How To Make Money With Your Car – 38 Lucrative Ways to Earn Cash

Make Money With Your Car: If you have access to a reasonably reliable car, then congratulations! A decent car is the biggest asset most Americans own, other than their houses.

But what you might not realize is that there are a lot of other ways to make money using your car. If you’re ready to do the same, here are five very simple options that don’t require any special skills and which you can start making money from right away.

make money with your car

According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Labor’s U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics titled, Consumer Expenditure in 2016, Americans spend an average of $4,793 a year to operate their vehicles.

That’s $1,909 for gas and oil and another $2,884 in other expenses (e.g. maintenance, insurance, finance charges, etc.).

In other words, owning a car is expensive. No wonder more and more people are quickly trying to figure how to make money from their cars.

Without further ado, here are some of the best ways to start making money driving your car today.

How to Make Money With Your Car

Vehicular side hustles come in many forms. Although the most lucrative opportunities generally involve significant amounts of driving, monetizing your vehicle doesn’t necessarily require you to put extra miles on your car. Wrapping your car in advertising is a classic passive income opportunity, for instance, that typically doesn’t increase your total miles driven.

The following are popular, legitimate ways to earn real money with a personal vehicle. Your actual range of options depends on the age and condition of your car, the opportunities available in your geographical area, and your personal preferences.

Make Money with Your Car

If you’re looking for a side hustle or want to build an entire business that’s based out of your vehicle, here are 20 of the top ideas.

1. Corporate Car Service

You can still offer on-demand transportation service without driving for Uber or Lyft. Start your own service and work with corporate clients that need transportation to events or client pickup service.

2. Airport Shuttle Service

You could also specialize in transporting people to and from the airport. You may need a larger vehicle for this so you can accommodate luggage and large groups.

3. Car Rental Service

If you don’t want to actually drive your vehicle around in order to make money, use an app like Turo to rent it out to others. They pay a small fee and then drop the vehicle back off when they’re done.

4. Medical Transportation Service

Seniors and people with medical issues that prevent them from driving could often use reliable transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. Specialize in this area especially if you have a ramp or easily accessible vehicle.

5. Child Pickup Service

For those with a child care background, you could use your vehicle to offer pick-up and drop-off services for busy parents who aren’t able to get their kids from school or various after-school activities.

6. Equipment Transportation Service

If you’re able to physically pick up and move heavy equipment, you could offer that as a specialized service for clients or businesses that need to get supplies from one location to another. Your clients could include tradesmen with large power tools or companies planning on shooting video content with professional equipment.

7. Mobile Advertising Service

Advertise for other businesses using your vehicle. Just wrap your vehicle in advertising messages or add some signage to the top and lease out that space to various companies in your area.

8. Mobile Detailing Service

With just your vehicle and a few pieces of specialized equipment, you can offer clients car washing and detailing service. Then drive to their location to offer service.

9. Mobile Mechanic Service

Similarly, you can keep some basic auto repair equipment in your vehicle and drive to customers’ locations to perform basic repair or maintenance services.

10. Errand Service

As a general errand service provider, you can perform various tasks like grocery or dry cleaning pickup. There are apps like TaskRabbit that can help you connect with potential customers, or you can start your own and advertise it in your area.

11. Mobile Dog Grooming Service

If you want to work with animals, you can add a small tub and some basic grooming supplies to your vehicle. Then drive to people’s homes and provide service right outside. This may require a slightly larger vehicle and some modifications.

12. Mobile Pet Transport

Another option for animal lovers, provide a service for pet buyers where you pick up their dog or cat from shelters or breeders and deliver them. These facilities are often far away from buyers, so some people may pay a significant amount to avoid the drive.

13. Mobile Laundry Service

If you have access to laundry or dry cleaning facilities, you could offer a service where you pick up people’s laundry from their homes, wash or dry clean it, then return it to them.

14. Recycling Service

For an environmentally friendly business idea, travel to people’s homes to pick up recyclable goods like cardboard, plastics, or even electronics. Then you can sort it and deliver it to facilities that take each specific item.

15. Courier Service

Couriers transport packages to various destinations. Start your own service and then work with business clients around your area that do not want to facilitate deliveries on their own.

16. Prop Vehicle Rental Service

If you live in an area with a lot of film and TV activity, you could rent out your car for use as a prop in movie or TV sets. This may be especially relevant if you have a rare or interesting-looking vehicle.

17. Vacation RV Rental Service

If you own an RV, you could rent it out to those looking to take it on vacation. Even if it’s not mobile or you don’t want others driving it, you may be able to rent out space on Airbnb or a similar platform.

18. Towing Service

If you have a large truck, you could offer towing services to drivers who are stranded or need help getting their vehicle home or to a repair shop.

19. Moving Service

Another option for those with large vehicles offers a full moving service to people in your area who need help getting their furniture and other belongings into their new space.

20. Used Car Sales

Have a car or two that you just don’t want anymore? You could always just sell them. In fact, if you’re able to find great deals on cars and fix them up a bit, you could build a business out of flipping them for profit.

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Apps that Pay You to Give Rides

If you don’t mind giving people a lift to where they need to go, then consider one of the companies below.

These companies and apps pay you to drive people around.

21. Uber

Uber is a super popular transportation app. Customers can use the app to get a ride quickly.

According to figures reported on Glassdoor, an Uber Driver can earn anywhere from $11.75 to $14.79 an hour.

22. Lyft

Lyft works in a similar way to Uber. Using the Lyft app, customers can request rides and pay for those rides automatically.

23. iCarpool

iCarpool connects customers who need a ride with drivers who are traveling the customer’s way at the same time.

It’s essentially a carpooling app. You get paid for each ride you give, but iCarpool does not state how much.

24. HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is an app that provides a taxi service to children aged 6 and above.

You’ll need to have at least five years’ experience in childcare as well. With this one, you can earn up to $30 an hour as a driver.

25. Wingz

Wingz is a smaller ridesharing service that primarily serves major metropolitan airports, though it’s also carved out niches around high-profile events and in senior transportation in some big U.S. cities. 

More Ways to Make Money From Your Car

26. Rent out your parking space

Forget your car for a moment and think about the land it occupies. If you have a spare parking space on your property you could rent it out to commuters.

This is more likely to be achievable if you live within walking distance of a train station, or if your home is near a busy town or city center, or entertainment or sports venue.

As for prices, ask around, and check on local forums. Some claim you could earn as much as £200 a month.

27. Renting out your parking permit

On-street parking permits are commonplace. But don’t just assume you can rent one out that’s been allocated to you, though.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions of your agreement with the local council before you rent out your permit.

28. Rent out your car

Perhaps you just don’t like driving and only use your car for the weekly grocery shop. Or you work away from home for long periods.

You might even cover shifts that mean you never set foot in your car during the week. If so, it could be worth renting out your car.

29. Advertise on your car

You can make up to £150 a month by having advertising added to your car. For the higher-end earnings, you’d need to tick a number of boxes.

For example, living and driving in the right locations, having the right car, and being behind the wheel enough hours a day.

30. Become a removal firm

You may like the concept of renting your car to others but balk at the idea of someone else driving your prize possession.

If you have a van, one way you can have a say in how your vehicle is used is to offer a removal service.

Students and many people who live in flats don’t have masses of belongings to move but may not have a large enough vehicle to transport their bed or a wardrobe.

31. Drive People Around

One of the most popular ways to make money with cars right now is to act as a cab driver in your free time.

This setup is almost identical to the way a traditional cab service would work. People who need rides submit a request through a ride-sharing app.

You are then notified that someone in your area (which is inside the parameters you set) would like a ride somewhere.

32. Carshare

Car sharing or carpooling is big business, and of the many tips in this article, this one is the most eco-friendly.

In a nutshell, it involves subscribing to a website that connects drivers with people who are willing to pay for a lift to a set location.

This could be a commuter needing to be in a city center miles away, who happens to live on your route.

36. Let Other People Drive People Around

Maybe you don’t actually want to add hours to your workweek by driving other people around, delivering their food, or transporting their things. Maybe you don’t exactly love the idea of plastering your vehicle with advertisements, either.

37. Be a Safe Driver

Mostly, you pay your insurance company. But some companies will pay you to be a safe driver.

Allstate, for example, will cut you a $50 check every six months you don’t have an accident. Nothing to do but drive safely!

with your car

38. Deliver Food

Today, you’d be just as likely to deliver for multiple restaurants through one of these popular apps:

  • DoorDashDoorDash drivers, or Dashers, must be 18 years old and have valid driver’s licenses, active auto insurance policies, and clean driving records. Unlike ridesharing services, DoorDash doesn’t impose vehicle requirements. If your car runs, you can use it to deliver food. If you don’t have a car, you can use a scooter, motorcycle, or pedal bike as well.
  • Uber EatsUber Eats drivers must meet the minimum age requirement to drive in their location (which can be up to and sometimes older than 21 years old), have at least one year of driving experience, and possess a valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance. Unlike most other delivery apps, Uber Eats imposes minimum vehicle age requirements. If your car is older than 20 years, you’re unlikely to qualify. On the bright side, Uber Eats offers payouts up to five times daily, so if you’re driving primarily to earn spending money, you can access it soon after you earn it.
  • PostmatesPostmates isn’t limited to food delivery. If you sign up as a Postmate, you have the option to deliver groceries, retail goods, clothing, and whatever else is available through Postmates in your area. Driver qualification requirements are comparable to those of other food delivery apps.
  • GrubhubGrubhub drivers must be at least 19 years old with valid driver’s licenses and auto insurance. Grubhub runs a criminal background check on all drivers, but it’s unclear what information counts as disqualifying.

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Conclusion on Make Money With Your Car

Reading through these various opportunities to make money with your car, you may notice a common theme: old cars need not apply.

Virtually all of the apps and service providers on this list impose maximum vehicle age requirements, and some are quite strict. If your car is older than five years, for instance, an advertising wrap is probably out of the question.

Even if you don’t need extra money at the moment, owning a car gives you a great opportunity to pay down debt, save for retirement, or just put some extra room in your budget.

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