301+ Unforgettable Bubble Tea Shop Business Name Ideas

Milk tea, bubble tea, or simply boba is the new rave. The business usually offers a wide range in bubble tea products. However, there is plenty of room in the sector to discover market potential that integrates two domestic faves: milk and tea.

bubble tea shop names

Milk Tea Name Ideas

The drink became popular in the late 1980s.

While the actual roots of the brew is unknown, it was first served in Taiwan.

Boba spread throughout the entire Asian continent over time and was gradually extended to the United States.

The bubble tea economy is still expanding.

To prove this expansion, the projected net worth of the bubble tea market in 2019 was $2.4 billion.

According to Allied Market Research, the beverage market will be worth $4.3 billion by 2027.

This means there is still ample room to offer this product, despite the fact that many Americans are still not familiar with the idea of it. 

If you’re starting a business, whether it’s a milk tea shop or a grocery store, you’ll need to come up with a catchy and attractive name to help it stand out.

Before settling on a name, consider your recipe, label, and customer base.

Choose a name that encapsulates your values while remaining relevant in today’s world.

You don’t want a name that is over a century old and has a dull ring to it.

Here’s our recommendation for milk tea name ideas.

Buble Tea Shop Names

1. Tea’s Corner

2. Milk Wizard

3. Tea English

4. ABC Tea Services

5. The Tea Center

6. Moonflower Bubble Tea

7. Milk Note Boba

8. The Boba Dragon

9. Tapioca and Milk

10. Milky Pearl Tea

11. Gemstone Teahouse and Boba

12. Diamond Pearl Tea

13. Pink Petals Boba

14. Dragon Fruit Bubbles

15. Bejeweled Tea Shoppe

16. Friendship Bubble Tea

17. Royal Empress Boba

18. Ancient Art Boba

19. Boba Tea Leaves

20. Boba Bulbs

21. Bubble Wand Boba

22. Tao of Boba

23. Sweet Bubbles Teahouse

24. 7th Heaven Boba & Tea

25. Bubble Cafe & Tea Lounge

26. Morning Brew Coffee & Tea

27. The Sweet Pop

28. The Taste Bubble

29. The Bubble Xplosion

30. (Your Name’s) Bubble Tea

31. Afternoon Tea

32. The Daily Pour

33. Top Notch Teas

34. Honest Herbal Teas

34. Healthy Sips

35. Nourishing Brews

36. Spot of Tea

37. Hot Kettle Teas

38. Teapot Perfection

39. Essence of Tea

40. Teaology

41. The Morning Cup

42. Teapot Town

43. Sweet Sippin’

44. Tea for Two

45. Mr. Cool Boba

46. Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea

47. The Happy Teahouse

48. The Sugar Bubble

49. The Brown Sugar Cafe

50. Remote Tea

bubble tea shop names

Boba Tea Shop Name Ideas

1. Five Degree Tea House

2. Brim Full of Boba

3. The Bubblelicious Tea House

4. JuJu Tapioca Bubble Tea

5. The Panda Tea

6. Hubble Bubble Tea

7. Tealicious Drinks

8. Pearl’s Finest Teas

9. Infinitea

10. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

11. Chai Time

12. Urban Ritual Cafe

13. Zero Degree Boba Tea Shop

14. Good Earth Tea

15. Dulce Tapioca Boba & Cafe

16. Angel’s Bubble Tea Shop

17. Tea Time Delights

18. Frost Tea Stall

19. The SImple Tea Boba

20. Sugar Pot Shop

21. The Tea Spot

22. Time For Boba

23. Morning Tea and Cafe

24. The Coco Cafe & Boba

25. Boba Tea Junction

26. Global Boba Tea

27. Tea Addiction Cafe

28. The Mighty Leaf Tea

29. The BobaTea Heaven

30. Some Tea, Please?

31. The Republic of Tea

32. The Choco Cafe and Boba

33. Happiness by Tea

34. The Tea Leaf Cafe

35. Tea-o-logy

36. The Moo Bar

37. Spiced Tea Cafe

38. Boba Tea N Cupcakes

39. The Bubble Tea Station

40. The Love Bubble

41. House of Leaves

42. Jewel Box Cafe & Boba

43. The Short N Sweet Cafe

44. Velvet Touch Tea

45. The Tea Squeak

46. Nature Close Tea

47. The Tapioca Lounge

48. Bobe Blends Cafe

49. The Den Coffee & Bubble Tea

50. The Honey Tea House

Clever Milk Tea Name Ideas

1. Chill & Brew.

2. Peach Spot.

3. Sweet Herb.

4. Honey Drops Co.

5. Leafy Joy.

6. Berry Blend.

7. Leaf & Gold.

8. Taste Brew.

9. The Lucky Drops.

10. Moo Leaf.

11. Lavish Drops.

12. Peach & Honey.

13. Tea Bliss.

14. Pink Lemon Taste.

15. Heavenly Brews.

16. Pearl Drop.

17. Peach N’ Cream.

18. Purely Brew.

19. Mango Leaf.

20. Tea Heaven.

21. The Tasty Chai.

22. Sweet Treat.

23. Milk Tea Corner.

24. Thirsty Tea.

25. Lilac Leaf.

26. Magic Milk

27. Brilliant Bubbles 

28. The Bubble Hub

29. The Boba Shop

30. Milky Pearl Teas

31. Ancient Art Teas

32. Boba Bubbles

33. Sweet Bubbles Tea Shop

34. Morning Milk Tea

35. The Milk Note 

36. The Taste Bubble

37. Milk + Tea

38. Milk Tea ‘N Me

39. Brim Full of Boba

40. Red Rose Bubble Tea

41. Iced Flavor Bubble Tea

42. ViVi Bubble Tea

43. Serenity Garden Tea House

44. Asha Tea House

45. Foam Tea House

46. My Tastea House

47. Sweetheart Bubble Cafe

48. Volcano Tea House

49. Alfred’s Tea Room

50. Fantastic Pho Royal Tea House


Creative Milk Tea Name Ideas

1. Golden Oolong Bubble Tea

2. Mirthful Tea Nation

3. Happy Lemon Bubble Tea Shop

4. Little Bear Coffee & Milk Tea

5. Mystic Burst

6. Old School Boba Shop

7. I Love Sweet Tea

8. Shaka Shaka Tea House

9. Spiced Tea Cafe

10. Teahouse Poke and More

11. The Tao of Tea

12. Belly Full of Bubble Tea

13. Bubbleology

14. FrosTea Boba Tea

15. Fruitealicious Boba Tea

16. Got Tea? Tea House

17. Infusion Bubble Tea Bar

18. It’s Boba Time

19. The Royal Tea Cafe

20. Tan Cha Bubble Tea & Cafe

21. Ten Ren’s Tea

22. The 20oz Tea

23. Black Sugar Tea Store

24. Bucha Cafe

25. Little Fluffy Head Cafe

26. (Your Name’s) Tea & Coffee

27. Bubble Tea Addicts

28. Boba Tealicious

29. The Boba Spot

30. Blank Space Cafe and Tea Shop

31. I (Heart) Boba

32. The Hubble Bubble Tea

33. Leafology Tea Lounge

34. Just Boba

35. Purple Cow Boba Tea

36. Tea-Wan Boba Shop

37. The Dream Tea

38. The Bubble Tea Ranch

39. Enough Tea and Coffee

40. The Tea Flavor

41. The TeaCup Boutique

42. The Bep Teahouse

43. Lucky Charm Tea

44. Tempt by Tea

45. I Love Sweet Tea

46. The Honest Boba Tea

47. iBubble Tea House

48. A Teaspoon of Boba

49. Hello, My Tea Cup

50. The Tea Harmony

bubble tea shop names

Types of Tea

All tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis.

Tea is divided into five distinct types according to the type of tea leaves picked and the extent of oxidation or preparation:

Black, green, oolong, white, and pu-erh.

Black Tea

This is the most widely consumed type of tea in the Western world, with up to 85% of total tea consumption.

When compared to other teas, black tea is fully oxidized and has a darker appearance, stronger flavor, and higher caffeine levels.

Black tea still has about half the caffeine content of coffee.

However, they are often served with sugar, milk, or lemon and provide some of the same health benefits as other teas.

Green Tea

This is tea that has not been oxidized.

The leaves are boiled shortly after selecting to kill the enzymes that cause oxidation.

This method of preparation retains a high level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which are responsible for green tea’s various health benefits.

The infusion has a pale greenish-yellow color and a light, grassy flavor.

It is best consumed unadulterated, though some people prefer to add lemon or a sweetener but not milk.

Oolong Tea

is semi-oxidized, which means the leaf is allowed to sit for 2-4 hours before being heated to stop the oxidation process.

The amount of oxidation affects the tea’s flavor and appearance.

Longer oxidation produces a darker oolong that tastes more like a black tea.

Shorter oxidation makes it more similar to green tea in essence.

When fully immersed, Oolong tea tends to produce golden or light brown tea with a subtle flavor that is neither black nor green tea.

White Tea

This is the least processed of the tea varieties.

Only the unopened buds and young silver fuzz-covered leaves are used, and they are simply shriveled and dehydrated.

White tea yields a pale-colored infusion with a mild flavor.

It has a lower caffeine content than green tea and is thought to have a high level of antioxidants.

White tea is best consumed without any added ingredients.

Pu-erh Tea

This is a type of tea from the Chinese province of Yunan that is known for its earthy flavor.

It is made from tea harvested from wild tea trees rather than cultivated bushes.

The leaves are fermented by pressing raw leaves together and then storing them for maturity.

Depending on the level of oxidation allowed in the process, pu-erh tea can be either black or green.


Final Words

Because a company’s name is the first thing a customer sees, it’s always best to make a good first impression.

Keeping this in mind is a great way to realize how important a good name is.

Create something magical for your milk tea shop by brainstorming.

Better yet, steal our ideas.

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