MacBook Battery Replacement Options You Must Know

Is your MacBook or MacBook Pro’s battery getting old and just not making it through the day anymore? Why not take a chance to replace it? Clicking the battery icon in the upper-right corner of your computer’s screen when clicking the options icon is the easiest way to see if your MacBook’s battery is in good shape. 
MacBook Battery Replacement

But if you want a deeper dive into the status of your battery, the System Report will provide an overview with details such as the number of cycles left by your battery and its maximum power.

Options To Replace Your Macbook Battery

 1. Replace With Apple Warranty

Apple replaces a faulty or defective battery free of charge if your MacBook is still under warranty. Apple also provides a 1-year warranty in the US. Consumer policy increases this coverage to two years for those in Australia or the EU.

The coverage stretches to 3 years when you order AppleCare for your MacBook. Those protected can contact Apple about issues with the battery.

You can also check your warranty status on Apple’s Check Coverage site using your system serial number.

Simply check your serial number after tapping the Apple menu at the top-left of the display screen and choosing About This Mac.

If you don’t want warranty coverage for a battery replacement, we’ll look at the other-best MacBook battery replacement choices. However, you must know some particular cases first.

Apple Battery Replacement Programs for Specific MacBook Pro Models

Also, if your MacBook is outside its normal warranty, you might be eligible for MacBook Pro battery replacement from Apple.

Some MacBook Pro 13-inch units are eligible for a free battery replacement from Apple. This is because of a different component failing, which causes the battery to swell up. Apple said it’s not dangerous.

Head over to Apple’s MacBook Pro battery replacement page to input your PC’s serial number and view if you’re eligible (or meet the criteria) for a repair.

Also, Apple recalled some 15-inch MacBook Pro PCs sold between September 2015 and February 2017. The company claims that batteries in these units might overheat and catch on fire.

Visit the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall page to input your PC’s serial number and view if you want a replacement.

2. Apple MacBook Battery Replacement – Pay For It

Apple suggests that in order to replace your battery, you can use first or third-party authorized service centers. It is a very expensive option, but it is the safest one too.

The procedure is less likely to go wrong, and for every work done, Apple offers a 90-day guarantee.

Suppose the warranty or consumer law cannot protect the service. A typical MacBook battery replacement cost (MacBook Air to Retina MacBook Pro) would also range from $129 to $199.

If your MacBook is old, you might be better off putting that money toward a replacement instead. Look out for these signs that highlight it’s time to replace your Mac.

If you want to begin your MacBook battery replacement with Apple. Then move to Apple’s Mac Service and Repair website and tap Start a service request.

If you view nearby Apple stores, the website recommends authorized third parties who perform the work instead.


3. Replace at a PC Repair Shop

If you want to save some money, then you have to pay your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro battery to be replaced by a third party. Many PC repair shops can supply and replace your battery, but the exact cost varies depending on whom you call.

Apple guarantees moving to this route and you can find that they use components from third parties to save money. You cannot make these pieces inferior, but it is just a gamble you’re taking.

Just search for a survey at a PC repair shop in your town, then compare it to what Apple provides.

Depending on your MacBook version, your local repair shop might refuse service if the battery is stuck in place. This is the case with MacBook Pro version from mid-2009 and the latest, and all laptops have Retina displays.

4. Replace Your Battery Yourself

The lower cost of ordering and replacing your own battery. This means that you can pay only the price of the pieces. You also want a set of tools to open your Macbook and a trick to dispose of your old battery safely.

So for that purpose, you need to purchase kits that provide everything you want. These come at half of the price Apple will charge you for the service.

One such retailer is iFixit, which also provides you a guideline for everything from simple to complex fixes.

Purchasing the battery should cost less than this. However, with the cheap third-party choices available for a fraction of the cost.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you can’t take risks. But, if you’re glad to take risks then you’ll learn a lot about the inner workings of your system.

Well, some latest MacBook versions have glued-in batteries, making them quite difficult to repair yourself.

Ultimately, should they want to do so, anyone with moderate technical skills can easily replace the battery on the MacBook Air models themselves. It needs nothing more than a compatible, high-quality battery and the right screwdriver or screwdriver to replace the battery.

It cannot be emphasized enough that getting a quality battery is very necessary. Batteries of inferior quality may not carry a charge for as long as one is of high quality, but may also leak or cause a fire.

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