Markle Foundation, Grant Application, and Rework American Alliance.

Markle Foundation has brought just so many questions about its services and has got people wondering whether they offer a certain type of grants. If you are reading this post, chances are that you want to know also about Markle Foundation and perhaps its grants. Read to the end of this article to find out about the foundation.

Background of Markle Foundation

Markle Foundation Started in 1927 with the John and Mary R. Markle Foundation, the organization began by funding traditional social welfare programs as well as projects that focused on medicine and medical research.

In 1969, Lloyd Morrisett, the Markle Foundation’s president at that time, shifted the foundation’s focus to mass communications in a democratic society.

The Markle Foundation began pursuing goals in areas such as media and political participation, interactive technologies, and communications policy.

Most recently, the organization has supported major policy conferences, online policy simulations and debates, and research on subjects such as political advertising, effective interactive learning, and international media law.

What is Markle Foundation About?

Markle Foundation Emerging communications media and information technology create unprecedented opportunities to improve people’s lives.

The Markle Foundation works to realize this potential and promotes the development of communications industries that address public needs.

Some of the most promising areas for the Markle Foundation to meet public needs are in the following programs: Policy for a Networked Society, Interactive Media for Children, and Information Technologies for Better Health.

To capture opportunities that fall outside of these priorities, the Markle Foundation also maintains a fund for other communications projects.

To inform and educate the public about the impact of new communications technology on the world’s social, political, economic, and legal systems and to disseminate information about the foundation’s history, specific projects, and resources for grant seekers.

Highlights of Markel Foundation

1. Collaboration

Working relationships across sectors are crucial to finding solutions that work in its complex, connected world.

2. Innovation

Finding new pathways, new ideas, and new opportunities to achieve goals is critical to maximizing impact.

3. Adaptability

Responding and evolving to change as new information or ideas surface.

4. Transformation

Changing how it thinks and operates enhances the economic security, health, and national security of future generations.

5. Policy

Establishing guidelines allows for trusted information sharing, with safeguards in place to protect civil liberties.

Can I Apply to Receive a Grant from the Markle Foundation?

The most effective way to leverage its resources is to structure and operate its own projects in cooperation with our partners, instead of working as a traditional grant-making organization. Therefore, it doesn’t accept unsolicited grant applications.


Achievements of Markle Foundation

For more than nine decades, Markle has sought to honor the founders’ original mission to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge among the people of the United States and the general good of mankind.

Our initiatives have evolved through the years, always seeking to pave new ways forward through our collaborations with innovators in health, technology, education, and communications, and fostering open dialogue with our nation’s leaders and policymakers.

By the end of the last century, information technology and Internet policy emerged as major areas of interest for Markle’s research.

Markle’s current focus on advancing health and national security in a connected world evolved from earlier initiatives that strived to define the ways in which the responsible use of technology can be a force for changing the world in positive ways.

Markel Foundation Rework America Networks

The Rework America Alliance is an unprecedented nationwide collaboration to enable unemployed and low-wage workers to emerge from this crisis stronger.

Markel Foundation Rework America Networks

The Alliance aims to help millions of workers, regardless of formal education, move into good jobs in the digital economy by accelerating the development of an effective system of worker training aligned to jobs that employers will need to fill.

The Rework America Business Network (RABN), launched in 2018 with 11 founding large U.S. member companies, explores how companies can better utilize a skills-based approach when it comes to hiring, learning, and development.

With the goal of enabling more Americans to succeed in good jobs, the network shares effective workplace practices, works to encourage more U.S. companies to adopt these practices, and advocates for resources and policies to support the adoption of a skills-based approach.

Rework America Learning Network (RALN) is a developing collaboration among innovative training providers, practitioners, organizations, and leaders working to build the skills of adults who do not have a bachelor’s degree.

The network will initially collaborate on establishing the groundwork to develop and educate on innovative federal learning policy aligned to the overall focus of the network on the needs of working adults in the digital economy.

In the future, the network will explore developing a learning practice innovation and advancement workstream.

The Skillful State Network (SSN) is a non-partisan collaboration of governors from more than half the states in the nation which provides a forum for state leaders to share and accelerate workforce development.

The SSN provides an engaged network of policymakers with whom the work and ideas of the Rework America networks can be shared, to evolve ideas and more broadly implement solutions.

The Rework America Task Force (RATF), launched in 2017, comprised more than 50 leaders from business, education, public sector, non-profit and other sectors and paved the way for the development of the RABN, and the other networks.

Its members continue to contribute to the work of the Rework America initiative.

Finally, we have come to a better understanding of how Markle foundation works, its background, how it works, its grant process, its achievements, and finally the Rework America Network.

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