Most Expensive Restaurant In NYC

– Most Expensive Restaurant in NYC –

Few cities in the world can match New York City’s food, which is home to some of the world’s best chefs. Dinner for two at some of these New York City restaurants might easily cost you a week’s salary, but people just have a thing for the most expensive restaurants in NYC. The city that never sleeps.

Most Expensive Restaurant in NYC

Restaurants first appeared in New York City in the early 1800s.

They know these facilities as “eating houses,” and they mostly catered to business people looking for a quick bite to eat before returning to work.

However, “dining homes” gradually evolved into modern restaurants, as one might expect.

By the mid-nineteenth century, business people had recognized the lucrative possibility to open restaurants catering to the city’s wealthiest residents.

John and Peter Delmonico were the earliest of these entrepreneurs.

In 1827, the couple founded a French pastry store, which grew into a fine dining restaurant by 1831, igniting a flurry of high-end eateries around the city.

They regard Delmonico’s is widely regarded as a groundbreaking establishment that promoted French cuisine in America and radically changed the way people ate in New York.

What is the Most Expensive Restaurant in NYC

New York, as one of America’s most exciting cities, is a city that never sleeps, with an endless supply of delicious cuisines and high-quality restaurants.

Every corner, street, and lane has a coffee shop or a new restaurant ready to welcome guests.

While New York City is famed for its New York-style slice pizza, street meats, and the world-famous New York cheesecake, it also has some of the best and most costly restaurants in the world.

These pricey restaurants have elevated the fine-dining experience by serving cuisines from around the world and creating a gorgeous ambiance with spectacular views of the city.

While the restaurants demand a high price from the moment you make a reservation, they never let you down with the quality of their food or their service.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive restaurants in NYC as of 2022, from Japanese cuisines in Manhattan to a mouth-watering French-American fusion bistro.

1. Masa’s Sushi Bar

Masa’s Sushi Bar

Estimated Price Per Meal: $595

Cuisine: Japanese

Masa is New York City’s most costly restaurant.

Masa is Chef Masayoshi Takayama’s three-Michelin-star restaurant.

The restaurant is easily the most costly luxury dining experience in NYC, with a lunch costing around $595.

Surprisingly, the price only covers the tasting menu; if you want drinks or additional courses, expect to pay over $1,000 per dinner guest.

This award-winning restaurant specializes in high-end Japanese food.

Chef Masayoshi Takayama, for example, incorporated his Japanese ancestry into the restaurant’s tipping policy.

According to the restaurant’s website, “Gratuities are neither expected or accepted at Masa,” but “great hospitality is a fundamental component of the Masa dining they delivered experience and to every visitor.”

They recognized masa for its sushi, but the menu is a little cryptic; you’ll have to make a reservation to find out everything Masa has to offer.

However, sources show that they serve an exclusive menu of dishes.

All of which will feature the finest ingredients from around the world.

Chef Masayoshi Takayama serves his dishes on plates he developed to complement the food’s aesthetic appeal.


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2. Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin

Estimated Price Per Meal: $440

Cuisine: Seafood

This four-star restaurant specializes in high-quality seafood.

They use simple approaches  to emphasize the greatest features of the freshest seafood.

They divide the menu into three sections: “Almost Raw,” “Barely Touched,” and “Lightly Cooked,” which reflect the many ways the fish is prepared.

A la carte as well as a tasting meal are available.

The tasting menu begins at $170 for two people.

Because Le Bernardin is a Michelin-starred restaurant, you know the food will be excellent.

They serve caviar, truffles, and lobster, among other things.

Le Bernardin is the place to go if you want to have a truly exquisite dining experience.

People reserve tables  in advance, so plan ahead if you want to dine here.

3. Per Se

Per Se

Estimated Price Per Meal: $295

Cuisine: French

This three-Michelin-star restaurant serves delectable French cuisine and has an amazing wine selection.

Chef Thomas Keller, an award-winning American chef, oversaw the establishment’s opening.

Per Se serves high-end cuisine at a high-end price. A single meal at this pricey cafe is  cost about $300, according to one estimate.

If you add wine and extras like truffles or caviar, the price might easily quadruple.

Unlike some high-end restaurants, Per Se changes its tasting menu every day. “No single component is ever replicated throughout the dinner,” the eatery claims.

4. Chef’s Table In Brooklyn Fare

Chef’s Table In Brooklyn Fare

Estimated Price Per Meal: $395

Cuisine: Japanese and French-inspired

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The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is difficult to get a reservation for, with only 18 seats and over 15 courses, but if you’re lucky, the food is well worth the difficulty and patience.

Chef Cesar Ramirez’s food is the star of this three-star Michelin restaurant, and the menu varies nightly Tuesday through Saturday (the restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday).

If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, Tripsavvy says they will treat you to a fantastic meal that’s well worth the money.

To make really distinctive dishes, they combine the finest of both French and Japanese cuisine.

When you dine here, the service is superb, and you’ll feel like a VIP.

The design is basic but exquisite, and the overall experience is one you will remember for a long time.

5. Momofuku Ko

Momofuku Ko

Estimated Price Per Meal: $280

Cuisine: Japanese

The New York Times awarded this fine-dining Japanese restaurant two Michelin stars and a three-star rating.

Sean Gray, the restaurant’s executive chef, is in charge of the menu.

The resulting tasting menu includes roughly ten dishes, so it’s difficult to determine exactly what you’ll get for $280.

One reviewer raved over a meal of sea urchin with fermented chickpea paste.

Aside from that, they assure customers that the meal is “strongly guided by the Japanese kaiseki tradition, as well as seasonality.”

The menu is also influenced by “the breadth of cuisine accessible in the melting pot of New York City.”

6. Daniel

daniel restaurant nyc

Estimated Price Per Meal: $275

Cuisine: European

Chef Daniel Boulud’s cuisine at DANIEL is market-inspired cuisine with an unique use of traditional French techniques. Seasonally, the menu changes to highlight the best ingredients available.

Chef Boulud also promoted his Chef de Cuisine, Eddy Leroux, to Executive Chef, and Shaun Velez, formerly Executive Pastry Chef at Café Boulud, to Executive Pastry Chef, with a dining room remodel slated for 2021.

Chef Boulud devise a specific series of biannual exhibitions to exhib the historic neoclassical dining room, the intimate Upper Lounge, and the exclusive Bellecour Room as part of the interior makeover.

The program kicks off with a show of large-scale landscape paintings by modern American artist Alex Katz, curated with the help of art advisor Janis Gardner Cecil.

A collection of Robert Mapplethorpe’s works is on display in the Upper Lounge.

Restaurant DANIEL’s fine art program is a celebration of New York City as the world’s mecca of art and culture.

7. Jean-Georges

Jean-Georges restaurant nyc

Estimated Price Per Meal: $258

Cuisine: French

High-profile diners have traditionally frequented expensive restaurants, and Jean-Georges in New York City is no different.

The opulent restaurant serves French cuisine to affluent and powerful patrons, including President Donald Trump and Senator Mitt Romney, who were both observed dining here in 2016.

So, celebrities dine here, but what exactly does Jean-Georges serve?

The menu changes seasonally, but you can expect to find creative dishes made with high-end ingredients.

Sautéed frog legs, for example, are one option, while “Warm Glazed Potatoes with Caviar, Tapioca, and He” is another.

Unlike some of the more costly restaurants on this list, Jean-Georges caters to vegetarians.

The Vegetable Menu, which includes parsnip soup, will set you back $188.

 8. L’Appart

L’Appart restaurant nyc

Estimated Price Per Meal: $230

Cuisine: French

A tasting menu at L’Appart costs $230 per person.

Tasting menus are meals made up of many small courses that should allow diners to sample a wide range of the chef’s creations.

At L’Appart, those inventions include a monthly menu of new dishes.

The ingredients used in these dishes vary based on the season, but you can expect to pay a premium for lobster and wagyu beef.

L’Appart serves opulent French food, but the restaurant’s distinctive decor is a significant appeal.

According to Michelin, they design the restaurant’s dining room to look like a Parisian apartment.

“Attend a dinner party,” as the resultant dining experience is described.

This is a “intimate” encounter, according to L’Appart, and lead chef Nico Abello and his sous chef are “your hosts.”

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9. Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park

Estimated Price Per Meal: $335

Cuisine: American

This three-Michelin-star restaurant in Manhattan’s core offers stunning views of Madison Square Park.

Seasonal French food is on the menu, and the wine selection is wide.

The restaurant, according to The Richest, is sure to gratify even the most discerning palette.

With white tablecloths and dark wood furnishings, the dining room is polished and elegant.

They divide the reservation into two categories.

The bar tasting menu costs $175 per person, while the dining room tasting menu costs $335 per person.

Eleven Madison Park’s multi-course dinner focuses on New York’s ingredients and culinary history.

By customizing the menu, they can accomodate individual diners’ tastes and dietary restrictions.

Over the course of its existence, EMP has received seven James Beard Awards.

10. Baccarat Hotel, New York

Baccarat Hotel, New York

Estimated Price Per Meal: $95 per person

Cuisine: America

Throughout the day and evening, the sumptuous, platinum and champagne-hued Grand Salon hums with a spirit of style, rhythm, and whimsy.

A corrugated crystal-like curtain glows both inside and out, revealing cascading chandeliers framing luxuriant lounge-style seats draped in rich velvets and Joffre silk.

Craft drinks in cut-crystal tumblers and innovative dining from Two Michelin-starred Culinary Director Gabriel Kreuther combine social exchanges and graceful gatherings in the hotel’s stylish humming core.

Our innovative all-day dining menu, our iconic Afternoon Tea service, which now includes a special Petit Prince Children’s Tea, and light dinner food will be available to guests.

In the evening, speciality cocktails, premier wines and spirits, and the country’s largest champagne selection are part of a nightly display of dazzling Parisian-style pomp and circumstance.

It all depends on your taste and what you want but New York City has one of the best delicacies and restaurnt services in the world.

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