Lowe’s Build and Grow: Free Building Classes for Kids

Lowe’s Build and Grow program are free classes, particularly for kids, where each month they can build a new project and take it home free.

Lowe's Build and Grow: Free Building Classes for Kids

Lowe’s Build and Grow was a kid’s program. It was another way for frugal parents, through the free workshop courses, to save money at Lowe’s by making their children learn how to build things.

Kids could work on a fun, hands-on craft project at the Build and Grow class, which involved them building something like a wooden boat, for instance.

Each workshop lasted about an hour or so and was led by Lowe staff members. The program offered kids a perfect way to learn and harness their creative skills.

Why did Lowe’s Stop Build and Grow?

If you used to take your kids to the Build and Grow workshops at Lowe’s, or want to start attending these workshops, then you’ll be disappointed to know that the store doesn’t run them anymore.

The last class was held in December 2016.

So, if you’re looking for the Lowe’s Build and Grow 2017 schedule, and are wondering why you can’t find it, that’s why.

It’s not really clear why the store stopped offering these workshops.

Lowe’s Build and Grow Alternatives

Although Lowe’s Build and Grow is canceled, it doesn’t mean that your child still can’t enjoy working on creative, hands-on craft projects.

Here are a few options to consider:

1. Lowe’s Online Tutorials

Lowe’s might not offer in-store classes anymore, but it still provides some really useful tutorials and informative articles. And, it even offers some video tutorials too.

You can use these videos and articles to build items and work on craft projects with your child.

Here are two places you should take a look at:

Lowe’s How-To Library

We highly recommend checking out Lowe’s How-to library. It includes articles that tell you how to make a variety of items.

The craft section of the library is particularly great because it offers tons of tutorials for projects that you and your child could do together.

A few examples of tutorials that kids would love to include:

  • Painted-face pumpkins
  • Toy Car Road
  • Bubble Wand
  • DIY Summer Projects for Kids
  • Toy Car Tunnel
  • Dowel puppets

Lowe’s YouTube Channel

Aside from offering tutorials in articles, Lowe’s also has a YouTube channel, full of how-to videos.

The majority of the videos are aimed at adults though. But, there are a few videos for projects that kids could help with.

2. Home Depot Workshops

Sure, working on craft projects from online tutorials can be fun. But, it’s not really the same as going to a class. While Build and Grow Workshops from Lowe’s might not be available anymore, it doesn’t mean that your child has to miss out.

Get Free Kids Books

Home Depot actually offers its own workshops for kids known as the Home Depot Kids Workshop. And, they are very similar to the ones that used to be offered at Lowe’s! These Home Depot workshops allow your child to work on a hands-on build project.

Classes at the Home Depot usually involve building something like a truck, race car or picture frame. What’s great is that your child not only gets to keep the item that they’ve built but they also get a certificate of achievement. Plus, they get their own apron and a commemorative pin.

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3. Lowe’s Build and Grow Kit

This may not exactly be an alternative to the free kid’s classes, but it offers a great way for kids to DIY stuff. You can buy a variety of kits that come with step-by-step instructions on how to build whatever the kit shows.

These kits are normally very cheap. Most are under $10.

Here are a few examples:

  • Monster Jam Mutt Project Kit: $7.98
  • Coin Bank Project Kit: $7.98
  • Pull Back Race Car Project Kit: $7.98
  • Pirate Ship Kit: $7.98

Bottom Line

The Lowe’s Build and Grow program was a great workshop for kids. Kids could have fun and be creative in the classes, all while enhancing their craft skills.

In addition, it was free! Keeping the kids entertained at the weekend was a great activity. So, it is a little bit disappointing that the software is no longer available.

However, Home Depot offers its workshops a very great alternative. The workshops are the same as the program for Build and Grow. In a class setting, your child gets to build something.

Overall, if you are interested in Lowe’s Build and Grow program, then instead of the Home Depot Workshops, you should probably go.

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