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750+ Clever Mechanic Shop and Garage Name Ideas that aren’t Taken

You need a name for your auto repair shop that conveys that customers can rely on your garage name. This manual will assist you in creating a name for your garage business that will appeal to potential clients and convey your reliability.

garage name

I expected the automotive repair and maintenance services sector to expand globally by over 3% between 2021 and 2031.

The US has 162,000 vehicle repair and maintenance services businesses (including independent contractors and divisions of multi-location corporations), with a total yearly turnover of $115 billion.

You’ll need to think of a unique brand name if you’re planning to operate a repair shop or garage.

The good news is that I’ve previously accumulated names for every conceivable topic for an auto repair business that isn’t already taken. Let’s have a peek while your engines are running garage name.

What Do You Call a Garage Name?

garage name

An auto repair shop is a location where mechanics and technicians work on cars. I also referred it to locally as a garage or a workshop.

Ideas for Mechanic Shop and Garage Names

The following ideas will assist you in coming up with a name for your mechanic business garage name. If you take any ideas from here, please be sure to confirm whether any other companies or stores are currently using them.

The same brand name. Make sure your business name is distinctive and doesn’t sound too similar to that of your local market rivals.

  • Viva Automotive
  • Spectrum Automotive Repair And Parts
  • J’s Truck And Car Repair
  • Auto Shop New Gen
  • Service 8th Block Auto
  • Inc. Auto Clinic
  • A Happy Mechanic
  • Garage A & B
  • City Auto Care
  • Vehicle Medic Co
  • Ignition Guys
  • Sunny Automotive Repair
  • The Reliable Mechanic
  • Goal Mechanic
  • Pros at Atlas Auto Works for Race Engines
  • The Joyful Tires
  • Liberties Auto Repairs
  • Advanced Mechanics
  • Alpha Automobile Service
  • Inc. Evolve Auto Shop
  • Quick Auto Care
  • Center for Eco Auto Services
  • Inc. Car-verse Mechanics
  • Comet Auto Repair Company
  • Auto Repair Shop Patriot
  • The Car Doctor
  • Auto Hub 24/7 Inc.
  • Auto Repair Drip Center
  • Axe Mechanic in Zen
  • The Community Auto Works
  • Astral Auto Services
  • Pros at Rainbow Engine
  • Nirvana Automotive Center
  • Automotive Hybrid Care
  • Mechanics We Fix It Inc.
  • Pacific Automotive Services
  • Pros at Bravo Engine
  • Automotive Restoration
  • Cyber Tire Company
  • Additionally Garage
  • Auto Works Delta
  • Automotive Center Aurora

Names for Garage Name

  • Empire Automobiles
  • E-Tech Automotive Garage
  • Garage Divine Service And Repair
  • Inc. The Apex Garage
  • Auto Services Beyond the Garage
  • Garage Evolve Co.
  • Garage for Ride 4 Life
  • A Plus Automotive
  • LLC Bunny Auto Garage
  • Ace Automotive Workshop
  • LLC The Drift Garage
  • Zenith Auto Services and Tires
  • Traffic Light Automobile
  • The Best Engine Professionals
  • Drive-In Wonderland
  • Automotive Repair Facility Enigma
  • V8 Engine Experts
  • Auto Repair Center Infinite
  • Auto Repairs Omega
  • Supernova Automotive Repair
  • Services by The Explorer Auto

You Might Enjoy

  • Inc. Liberty Garage
  • Work for Odyssey Auto
  • Havana Automobile Service
  • Emerald Auto Service Co.
  • First One Garage
  • Dollar Automotive Workshop
  • specialists in Genesis engines
  • Auto Repair by The Rebel
  • Indigo Auto Repair And Parts
  • LLC Triple Ninja Auto Repairs
  • The Garage of The Auto Guru
  • Garage for Millennial Mechanics
  • Inc. Planet Garage
  • Garage Golden Tree
  • Maple Automobile Service
  • LLC Sonic Garage
  • Garage Auto Quest Mechanic

Ideas for Auto Repair Shop Names

garage name
  • Flex Automotive Repair
  • Mechanic Absolute, LLC
  • Auto Repair And Car Services By Fusion
  • Automotive Services by Auto Minds
  • Inc. Deluxe Auto Garage
  • Auto Devils
  • LLC Evolve Auto Fix
  • Finesse Automotive Repair
  • Changing Auto Services
  • One-Stop Auto Repair & Parts
  • Services For Shine To Da Max Cars
  • Exact Auto Garage
  • Mastermind Automotive Repair
  • Repairing cars at Auto Tribe
  • Speculative Auto Services
  • Force Auto Repair
  • Auto Repair Ninja Crew
  • Services for Cavalier Auto Repair
  • Mechanic Victory, Inc.
  • The Drip Auto Service
  • Auto Repair Center Galactic
  • Valiant Automotive Repair
  • LLC Bad Gal Auto Fix
  • Salutation Garage Inc.
  • Auto Guardians Automotive Repair
  • Services for Patriot Auto Repair
  • Formula Auto Care
  • Auto Repair Hub from A to Z
  • Auto Repair by Jack
  • Inc. Altitude Auto Shop
  • Auto Repair Center Five Star
  • LLC Ivory Garage
  • Mystic Automobile Repair
  • Services for 24-Karat Auto Repair
  • Highway Engine Pros, New

Inventive Mechanic Garage Name

A tried-and-true method for many firms to make themselves recognizable to consumers is to incorporate comedy into their branding garage name.

In fact, comedy can aid a business in developing enduring connections with its target market. If you’re trying to come up with a clever (see what I did there?) name for your mechanic garage name, have a look at these ideas.

  • Inc. Oily In The Morning
  • Garage Mind Over Motor
  • Brake Time Automotive Services
  • It’s An Auto Care And Tire Center.
  • A-Tire Changer Car Services
  • We are Nut And Bolt, LLC.
  • Always Tired Automotive Garage
  • Auto Services Never On A Brake
  • Call 1-800 Good Car Repair
  • LLC We Know The Drill
  • The Springs’ Lord
  • Work Van-Go Car
  • Koala-Fied Automotive Care Center
  • Excellent Automotive Repair Services
  • Inc. Re-Volts Auto Hub
  • Incorporated Peter Parker Garage
  • Auto Repair & Parts by Good Car-Ma
  • Never-Expired Automotive Services
  • Never Too Tired Automotive Services
  • Have An Automotive Brake Center
  • Auto Garage Nine To Drive
  • Wheel Be Okay Engine Experts
  • LLC Alive And Wheel
  • Automobile services Achilles’ Wheel
  • As A Driver Of Truth
  • Truck Auto Care Center for Novices
  • Excellent Auto Repair Fuel
  • “Break A Leg, Inc.”
  • Heaven’s Brake for
  • Auto Services by Give And Brake
  • The Alarm Clock

What is a Garage Business?

A place where auto mechanics and technicians work on cars is called an auto repair shop, though they frequently referred it to locally as a garage or a workshop.

What Do Americans Call a Mechanic?

In the industry, the phrases “mechanic” and “technician” are sometimes used interchangeably. They fall under the same classification as automotive service technicians and mechanics, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

What Do the British Call a Mechanic?

An auto mechanic is a mechanic with a variety of automobile makes or either in a specific location or in a specific make of automobile.

 I also know it as an automotive technician in much of North America, a light vehicle technician in Britain, and a motor mechanic in Australia.

Ideas for a Time Garage Name

Owning an old garage does not inevitably equate to being “rusty” and “outdated.” Here are some ideas if you want to launch a charmingly retro garage that caters to owners of vintage or antique cars.

  • Old School Auto Repair And Parts
  • Restoration Auto Repair And Parts
  • Phantom Retro Automobile Service
  • Company: Classic Glory Auto Services
  • Automobile Repair Shop Retro
  • Time And Dime Automotive Repair and Parts
  • Classic World Auto Center
  • Vintage Auto Repair And Parts
  • Old Miracle Automotive Repair Shop
  • Experts in Infinite Treasure Engine
  • Service Old Treasure Auto
  • Attractive Antique Auto Garage
  • Old Years Auto Repair And Parts
  • the company Past Treasures Auto Repairs
  • Dreams Auto Repair, Inc. can be found.
  • The Retro Kings Automobile Repair Shop
  • Future and Past Automotive Center
  • Auto-Parts & Repair Ye Olde Treasures
  • Auto Repair Services at Bygone Echoes
  • The company Antique Wonders Auto Services
  • Vintage Engine Pros, LLC Value
  • truly vintage service and repair garage

Statistics for the Mechanic Shop Industry

The mechanic shop sector is a sizable, established niche that has existed for ages. We’ll look at a few of the market data for mechanic shops in this part.

  • Over 180,251 auto mechanics are employed in the US at the moment.
  • 4.9% of all car mechanics are female, compared to 91.7% of men.
  • Whites make up 66.9% of the population, followed by Hispanics (16.8%) and African-Americans (9.1%).
  • An auto mechanic makes, on average, $36,234 a year. They make $50,000 or more, placing them in the top 10% of auto mechanics in terms of pay.
  • Private companies are more likely to employ auto mechanics than public ones.
  • 18% of American families are predicted to need a vehicle maintenance service at least once annually by 2022.
  • An employed auto mechanic is typically 40 years old.
  • In the United States, there are roughly 16,000 businesses involved in auto repair. The industry is thought to be worth $880 billion annually. In the upcoming years, it also predicted the industry to experience modest expansion.

How to Come up with Creative Car Garage Business Names

This collection of suggestions will be helpful if you need help locating keywords to include in the company name generator or help to edit the names you came up with using the business garage name generator.

 If you adhere to these recommendations, your garage will have a unique name that will appeal to clients.

1. Express Your Garage Name Values

People want to take their vehicles to a shop with morals. Therefore, you must devise a means of expressing your values to current and prospective clients.

 By emphasizing their Christian beliefs, to show their dependability, Christian Brothers Autocentre could accomplish this.

Honest-1 Auto Care’s name combines the terms “honest” and “care” to make it clear to clients that they are a trustworthy auto repair shop.

2. Use Compelling Images

Magery will help make the name of your garage more intriguing so that when people have a problem with their car, the first garage name that comes to mind is yours.

Consider the Midas illustration we looked at earlier and how it depicts the garage’s offerings and perpetuates a common myth.

Consider some effective metaphors that you might use to explain the services your garage offers. Perhaps you could show that the garage heals automobiles in the same way that a nurse heals a patient by using the picture of a nurse.


There you have it for names of mechanic shops. You must now decide which repair shop name best suits your needs now that you have a variety of options.

Utilize these concepts as a tool to assist you in developing your own original concepts.

We sincerely hope that you found this post to be useful. Please remember to share and bookmark it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Master Mechanic.
  • The Auto Clinic. What is this? Report Ad.
  • Mechanic on Call.
  • Mechanic Hub.
  • Mechanic Central.
  • Zip Zoom Mobile Mechanic.
  • The Honest Mechanic.
  • Ace Mechanic.
  • artisan.
  • journeyman.
  • machinist.
  • maker.
  • manufacturer.
  • master.
  • mechanic.
  • skilled worker.
mechaniccar yard
automobile repair shopcar repair shop
crash repair shopfactory

Grease Monkey – This term is just slang for a mechanic. ASE – “ASE” is the common abbreviation for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, which issues certifications to professionals in the automotive service industry.

Automobile mechanic; auto-mechanic; mechanic; grease monkey; repairman; maintenance man; service man.

Pejorative terms include beater, bucket, clunker, crate, heap, jalopy, junker, rattletrap, and wreck. (“Gas guzzler,” meanwhile, emphasizes a car’s lack of fuel economy, and “land yacht” also shows excessive size.)

motorhead (plural motorheads)

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