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealeas near me

Number of Used Units: 129,652
Primary Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Number of Dealership Locations: 145
Total Number of Units: 188,245

Penske Automotive Group primarily sells used automobiles in the United States, Canada, and a few Western European nations.

In Australia and New Zealand, the firm also sells commercial vehicles, engines, and related parts and services. The business declared ambitions to buy the Saturn brand from General Motors in 2009, but the proposal never materialized.

Penske Automotive Group employs over 27,000 individuals in locations all over the world!

8. Sonic Automotive Inc.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers near me

Number of Used Units: 102,874
Primary Location: Charlotte, NC
Number of Dealership Locations: 119
Total Number of Units: 129,504

When Ollen Bruton Smith founded Sonic Automotive Inc. in 1997, it had 20 locations and marketed 15 different automobile manufacturers.

Smith began his automotive career by constructing and selling automobiles out of his parent’s garage. Sonic Automotive today employs hundreds of people and includes the EchoPark Automotive used car dealership network, which began in Denver, Colorado.

Speedway Motorsports’ Executive Chairman is Ollen Bruton Smith, the creator and Executive chair of Sonic Automotive.

9. AutoNation Inc.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

car dealers

Number of Used Units: 171,094
Primary Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Number of Dealership Locations: 215
Total Number of Units: 282,190

We sometimes refer AutoNation to as the country’s largest automotive store, partly because of its status as the largest of all online car vendors.

AutoNation stores provide a variety of insurance packages, maintenance and repair services, and extended service contracts in addition to the vehicles themselves.

Customers may also gain automobiles from third-party suppliers via AutoNation’s online services.

AutoNation created a chain of used-car megastores that weren’t as successful as they had intended, so they started selling new automobiles as well.

10. CarMax Inc.

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Number of Used Units: 396,181
Prime Location: Richmond, VA
Number of Dealership Locations: 103
Total Number of Units: 659,242

By the number of used cars sold, CarMax Inc. is the largest used automobile dealer in the United States. They found it in 1993 as a division of the once-famous Circuit City Stores, Inc.

The firm often resells automobiles that are one to six years old and adhere to high quality and maintenance criteria. CarMax doesn’t sell cars “as is,” instead thoroughly detailing each one.

The average CarMax shop is roughly 59,000 square feet in size.


Top 5 Car Dealers Near Me in the U.S.

Below are some of the best car dealers near me in 2022:

1. Lexus

According to Consumer Reports, Lexus has been one of the top dealerships in the United States in prior years. Its inclusion on the list is self-evident: great road test results and solid dependability.

Lexus automobiles have a low rate of recalls, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) consistently awards them top crash test ratings.

2. Mazda

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

In the previous three years, Mazda has overhauled its vehicles, raising safety, improving reliability, and making the ride more comfortable than before.

There’s no denying that this brand understands what customers want and consistently provides reliable vehicles. Mazda is a fantastic pick for a variety of reasons, from sporty to family-friendly.

3. Toyota

Toyota is a well-known brand among consumers. Consumer Reports consistently ranks their automobiles among the most dependable on the market.

The cars are well-built and have outstanding IIHS crash test scores, so you can be assured that you’ll be safe in any situation.

Furthermore, with the new Prius lines being developed, automobiles are becoming more pleasurable to drive as well as combining sporty with environmentally friendly.

4. Audi

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Audi is another high-end brand that combines luxurious comfort with cutting-edge technology.

Furthermore, these vehicles have excellent performance, dependability, and crash test ratings. Audi offers something for everyone. You can choose something sporty and enjoyable for your garage, whether you prefer ordinary gas or a hybrid.

5. Subaru

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Subaru isn’t a brand you see every day on the road, but it’s still a popular choice among consumers. It has built a reputation for dependability in every car it has produced over the years.

According to Consumer Reports, it may now “finally be counted among the automakers known for competent technology.” Subaru has also continuously been one of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top safety recommendations.

6. Ford

The motto “made Ford tough” is well-known, but a tagline isn’t necessary when your truck is one of America’s best-selling automobiles. You can count on your Ford to perform whether you’re driving around town or on the job.

Ford’s Mustang models are timeless works of art that are both inexpensive and enjoyable.

7. Buick

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Buick is a less expensive brand, yet it can provide you with the same level of luxury as any other luxury vehicle on the market.

This brand’s previous models were huge and were dubbed “land yachts,” yet despite their size, the automobiles were dependable and comfortable to drive.

Buick has introduced sportier cars in recent years, while still maintaining the reliability and safety that everyone values.

8. Kia

As proven by the several Kia Souls seen on the road, Kia produces some of the most distinctive vehicles on the market.

Even if Kia’s competitors charge more for their cars, the company illustrates that a great brand does not have to cost more. According to Kelly Blue Book, it’s also one of the top brands for 2014.

9. Honda

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Hondas have excellent fuel efficiency (up to 47 mpg) and strong safety ratings, earning the title of IIHS top safety pick for 2016. These three characteristics distinguish this brand as one of the best on the market.

Hondas are also extremely reliable. You can count on it to last for decades if you take proper care of it and maintain it on a regular basis. It’s unusual for a Honda consumer to be dissatisfied with their purchase.

10. Acura

The predictability of Acura has been hit and miss in the past, but newer models have turned out to be very dependable according to AutoTrader.

Acura has also often been one of the top luxury vehicles on the market, including the 2016 Acura TLX, which ranks as one of the top ten according to U.S. News. This brand is also a joy to ride, so you will love any Acura your purchase.

11. Hyundai

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Hyundai is another wonderfully economical brand that is both good for the wallet and attractive in any driveway.

Everyone appreciates the beautiful look, but according to a new CarMD poll, these vehicles are also quite reliable.

Hyundais also come with excellent warranties, such as a 10-year/10-thousand-mile warranty. They also have a large selection of hybrids for individuals who are concerned about the environment.

12. Volvo

Volvo is a well-known brand that has proven time and time again that it can be relied upon to transport you from point A to point B. Volvos that are a few decades old are not uncommon to find on the road.

Dependable? You bet. There’s a plush interior here. Volvo appears to have it all, making it one of the most popular car brands in the United States.

13. GMC

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

GMC is a popular brand in the United States, especially when it comes to vehicles.

While GMCs have an attractive exterior, they also have a minimalistic design that eliminates the need for sporty curves.

According to the US Department of Energy, the trucks also get greater gas mileage than many of their counterparts. The IIHS also rates this brand as extremely safe for all passengers in the car.

14. Volkswagen

Volkswagens are without a doubt some of the best cars on the road, therefore they had to make the list.

When compared to competitors, many Volkswagen automobiles feel more attractive and opulent, and they even have a higher IIHS safety rating. Volkswagens are also responsive and usually have a lot of space. Nothing beats cruising down the highway in a Volkswagen.

15. Lincoln

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Unfortunately, Lincoln is a brand that is frequently overlooked, but it is also really dependable. In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, it is one of the most durable automobiles on the road today.

Everyone can find a Lincoln that provides power, efficiency, and a quiet ride. Furthermore, the interior is really spacious.


How to Start a Car Dealership

You’ve discovered the ideal business opportunity and are now ready to take the next step. There’s more to launching a business than merely filing paperwork with the government.
This easy-to-follow guide can help you launch your own vehicle dealership. These processes will guarantee that your new firm is well-planned, legally compliant, and correctly registered.

Step 1: Plan Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you must have a well-thought-out strategy. It will assist you in mapping out the details of your company and uncovering some unknowns. The following are a few key points to consider:

  1. What are the startup and ongoing costs?
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. How much can you charge customers?
  4. What will you name your business?

In most states, becoming a vehicle dealer is difficult. To take part in this field, you’ll need a surety bond, relevant licensing, and company experience.


Before getting an auto dealer license, they normally require car dealers to post a surety bond with the local state’s DMV. They can sell autos in that state with the license.

Buying a bond can be a complicated process. A surety bond is a type of insurance that protects customers and the government from fraud.

Depending on the sort of dealership you intend to run, you may require a variety of bonds. The following are some examples of generic bonds:

  1. DMV bonds.
  2. Used car dealer bonds.
  3. Wholesale car dealer bonds.
  4. RV bonds.
  5. Motorcycle dealer bonds

Bond premiums totally depend on your individual circumstances, making it difficult to estimate specific startup expenses. In general, the surety bonds you require are priced depending on the following factors:

  1. The amount of the bond that is required.
  2. Your financial qualifications.
  3. Whether you want to finance the premium.
  4. Your credit rating.

If you have strong credit, for example, your premium might be as little as 1% of the bond’s entire value. You would pay a $100 premium on a $10,000 bond.


You’ll also need licensure in addition to the bond. The sorts of licenses you’ll need are determined by the state, county, and location where you’ll be doing business.

Dealer licenses come in a variety of forms in most states, including:

  1. New car dealer
  2. Used car dealer (retailers)
  3. Wholesaler licensing
  4. Rebuilder licensing
  5. Reconditioner licensing

Step 2: Form a Legal Entity

The sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation are the most popular business structures.

If your vehicle dealership is sued, becoming a formal business organization such as an LLC or corporation prevents you from being held personally accountable.

Step 3: Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card

Personal asset protection causes the use of distinct business banking and credit accounts.

When your personal and corporate accounts are intermingled, your personal assets (such as your home, vehicle, and other possessions) are put in danger if they sued your company.

We refer this to as penetrating your corporation veil in business law.

Open a Business Bank Account

  • This keeps your personal assets distinct from the assets of your firm, which is vital for personal asset protection.
  • It also simplifies accounting and tax preparation.

Get a Business Credit Card

  • By keeping all of your company spendings in one location, you can easily distinguish between personal and business expenses.
  • It also establishes your company’s credit history, which can help you obtain funds and attract investment in the future.

FAQs About Car Dealers Near Me in 2022

Blow are some FAQs about car dealers near me:


1. What are the Ongoing Expenses for a Car Dealership?

The cost of a dealership varies depending on the type of business and the precise bonds and insurances required. Operating costs for a dealership can range from a few thousand dollars per year to $15 million for a franchise.

2. Who is the Target Market?

Customers are often advertised locally by dealers, but the majority of business is earned by recommendations from the sales force. A dealership’s “target market” includes friends, family, neighbors, and community members.

Consumers with fair to good credit are typically good customers (minimum).

Because many consumers will finance their purchases, they must be able to qualify for a car loan. Dealerships often have a hard time selling to those who have bad credit.

Some dealerships, on the other hand, specialize in hard money loans and “buy here, pay here” arrangements, in which clients with bad credit may finance a car straight from the dealership using a specific financing program, similar to “rent to own” payment systems used in other sectors.

3. How Does a Car Dealership Make Money?

A dealership earns money by selling automobiles at a higher price than the dealer’s invoice price and performing routine maintenance on those vehicles.

Customers usually pay commissions on automobiles they buy (which are included in the overall sales price) and pay hourly or fixed fees for maintenance.

4. How Much Can You Charge Customers?

For most automobiles, dealers charge the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). A dealer, on the other hand, may provide a discount to persuade customers to buy.

A dealer may then reduce the vehicle’s price to the dealer invoice price. Manufacturers frequently provide incentives and “holdback” to dealers. The consumer’s pricing is not transparent.

In other words, most consumers are unaware of the manufacturer’s costs and profits. Instead, they see the complete cost of the automobile.

5. How Much Profit Can a Car Dealership Make?

Profit, like dealer operating expenses, fully depends on wholesale prices and inventory costs, as well as charges for bonds and insurance, and other overhead.

In general, a dealer can profit between 2% and 3% of the vehicle’s sticker price or invoice price.

6. What are Some Skills and Experiences that will Help You Build a Successful Car Dealership?

While the state does not demand any particular abilities, most business owners in this area possess practical expertise.

First and foremost, they have a proven track record in sales. They also have a good foundation in business and management.

Some dealership owners have previously worked as mechanics, giving them a deeper understanding of the service side of the company.

7. What is the Growth Potential for a Car Dealership?

They mostly used small dealerships vehicle lots. These dealerships buy used automobiles at auction and mark them up for resale to customers.

This sort of company may be quite successful and does not have a large amount of overhead or inventory.

A larger dealership may be able to get a contract with a major manufacturer to sell new and certified pre-owned automobiles.

This sort of dealership company is often enormous, causes considerable upfront investments (including franchise fees), and may cause high volume sales in order to keep the manufacturer’s contract.


7 Things Not to Do at a Car Dealership

When it comes time to buy a car, many individuals may offer advice on what to do in the showroom. Tips on test driving, negotiating, and financing are also helpful.
However, the route to purchasing a car is so riddled with pebbles that if you don’t watch your step, you may stub a toe or perhaps break a leg, metaphorically speaking.
Because car buying can be such a convoluted process, understanding what not to do in the dealership may be more essential than knowing what to do.
If you do one or more of these seven things we recommend against, it will make obtaining a lot more difficult.

Make things as simple as possible for yourself. You want to get the best bargain on a vehicle, so here’s what you shouldn’t do when you go to the dealership.

1. Don’t Enter the Dealership without a Plan

You can walk into a restaurant and order a wonderful dinner without knowing what you want to eat.

You can go into a big-box store to kill time and leave with a good microwave oven or button-down shirt.

If you walk into a car dealership without a plan, you’re likely to leave with a hole the size of a crater in your wallet. Not only that but your squandered Saturday morning could come back to haunt you for years.

We should not make an automobile purchase on the spur of the moment.

Know what your existing car is worth, what the car you want to buy is selling for, how much money you can put down, and how much money you can spend on a monthly car payment before you make a decision.

2. Don’t Let the Salesperson Steer You to a Vehicle You Don’t Want

According to Fuller, a dealership’s first goal is to sell the vehicles it has on hand. And this isn’t always in the customer’s best interests.

If the sales agent is truly knowledgeable about the inventory, he or she is attempting to match the buyer with something that can be sold today.

If you aren’t clear about what you want, the dealership will try to fit you into a vehicle that it wants to sell, even if it isn’t the best fit for you. Allowing oneself to be sold an automobile is a bad idea.

3. Don’t Discuss Your Trade-In Too Early

It’s nearly always possible to sell an old automobile privately for more money than the dealer will provide in trade if you put in the time and effort.

Despite this, many customers find the simplicity of driving their old car in and their new one out to be appealing.

If that’s your goal, do some research on the value of your trade-in ahead of time, but don’t accept any offers or pressure to discuss it until you’ve agreed on a price for the new car.

You probably don’t belong in a new-car showroom yet if it turns out that you’re “upside-down” on the old car—that is, you owe more money on it than you’re getting in the trade.

To pay off the loan, the car should be sold privately at the very least. Yes, your former debt will be rolled into a new loan by the dealer. That, however, is not a good idea.

4. Don’t Give the Dealership Your Car Keys or Your Driver’s License

Some dealers—thankfully fewer than ever before, according to Christopher Sutton, vice president of automotive retail at J.D. Power.

Still use strategies to keep you in the showroom until a deal is struck, which is almost as antiquated as a pocket watch.

The use of test-drive automobiles is one of the tried-and-true strategies. The salesperson may request your car keys and/or driver’s license “as security” before a test drive.

The car keys or the driver’s license will then go missing when you return and wish to leave without buying. “We don’t see it as much as we used to,” Sutton said of abusive dealer techniques.

I also believe that the introduction of online ratings and reviews has aided in this.”

Yes, a wise dealership needs to determine that you have a valid driver’s license before allowing you to take a car out for a test spin. But they don’t need to take it from you and hold it as some sort of deposit.

It should be enough for them to know your identity and your address. Since you have typically parked your own car at the dealership, there is a strong likelihood you will return.

Further, when you go on the test drive, it is obviously good for you to have your driver’s license in your possession.

5. Don’t Let the Dealership Run a Credit Check

If you want to finance your new car with a loan, the dealer will have to perform a credit check at some point, but don’t consent to it until you’re almost done with the deal.

A complete credit check, often known as a “hard pull,” can harm your credit score. If you’re not close to buying, there’s no use in agreeing to a credit check and risking a credit hit.

6. Don’t Engage in Monthly Payment Negotiations

Remember that you’re at the showroom to buy a car, not to squeeze a car payment into your monthly budget.

The monthly payments should be a byproduct of the negotiation if you started with a plan that contains the maximum amount you will pay for the vehicle depending on your own economic restrictions.

“Problems develop when the buyer is cornered because he or she wants more vehicle than they can fairly and rightfully afford,” Fuller explained. ”

A common technique for making the agreement work is to dramatically lengthen the payment timeline. The customer may be able to pay $500 per month, but at 60 months, that amount will be insufficient.

As a result, the dealer increases the term to 72 or 84 months.

7. Don’t Feel You Have to Buy Right Now

Many individuals find buying a new automobile to be a stressful experience, so they attempt to get it over with as soon as possible, which can have dire consequences.

They don’t explore their options properly or negotiate skillfully in their haste to get through it.

For example, walking away is an effective negotiation approach that you may be hesitant to use if your major goal is to get the deal done.

While salespeople will try to persuade you to buy right away with gambits like “I can only give you this price today,” you should take your time.


6 Different Types of Used Car Dealers

1. New Car Dealership

While a dealership with a relationship to a certain manufacturer and that sells brand new vehicles may not be the first type of used car dealer that comes to mind, it is worth considering.

These days, most new automobile shops also offer used or pre-owned vehicles on their lots. As you might assume, many of these used vehicles come from the same company that specializes in new vehicles.

There are a few advantages to shopping for used cars at a new car dealership.

For starters, they are likely to have certified pre-owned vehicles, which have been examined and are still covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee despite being used.

These used automobile dealerships are also likely to have service personnel on hand to assist you with any future repairs or maintenance requirements.

Just bear in mind that you’ll almost certainly spend the highest price for a used vehicle at this type of dealership, so it might not be the ideal option for you.

2. Used Car Dealership

When looking for a used car, independent used car dealers with no direct ties to a certain manufacturer may be your first choice.

These are dealerships that specialize in used cars and rarely have any brand new models on the lot.

However, they may still favor one or two manufacturers and employ service personnel who are knowledgeable about the automobiles they offer.

You’ll probably pay less at these used car dealerships than you would at a new car dealership, but you won’t find any certified pre-owned cars.

These dealerships may provide their own warranties, which might provide some protection for your purchase. Because that is all they sell, you’ll probably find a bigger selection of used cars here than you would at a new car dealer.

3. BHPH Dealership

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

When shopping for a used automobile, search for phrases like “Buy Here Pay Here” or “We finance,” as these suggest a BHPH store.

Rather than going through a third-party lender like a bank, many dealerships offer finance directly, acting as the lender for your vehicle. As a result, these dealers are excellent choices for people with bad or no credit, as acceptance is nearly always guaranteed.

These loans often have high-interest rates, as is typical of any high-risk loan, and it may limit you in the automobiles you may buy at these used car dealerships.

However, if you require such a loan owing to low credit, this may be your best option for obtaining a vehicle right now. Otherwise, go elsewhere if your credit is good and you can qualify for better financing.

4. Used-Car Superstore

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

A huge used-car supermarket can be a wonderful alternative if the selection is your top priority.

They used these car dealerships that specialize in selling used cars and strive to have the widest selection available. They usually have large lots with a lot of used cars and may be located near just about any major city in the country.

We frequently found these kinds of used automobile dealerships along state lines in order to attract buyers from many areas.

While they may have the largest assortment of any traditional dealer, they also provide nothing in the way of after-sales service or support.

Because their focus is on making a sale rather than building a relationship with the community, customer service at these types of dealerships can be inconsistent.

5. Private Seller

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Purchasing a secondhand vehicle from the existing owner is, of course, always an option.

Previously, you were limited to only those dealers in your region who had vehicles posted near you with signs or who advertised their goods in a local trade journal or newspaper.

However, thanks to the internet’s rapid growth over the previous few decades, the number of private vendors available to you is now greater than ever.

Keep in mind that a private seller is different from any kind of business you might choose as a used car dealer.

A private seller typically is not interested in any kind of financing plan and wants their full asking price for the vehicle up-front.

You won’t get any kind of warranty or guarantee of performance and quality from a private seller, of course, so make sure you have a used vehicle inspected by a third-party mechanic before making a purchase.

6. Online Retailer

This is one of the best car dealers near me in 2022.

Online retailers that specialize in selling used vehicles via the internet are different, possibly better, than many other used car sellers out there.

While buying a car online may appear weird or unsafe at first, it’s really no different from buying anything else, so it’s no wonder that internet merchants have sprung up.

Not all online merchants, like other used car dealers, are created equal, and you should choose wisely.

Before contacting an online shop, a respectable online retailer will display its inventory for you to review and consider before contacting them.

Once you’ve found something you want, they’ll deliver it to you at a pre-arranged date and time so you can view it for yourself.

This is similar to going to a used car dealership and looking over their inventory on your own, they deliver only the vehicle to you rather than you traveling out of your way to see what they have.

Online retailers often provide financing schemes that are similar to those offered by dealerships, but the specific options may differ.

Online used car dealers, like any other sort of dealership, should present you with the same level of information on each vehicle.

A vehicle history record, as well as information on the car’s electrical and mechanical systems, are examples of this. You’ll know exactly what the car has gone through, and you’ll be able to make an informed judgment before making any kind of purchase.


The United States has established itself as a go-to destination for automotive purchasers searching for a fantastic deal.

Whether you’re buying salvage cars from auction sites to fix, then sell or use, or you’re buying from a conventional car dealer in the United States.

Having as much knowledge as possible about your best options for car dealers in the United States will serve you well in 2022. Below is a list of the top dealerships currently generating the most noise on the North American continent.

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