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15 Virtual Microsoft Teams Games, Bots & Integrations for Team Building

Microsoft Teams games are puzzles, competitions, and games that can be played on the Microsoft Teams platform. During online meetings and conference calls, these games use platform features such as video, chat, and whiteboards to engage remote workers and facilitate virtual team bonding.

How to Download Microsoft Teams


1. Go to the Microsoft teams download page.

2. Select download for mobile

3. Then click download teams. You will be redirected to the google play store.

4. Click install and wait for the Microsoft Teams app to download.


1. Go to the apple app store.

2. Click on the search bar and search for Microsoft Teams.

3. Select, get and click, download Microsoft Teams.


1. Go to the Microsoft Store.

2. Click on the search bar and search for Microsoft Teams.

3. Select get to install the app.

Games to Play on Microsoft Teams

1. Microsoft Teams Bingo

Microsoft teams bingo is a traditional virtual game that you can play on Microsoft teams.

Playing bingo is a simple game with simple rules.

Select the category that the game is based on.

Distribute cards to the players before you begin; you can use a free bingo card and number generator.

When a particular behavior is observed, players mark a box and write down the offender’s name, and the player that selected that behavior gains a point.

2. Microsoft Teams Trivia

This is ideal for anyone who enjoys trivia. The Kahoot! app extension simplifies the use of trivia games within Microsoft Teams.

You can send an existing or new assignment with questions to the channel on Kahoot! Depending on whether you show a live game or assigned a challenge, everyone can choose the assignment and participate in the live trivia game.

When the game is over, they will deliver a message to the channel with a button to open the podium, where the top three players would be displayed.

3. Together Mode Guess Who?

One intriguing element of MS teams is the Together mode, which places players in a lecture hall-style virtual room.

Together mode Guess who is one of the top games in MS teams. It is a game that will allow you to learn more about your colleagues.

To begin playing the game, you must first activate the together mode in your meeting.

Next, choose a team member to act as a hidden person.

Then allow the other players to take turns asking questions about the unknown person.

Finally, based on the answers to the questions, each participant is eliminated. When only one player is left, or when the hidden individual is identified by a player, the game is finished.

4. Microsoft Teams Family Feud

To play Family Feud games on Microsoft Teams, use the Survey Monkey add-on. Seek responses from neutral people rather than your immediate team to make the game more enjoyable.

As the game begins, divide the gathering into two teams and challenge each team to guess the top responses to each question and either type the answer in the chat box or speak it out.

Teams can communicate with one another by accessing a private chat room. Every accurate response earns the team a certain number of points; the more popular the answer, the more points it receives.

You can collect original data for your family feud questions by using their Microsoft Teams plugin. But it is preferable to obtain data from a broader pool than your team.

5. Microsoft Teams Family Feud

Guess who is another intriguing game on the Microsoft team. Microsoft Teams offers a bot named ‘Who’ that allows you to search across the organization’s directories.

Different questions beginning with ‘who’ is being asked, and those who provide correct answers receive a point.

Examples of who inquiries are as follows:
1. Who collaborates with (name)?
2. Who reports to (name)?
3. who organizes meetings?
4. Who is the manager of (name)

6. Wiki Kingdom Founders

Wiki Kingdom Founders is an ongoing game in which players upload or edit Wiki pages to create an imaginary world.

Players can play this game by building a basic page, naming a country, and inviting colleagues to add specifics such as how the map should appear, laws, histories, and other aspects that govern the established area.

Sections might also be detailed extremely, such as “political scandals” or “Christmas traditions.” You can send out a fresh suggestion every week.

Participants and other players vote on which ones to maintain and propose changes.

7. Trello Truth or Dare

Use the Trello interface to play a game of Truth or Dare in Microsoft Teams. Install the app within your team’s conversation first.

Then, make a board just for the game and invite everyone on your team to join. Make one column for truths and another for dares.

If you intend to play truth or dare during a meeting before the meeting, fill each column with cards. Only write “Dare 1” or “Truth 1” on each card and enter the question or instruction in the description section.

Players will only read the explanations after selecting the card and will answer or demonstrate on camera instantly.

If you play on a regular basis throughout the workweek, assign players to cards at random and take turns giving them out.

8. Microsoft Teams Pictionary

Pictionary is a simple and popular game that everyone enjoys, whether it’s at a party, a family gathering, or a team-building activity at work. Pictionary is a great way to enhance communication skills and can also be played on Microsoft Teams.

Follow these steps to play the game at video meetings;

1. Divide the group into teams.
2. To choose a word, use a Pictionary generator.
3. Request that one of your team members draw the term on the whiteboard.
4. Allow teammates 60 seconds to guess the word.
5. If the team successfully guesses, we will award them points.

Keep a point score and grant the winning team a prize or bragging rights till the next game.

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9. Snap Camera Photo Booth

Microsoft Teams makes use of Snap Camera, which means you can add filters to make meetings more interesting.

Flower crowns, dog ears, cat hats, floating pizza slices, and lenses that turn users into potatoes or tigers are all common Snap Camera filters

These special effects are ideal for use as virtual photo booth props. After each member has selected a filter, take a screenshot of the team photo.

10. Give Story Challenge

GIF Story Challenge is a game that can be played on MS teams in which a player brings up several GIFs and the other players have to guess which movie or series the GIF comes from.

To play the game, follow these steps:

Divide the group into teams.
1. Send each team a narrative to tell, whether it’s from a well-known book, movie, song, TV show, or original work.
2. Allow them adequate time to plan and choose GIFS.
3. Ask each team to tell the story in turn via chat.
4. Make the opposing team guess the story.
5. If the team guesses correctly, we award a point.

The winner is the team with the highest total point.

11. Espionage!

Espionage! Is a fun virtual team-building game with a spy theme that you can play with your coworkers on Microsoft Teams.

It’s a good game for puzzle fans on Microsoft Teams, and it lasts 90 minutes. An experienced professional hosts it and includes audio and visual components for a fully immersive virtual team-building experience.

12. NickNick

Nicknick is a software that helps remote, and hybrid teams build relationships.

It includes activities such as virtual escape rooms and lip-syncing films.

Nicknack covers different activities to promote team development as well as a participation report to keep track of everyone’s activity.

It has a tracker that may be used to track team members’ involvement.

13. Polly

This is an excellent team-building tool that promotes openness and employee involvement. Polly allows your team to conduct surveys and polls on a regular basis.

Managers may use the platform to arrange virtual team building events and team trips, as well as collect general feedback about the company culture, in addition to utilizing it for regular work.

We may also use it for frequent check-ins to gauge how everyone is feeling and to onboard new staff via pulse questionnaires.

14. Can you Hear Me now

Everyone may play this game in groups or at once. A participant explains an image using just geometrical shapes, and another participant must sketch it out.

The person who gets it correctly or is close to it gets the point. You may get picture ideas from an image generator.

15. Praise Complementary Tag

Microsoft Teams includes a ‘praise’ add-on. This add-on allows users to offer digital compliments to coworkers, making compliment tag games simple and enjoyable.

To begin a game of compliment tag, simply select a time limit, such as a week, and notify the team about the game.

Throughout the game, players will “tag” each other with praises. When participants receive praise, they must respond with a sincere compliment to another colleague.

The best aspect of playing this game on Microsoft Teams is that you may deliver praise to individuals or groups, allowing you to maximize the effect. All praises, however, must be genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. You can play various games on MS teams.

Microsoft Teams games are a very good way to engage in virtual fun among employees.

YES. You can add games to teams as an add-on.

Yes, you can play bingo on MS Teams.

Yes, you can play Family Feud on Microsoft teams.

You can do trivia virtually on Microsoft Teams

Fun activities that can be done online include; playing online games, playing MS Teams games, etc.

Some virtual activities include MS Teams Bingo, Nicknack, Virtual dance party, etc.

There are various ways to have fun in virtual meetings, an excellent example is MS Team meetings

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