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401+ Profitable Liquor Store Name Ideas for Founders (2022 Update)

Are you considering opening a neighborhood wine or liquor store, but are unsure about the name? I offer over 401 unclaimed names for liquor stores suggestions.

names for liquor stores

Of course, liquor stores are well-established small businesses that are needed in both large cities and small communities across the United States.

According to Statista, the total monthly sales of alcohol in US stores as of May 2021 were $6.07 billion. The alcohol industry is a sizable sector with projected total revenues of more than $1.6 billion by 2025.

Because of the consumer need for kicking back and unwinding with a drink in both good and bad economic times, this industry is truly recession-proof.

Why are you holding out? To come up with successful names for liquor stores, scroll down. Concept arranges these store names, such as drive-through liquor shops or craft beer specialties. Let’s open a bottle and consider these ideas.

Ideas for Creative Liquor Store Names

names for liquor stores
  • Alcohol Land
  • The Tap Room
  • When a Bottle Was Once
  • Shaker Liquor Store’s basement
  • American Spirits
  • Laughing Spirits and Alcohol
  • Stars N’ Stripes Wine and Spirits
  • Infinity Spirits
  • HopStop Spirits
  • Local Alcohol
  • Better Alcohol
  • Enticed Away
  • The Miniature Liquor Shop
  • Pour Choices
  • a bottle of booze
  • The Drink Pad
  • The Special Drink
  • Alcohol Emporium
  • drunken Boulevard
  • beverages for the day
  • Wine Club for Neighbors
  • Bottles Elegant
  • Idle Alcohol
  • Jones, Gin
  • A lot of Ale
  • Inn the Drink
  • Saturday Pours
  • Drinking Stout
  • Talks and Barley
  • Square Rum
  • Spritz with wine
  • Alcohol & Co.
  • The Coca-Cola Stop
  • Bottles & Wine
  • The eleven-hour spirits
  • Joe and Gin
  • booze on the go
  • Tipple’s Breweries
  • Rose every day
  • Good Black
  • The Joy Ride Spirit Drink
  • Liquor Store in (Your Name)
  • Absent in Alcohol
  • Valley Quench
  • The Alcohol Alternative
  • Road Parade Spirits Co.
  • Cheers! liquor and wine
  • Founded Liquor Co.
  • Beautiful Town Alcohol
  • Stupid Beers and Spirits
  • Sundown Spirits
  • like My booze
  • drinking always
  • Bottle Shop Buddy
  • the liquor store down a back alley
  • The Wine Cellar
  • Local Liquor Stores
  • The Spirits Dealer
  • Holy Brothers
  • Galaxy of Alcohol
  • The Backyard Liquor Store
  • Boulevard Spirits
  • Hotshot Spirits
  • Liquor Store on Hangover Street
  • Mini-Bar Spirits
  • Open Door Spirits Shop
  • Lighting Streets Liquor Store
  • Olde Liquor Shoppe, Ye
  • love me a drink

Names for Liquor Convenience Stores

  • The Practical Alcohol
  • Liquor Store at Clacking Glasses
  • The Whisky Shop
  • Convenience with alcohol
  • Liquor Store at Tilted Glasses
  • Downtown Spirits
  • Drip Drop Spirits
  • The Alcohol Store
  • Liquors from Other States
  • The Wine Tap
  • Wine and Spirits Happy Hours
  • Drinks at The Martini Glass Store
  • Liquor Store in Hebron
  • Locally produced alcohol
  • Golden Spirits
  • L & B (Liquors & Beers) (Liquors & Beers)
  • Remembered Times Alcohol & More
  • Drink Specialty
  • Cherry Flask Beverage
  • South Distillery Down
  • Hop Stop Spirits
  • Fantastic Dude Alcohol & More
  • near the corner liquor store
  • a trio of ace spirits
  • Amazing shots!
  • maple leaf booze
  • The Alcohol Plan
  • Sky High Spirits
  • The World of Beer
  • Traditional Liquor Store
  • Royal Family
  • The Liquor World of (Your Name)
  • Wine & Spirits Amity
  • The Ideal Age
  • Super Blue Spirits Co.
  • Thirty Post Alcohol
  • Convenient Store with Liquor and Dining
  • Store of Mystic Mars Alcohol
  • Drink Cap Company
  • Feeling positive
  • Brandy’s Whiskey
  • Bog of Grog
  • Liquor Store with Kahlua and Schnapps
  • Tonics by Todd
  • Sambuca from Sam
  • Liquor Store On The Rocks
  • Sizzle & Scotch
  • Liquor Store in Laguna
  • Alcohol On The Wind

Most Expensive Vodka in the World

  • Lavish Alcohol
  • Drinks and Pleasure
  • Bloody Spirits
  • Martinis from my mother
  • Alcohol and Scallywags
  • Barley & Bits
  • Spirits of Siduri
  • Goods and Growlers
  • Pan’s Delightful Drinks
  • rums Chum’s
  • Choose from the Pirates
  • Insatiable Oak
  • Wine & Spirits by Lukas
  • Lengthy Pour
  • Both beer and bubbly
  • Celebration Alcohol
  • Excellent Blast Spirits
  • Timber Bay Spirit
  • John’s Convenience Store and Liquors
  • Brewing Company Off-Sale
  • Delicious Mist Liqueur Co.

Names of Drive-Thru Liquor Stores

  • Inn at City Cellar
  • The Wine Cellar of the King
  • Canning and Bottles
  • Drinking on the Go
  • Come on Up!
  • Mellow Moods Liquor Store
  • Liquors of Last Resort
  • The Liquor in Bags
  • Convenient Wine & Liquor
  • Li-Quora-Stora
  • Liquors by Bacchus Wine Cellar Inc.
  • Square Circular Shop
  • Ugly Cups
  • Rock and Roll Spirits
  • Alcohol Fiesta, Inc.
  • Smoking Alcohol
  • Elegant Drinking Spot
  • More Alcohol Store Drinking
  • Favorite Spirits of Yours
  • Wine and liquor retailer Ace
  • Inc. Alcohol Café
  • The Positive
  • Network for Social Lubrication
  • Wine and Beer for Novices
  • The Truth For Free Store Of Alcohol
  • Wine Barrel
  • The Cave of Beer
  • Safe Area
  • Drive home after getting a drink
  • Relief Center
  • Orchard at Knee Height
  • Think Before You Drive
  • brewery and bar
  • Drinks and Dreams
  • Quick Serve Alcohol
  • In the Bucket with Drops
  • Wine and spirits store All Stars
  • Discount Alcohol, Inc.
  • Rainbow Liquor Store, Drink
  • Spirits Shop Liquid Courage
  • The following morning
  • Fine Wine & Spirits by Chambord
  • World Company Spirit
  • Drinking Playground Crew
  • the Joy Brewery bottles
  • Wine and liquor store Vino Villa
  • Flowing Sunshine
  • The Drinking Fountain
  • Through the Hatch
  • Winery and Tasting Room Rhein Haus
  • The Best Olive Wine Shop
  • USA Liquor Town
  • Ace Alcohols
  • Wine Cruise
  • Portable Bottles
  • Liquors Tequila Terrace
  • Liquor Store ABC
  • Pick-Me-Up Alcohol
  • Brown Bag Wine and Spirits
  • The Wine Shop
  • Leading Shelf Spirits, Inc.
  • Brown Bag It Alcoholic Drinks
  • Uptown Spirits
  • Liquor store Your Time
  • Castle Spirits
  • Bayou Liquors On
  • Beyond Influence alcohol retailer
  • Happy Tap Wine Shop
  • Alcoholic beverages of (Your Location)
  • Alcohol Town
  • Alcohol & Liquor Barn

Fun Names for Liquor Stores

  • Party On Wine Shop
  • Hormonal Toad Spirits
  • Drinks and Wine by Stoner
  • Wine Shop at Cuddled Uvula
  • Rugger’s! alcohol retailer
  • Liquor or lick
  • Waterstone Lounge
  • Craft Beers Kitty
  • Drinking Babes
  • Liquors in Bulk
  • Bottle Shop at Beer Run
  • The Keg Spirits
  • The Temple of Alcohol
  • Bottle and Tap
  • The Drinkhounds
  • Day drunken
  • After Party Bottle Shop
  • As Wine Flows
  • Shop for Cosmetic Alcohol
  • Alcohol Up Front
  • The Wine Bitch
  • The Rarely Correct Beer Shop
  • It Isn’t Alcohol
  • Alcoholic Memories
  • Turners Wine and Spirits
  • Alcohol and Wine at Get Stoned
  • Completely insane
  • Front Door Wine & Spirits
  • Alcohol Barrel
  • The Alcohol Store
  • Poor taste
  • Store of Fine Wine
  • Strong Brew
  • Alcohol Straight Line
  • Leaf Liquor
  • Bow Wow Spirits
  • For Fans of Alcohol
  • Two bottles and a wink
  • Wine and Spirits Rumbles
  • The House of Booze at Rusty
  • The winery and distillery Choppin’ Wood
  • Flying Pig
  • Crazy Liquor Store in Buckhead
  • Every Bottle Has A Tale to Tell
  • Avoid drinking and calling a liquor store
  • A barfly
  • One-Stop Liquor Stores
  • Inc. Liquor Brokers
  • Top Down
  • Crafty Barn Wine and Spirits Shop
  • Liquor Store Cheers
  • Liquor Bottle Cap Shop
  • Liquor Warehouse
  • Make a bartender call
  • Catch-22 Spirits
  • Alcohol Max
  • Bright Stars
  • Happy Endings Wine & Spirits
  • It’s A Keg Stand
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Today’s Alcoholic
  • Sacred Ale
  • Liquors to Sip Until She’s Adorable
  • The Contented Drunkard
  • Duale’s Liquor
  • Spiked Spirit
  • Brew from a rusty barrel
  • The Smart Drinker
  • Open the bottle
  • Moscato Man
  • People’s Spirits
  • Merlot Masters
  • Drinks Adult LLC
  • Drinks & Wine Cellar 53
  • Wine Festival

Names for Wine Stores

names for liquor stores
  • Toasted Cabernet
  • The Nine Wine
  • The Delicious Vineyard
  • Beyond the Racks
  • The Wine Cooler
  • Inhale Swish Out
  • Vine grapes
  • Cherry Date
  • just a wine glass
  • Cellar at the Winery
  • Crystal Red
  • The Daily Wine
  • In the Mouth
  • The Wine & Cellar Club
  • Pinot Gris
  • White, Red, and Glass
  • Two-Bottle Set
  • Wine Paloma
  • The Worthy Vine
  • Explicit expectations
  • To Go Wine
  • Notable Wines
  • Accept Your Essence
  • Setting New Limits
  • A Vibrant Red
  • Inc. Full Glass
  • Wine Store for Merlot
  • Vineyard Plaza
  • The White and Red
  • There are seven deadly sins.
  • Store for Copper Rivet Wines
  • A half-empty glass
  • Store for Sauvignon Bleu Wine
  • A Tiny Dose of Merlot
  • Red Wine by the Glass
  • Wine Man Cave Club
  • Moments of Chardonnay
  • The Grape Riesling
  • Midnight Wine Shop by Merlot
  • Wine & Liquor Port Chablis


Alcohol can be healthy for the body if it is used in moderation. In fact, did you know it may help lower the risk of ischemic stroke and the risk of diabetes?

Red wine may aid digestion and the bacterial lining of the large intestine, according to several researches. So, certainly, in moderation, this liquid courage can be beneficial to your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you really want to make your brand memorable, this a list of catchy liquor store names.

  • Fox on The Rocks. …
  • Lush Life Liquor.
  • Liquor & Lager.
  • Whiskey Water.
  • Wine Your Way.
  • All Bottled Up.
  • Bottoms Up Supply Store.

It is possible to invest in alcohol by amassing a collection of rare wines and liquors, although this strategy will also incur high storage costs and market illiquidity. One can also invest by buying partial ownership in an alcohol-related business, such as bars or liquor stores.

Top Liquor Industry Stocks in India

  • United Spirits.
  • United Breweries.
  • Radico Khaitan.
  • Globus Spirits.
  • GM Breweries.
  • Assoc Alcohol and Breweries.
  • Tilaknagar Ind.
  • Som Distilleries and Breweries.
1Kweichow Moutai 1600519.SS🇨🇳
2Diageo 2DEO🇬🇧
3Anheuser-Busch Inbev 3BUD🇧🇪
4Wuliangye Yibin 4000858.SZ🇨🇳

Amrut Distilleries was founded in 1948, Bangalore, Karnataka. of this liquor company. Its headquarters is in Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

It is a clear sign that gin still has appeal and room for development.” According to figures from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, global gin volume grew by 6.1% and by 10.7% in value in 2019. The gin category was the second fastest‐growing spirits segment in 2019 after non‐alcoholic ‘spirits’.

Radico Khaitan

One of the oldest and largest liquor manufacturers of India, Radico Khaitan used to be known as Rampur Distillery. It was established in 1943 and in the year 1999, the company had decided to launch and market its own brands.

he 20 Most Popular Liquor Brands in the U.S. in 2020

#BrandSales in 2020 (in ‘000 9-liter cases)
1Tito’s Handmade Vodka10,353
3Crown Royal7,233

On average, liquor stores tend to have an overall profit margin of between 20% and 30% annually [4]. There are pros and cons to aiming for higher profit margins since you’ll need to charge customers higher prices for your products, which might not make your store as appealing as a lower-priced competitor.

Over 52 million cases of McDowell’s products are sold annually, across 20 countries. By volume, McDowell’s is the largest selling spirits brand in the world. Its No. 1 Celebration variety is a dark rum aged in oak casks.

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