Mission Lane Credit Card Complete Usage Guide & Credit Card Review

– Mission Lane Credit Card –

Ever thought of Mission Lane Credit Card? This card reports to the three major credit offices and provides advice on sound credit practices whether you are trying to repair bad credit or create credit from scratch.

Mission Lane Credit Card

You will have interest rates higher than the average, and you do not reap any fancy incentives or bonuses at all. You can apply by Mission Lane’s invitation only.

If you wonder if the Mission Lane Classic Visa ® Card is the right card for you, please read on. This is what you need to learn to make a good decision.

About The Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card

Mission Lane Classic Visa ® Card is a credit card issued by Mission Lane. Mission Lane acts as a servicing agent for credit card issuing banks. They primarily focus on providing credit cards to borrowers that do not meet the criteria of conventional lenders in terms of credit ratings, income stability, and other factors.

The Mission Lane Visa ® Credit Card is a very simple card with no particularly desirable benefits and is intended for customers looking to repair bad or restricted credit.

Designed for building credit, this card reports to the three major credit offices and provides training resources on spending, saving, and best credit practices.

Typically, you will get an instant decision on your application so you know if the card is approved or declined, rather than waiting days or weeks for it. This card is only available at the time of publication via an invitation from Mission Lane.


Highlights of the Card

  • Clear pricing & no hidden fees: No Security deposit, No Activation Fee, no over-the-limit fees
  • Higher credit lines over time: We keep an eye on all your hard work, and when you’re eligible, they bump up your credit limit.
  • The tools to help build your credit: You’re covered with free access to your credit score at any point in time, credit-building education, and reporting to all three major bureaus.
  • Instant decision after application submission: You get an instant decision on your Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card application. You don’t have to wait for days or weeks to find out if you’re approved.
  • Easily manage your account 24/7 through their website and mobile app. And there’s never a cost to talk with their world-class team members on the phone.
  • Visa Zero Liability fraud coverage: Accepted globally wherever you see the Visa® logo. And Visa®’s got your back with Zero Liability fraud coverage if your card is ever lost or stolen.
  • Annual fee of $0–$75
  • Offers educational credit-building tools

Other Highlights & Features

Balance Transfers

A balance transfer is a way to move credit card debt from one credit card to another with the goal of saving money on interest.

Intro Balance Transfer APR N/A
Regular Balance Transfer APR N/A
Balance Transfer Fee N/A


Penalty APR N/A
Late Fee Up to $35
Returned Payment Fee N/A
Additional Cards Annual Fee N/A
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%

Cash Advances

Borrowing cash on your credit card is a cash advance. Cash advances usually come with very high fees. Even worse, cash advances can signal to lenders that you’re being irresponsible with money.

Cash Advance APR 29.99%–31.74% Variable
Cash Advance Fee 3%, $10 minimum

Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Pros and Cons

Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Pros and Cons:

The Good

  • Clear pricing & no hidden fees.
  • Instant credit decision.
  • Higher credit lines over time.
  • Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus which could help you build credit
  • Unlike some starter cards, no security deposit is required.

The Bad

  • High-interest rates.
  • Annual fee of up to $75 without many benefits to offset the cost
  • Higher than average purchase APRs.
  • It does not offer a signup bonus.
  • It does not offer rewards or cashback.
  • Charges a foreign transaction fee of 3%.
  • You don’t earn rewards on every purchase.
  • It does not include any credit card rewards.
  • Applications accepted on a limited basis and by invitation

How to apply for Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card

If your credit score is preventing you from qualifying for this credit card, check out our guide to get the best credit cards for bad credit.

Unfortunately, not everyone is currently able to apply for the Mission Lane Classic Visa® Card. According to Mission Lane, you can apply for the card with an invitation or on a limited basis, though you can also put your name on a waitlist on Mission Lane’s website.

But there’s no guarantee you’ll eventually get an invitation. If you need a card now or want a clearer timetable, you’re probably better off looking for one with a more open application process.


The Mission Lane Classic Visa® Card could be an option for you if you want to build or rebuild credit without putting down a security deposit. But the card comes with an annual fee and high variable purchase APR.

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