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MetroNet Internet 2022 Updates, Plans and Services Offered

MetroNet Internet is a unique breed of internet service provider providing fast internet fiber connections at a reasonable price. We don’t use data limits, which is a big victory for streamers and power users, but we don’t do anything to care for the casual customer, either.

MetroNet Internet

MetroNet is a local fiber internet service provider that provides its services to the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, with the highest Indiana coverage.

As a local provider, their service area is limited but they are one of the best locally accessible ISPs. And they are among only a few that provide true FITH (fiber-to-home) service instead of relying on coaxial hybrid solutions.

Pros and Cons of MetroNet


  • Fantastic upload and download speeds
  • Fair pricing relative to the competition
  • No data caps on plans


  • Limited TV bundles, especially for sports
  • Mandatory “Technology Fee” on all plans
  • Not widely available

Plans and Services Overview

MetroNet offers four internet service packages, based on the speeds you get in each, and seems to be the only provider that offers the same download and upload speeds. The packages available are also heavily dependent on your address in the supported areas.

The below pricing is based on the Whitten Dr N, IN 46037 address.

100Mb Package

This is the starter package that costs $49.95 per month with both download and upload speeds at 100Mbps.

According to MetroNet, it is best used for very light browsing and emails and can support some music streaming. They suggest that you can use up to two devices without impacting speeds on this package.

With 100Mb speeds, you can use streaming services in HD without any issues and download and upload large files with ease.

*At the time of writing this article, the special offer for the package was $20 off for the first month.

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200Mb Package

Costing $59.95 per month and bringing 200/200Mb download and upload speeds this is a decent package for most online activities.

Even though MetroNet states it’s only good for light streaming only, with these speeds you could easily do a lot of browsing, streaming music, videos, and gaming.

As well as using smart home devices. So this is likely the best package for medium-sized households supporting several devices.

*The current promotional offer for this package is a 2-year price lock of $54.95 when you select the WholeHome Wi-Fi or secure a $49.95 per month price for the first 12 months.

500Mb Package

At $69.95 per month and with 500/500mb download and upload speeds that support having a lot of devices connected at the same time.

MetroNet Internet

This package can also support simultaneous gaming, video calling, streaming videos or games, and uploading and downloading videos. It’s best suited for larger households and families.

*This package is currently being offered with a 2-year price lock at $64.95 when you add the WholeHome Wi-Fi, or alternatively, a discount of $10 per month for the first 12 months.

1Gigabit Package

Available for $89.95 per month with 1Gb upload and download speeds, you can do pretty much anything you want with this package – stream, download, upload, and play online games on multiple devices at the same time, without risking bandwidth issues at all.

This plan is best suited for power users, large households, and those who have lots of smart home devices connected.

However, there are currently three special offers for the 1Gb package: $59.95 for the first six months and $69.95 for the next 12 months. Or a two-year price lock at $64.95 if you select Phone Service and Sling Live TV.

Alternatively, if you select TV and WholeHome Wi-Fi.

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Fees for MetroNet

While additional fees for MetroNet are fairly transparent and lower than over providers, there are still some that you need to take into consideration.

Technology Service Fee

A $9.95 is a flat fee is paid to cover service calls and issues with equipment. If you are using their equipment and anything breaks down, be it routers or wires, they will replace it at no additional cost.

State Taxes and Fees

There are some state fees and taxes that could be added to your monthly bill which are usually in the $5 range. But these depend on your address and can fluctuate.

A big (and unusual) plus with MetroNet is that you don’t have to pay anything extra for the router/modem you receive from them, which can often cost you in the hundreds with other providers.

Features and Benefits

WholeHome Wi-Fi

This is available at $7.95 per month. It improves the Wi-Fi coverage in the home and takes care of spotty signals in hard-to-reach places.

MetroNet’s technicians will determine the proper placement of the device to ensure full coverage.

Suspension of services

To help reduce expenses while on an extended vacation, MetroNet gives you the option to suspend. You can also restore your services with Vacation Suspension and Restoration.

The cost is $5 per service (internet, phone, TV) for each month of suspension.

When you restore your services, the billing will be rated from the date of restoration.

MetroNet contract buyout

MetroNet regularly has promotions for new or returning customers where they offer buyout credit that can cover early termination fees from other providers.

The maximum credit you can get is $150.

To get it, you need to send a copy of the final bill where the fee is listed (and mark the fee), as well as your new MetroNet account name and number, to their email (customer[email protected]) within 60 days after the install date.


MetroNet Internet

MetroNet is a good all-around choice, regardless of whether you are only planning to search and use social media or to stream, download, and play online. Their services cater to all types of customers and prompt customer support.

Additionally, you can also get a great deal for a year or two of the service with all the discount deals available.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please share it with anyone you think would find it useful, and feel free to comment below.

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