Michaels Return Policy and Methods to Return a Product or get a Refund

– Michaels Return Policy –

Michaels has a return policy, so, if you are not happy with the item then you can exchange the item and even they can return the item. The product should be unused and it should be in its original packaging. Michaels accepts returns within 6 months which is 180 days through the Michaels Return Policy.

Michaels Return Policy

Michaels Store Purchases with a Receipt:

If your Michaels purchase does not meet your satisfaction, it may be returned or exchanged at any Michaels location for full purchase amount.

Refunds will be offered in the original method of payment for six months (180 days), except:

  • Purchases made with a debit card will be refunded as cash.
  • A Store Return Card will be issued for all purchases made using a gift card or gift receipt.
  • Returns purchased with a check require a 10-day waiting period. Check purchases within 10 days may be refunded on Return Card.
  • Online purchases made using PayPal will be refunded in cash.
  • After six months, refunds will be issued on a Store Return Card for the full purchase amount.
  • All returns and exchanges must be new, unused, and in original packaging, with exceptions for defective merchandise or products.
  • Our policy also covers your online purchases that can be returned to any Michaels location or by following the online return instructions on the packing slip, some restrictions apply. In-store purchases may not be returned online.


With a Receipt (In Stores or Via Mail):

To return an item (excluding sample products), the item must be new, unused, and in its original packaging. You may return the item to a Michaels store or by mail. If you want to return an item by mail, follow the steps below:

  1. Call Customer Care at 1-800-MICHAELS (1-800-642-4235).
  2. Our agent will prepare and provide a return shipping label via email.
  3. Print the return label and adhere it to your package.
  4. Drop-off the package at your nearest UPS location.

Michaels Return Policy Return Without Receipt:

Michaels will make every attempt to assist in locating a receipt by offering a receipt look-up for purchases made with a credit, debit card, or rewards number. For receipts located, returns will follow the Return with Receipt method.

  • For returns in which the receipt cannot be located, a valid photo ID (U.S., Canada, or Mexico Driver’s License, U.S. state-issued ID, Canadian Provincial ID, Passport, or U.S. Military ID.) must be presented by the customer and will be recorded at the time of the return.
  • Information from a customer ID will be retained in a secure database solely for purposes of refund authorization and fraud prevention.
  • Refunds will be given at the item’s lowest price sold within the previous 90 days.
  • Refunds will be in the form of a Store Return Card and/or merchandise exchange.

At this time we do not offer exchanges. If you would like to exchange a product, please return it using our returns process and then place a new order.

Michaels Stores without a Receipt (In Stores):

If you would like to return an item (excluding sample products) but do not have the receipt (packing slip or confirmation email), you will be required to present a valid photo ID (Acceptable forms of ID include U.S., Canada or Mexico Driver’s License, U.S. state-issued ID, Canadian Provincial ID, Passport or U.S. Military ID).

Michaels will make every attempt to assist in locating a receipt by offering a receipt look-up for online or in-store purchases made with your Michaels Rewards number.

For receipts located, returns will follow the Return with Receipt method. The item value will be verified and retained by the Michaels team member.

Michaels Return Exceptions to General Return Policy:

  • Cricut® Products are returnable or exchangeable only if the packaging is unopened and a receipt is provided. Items damaged or deemed defective during the manufacturer’s warranty period must be returned directly to the manufacturer, except returns as required by law.
  • Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards are not returnable or exchangeable, except where required by law. See Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Custom Framing orders may be reworked at the same store location within 14 days of pickup.
  • Classes are refundable up to the start date of class, in store only.
  • Michaels reserves the right to limit returns or exchanges.

Methods to Return at Michaels

Michaels Store Hours

There are 3 ways of returning your product to Michaels. Returning the product at the store, returning it through the mail, and returning it by UPS are the three ways to return the product.

Return at Michaels Store

If you want to return the product in the store then you can return it. Here are the points for the same.

  1. Return of any item can be done at your nearest Michaels store available.
  2. For a customer while returning it would be beneficiary if they have the receipt with them.
  3. You can Return your product to the store will be done in 30 days.

Return through Mail

Returning the product by mail is also the way for you so this way can also be followed for returning the product

  1. Return of any product can be done through the mail in Michaels Return Policy.
  2. If the receipt is with you then it would be easy for both you and the company to exchange or return the item.
  3. 1-800-642-4235 this is a customer service number on which you can get more assistance.
  4. You should attach the return label to your package.

Return via UPS

In the area, you are leaving go to your nearest UPS and drop off the product.

Further, you can read the terms and conditions of the company for the return process.

Michaels Return Policy in Canada

There are two ways in which you can return the product to Michaels:

Return with receipt

If you have a receipt while you are returning your item then you should go through the point given below. These rules are applicable for Michaels Canada Return Policy

Michaels Return Policy
  1. You can return the item at the location with the full purchase price.
  2. With the receipt of cash, you will be given a complete refund on the basis of the customer’s name, mobile number, and signature.
  3.  store return card will only be issued using a gift card for all purchases.
  4. Once the six months are over then a refund will only be issued on Store Return Card.
  5. You should make sure that all the products should be unused and it should be returned in original packaging.

Without receipt return

The Michaels Return Policy for Canada has set rules to return your item without a receipt.

If you do not have the receipt then you should provide proper identification of them. You should have a valid photo ID which includes: a passport, and a driving license.

The refund would be given to you on the current sale price or else it can be given 20% less on the purchasing item.

Michaels Refund Policy

At the time of the refund, some amount of tax will be included so there will be an increase in the refund process. But shipping and the handling fees can be reduced from the amount of the refund. When you purchased the product and the method of payment you did in the same method the refund will be done.

Exception for payment method

  1. Payment done with a debit card will be returned through cash
  2. If the product is been purchased through a store card then a refund would be done through a gift card or gift purchase.

Questions People Love to Ask about Michaels return policy

How should we contact Michaels?

1-800-642-4235 is Michaels customer service number through which you can contact them. You can ask your doubts or query and they will help you.

What Happens After 180 Days?

Michaels gives you 180 days to return a product after it’s been bought. After this period, they will give you store credit for the full purchase price once you’ve passed your 180 return days.

Can Items Be Opened or Used?

For the most part, NO. Items need to be in their unused original packaging to be returnable.

The only exception to this policy involves items that are defective. They’ll take those back in used or opened condition.

What If I Don’t Have My Receipt?

You’re probably NOT out of luck. In most cases, Michaels can look up your purchase and refund your money.

They’ll try to use your credit card, debit card, or rewards number to find it.

If they CAN’T find any evidence of your purchase, Michaels will give you store credit for the lowest price in the past 90 days.

If this happens to you, be prepared to show a valid photo I.D. which is used for fraud prevention and refund authorization.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charges?

If the item is NOT defective you’ll be charged for return shipping fees. Avoid this fate by returning the item to your local Michaels location. If the item IS defective, then Micheals will pay for the return shipping.

Is There a Separate “Holiday” Return Policy?

No, the Michaels return policy is the same all year long and does not change in November or December.

Can You Return Clearance Items?

Unless the item is marked Final Sale you can return clearance items to Michaels.

Can I Exchange Items In-Store?

No, oddly enough Michaels does NOT allow exchanges.

The workaround is simply to return the item and re-buy it. This is also a smart idea when the price of an item drops. You might as well get the lower price, especially on significant purchases.

Michaels Corona Virus Response

Corona Virus has really affected everyone’s business and it was necessary because at stake it was the health of everyone. So, Michaels is adapting to the situation to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

They have been determined to help the community in one way or another. They have been helping people with:

  • Contactless pickup
  • Same day deliveries
  • Monitoring social distancing protocol
  • Plexiglasses at all counters
  • Extensive cleaning

This way Michaels has been trying to cope with the coronavirus situation.

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