Life Insurance Policy & How to get it While Experiencing Depression

Life Insurance Policy: Buying life insurance, whether it’s term life insurance, universal life insurance or another type of policy, helps you to protect your loved ones in case something happens to you.

Unfortunately, purchasing a life insurance policy can become more difficult if you have a history of physical or mental health issues. You may discover this as you’re working with life insurance companies and getting life insurance quotes.

Getting Life Insurance Policy While Experiencing Depression

Clinical depression is one health problem that can affect both your ability to obtain coverage and your costs of coverage for Americans. In some cases, insurers will deny you a policy altogether due to depression, while in other circumstances insurers may charge you more because of your mental health issue.

How Does Depression and Mental Illness Influence the Cost of a Life Insurance Policy?

Depression influences the cost of a life insurance policy because a diagnosis of depression makes you appear to be a higher risk to insurers. Insurance companies want to limit the risk of actually having to pay out on a policy.

Car insurers, for example, prefer to insure safe drivers who aren’t likely to get into an accident, while life insurers want to insure people who are less likely to die while the policy is in effect.

Insurers determine the risk level during the insurance application in a process called underwriting. Life insurance underwriters look at all of the information available, such as your age, gender, family health history, lifestyle choices, and current health status.

All of these factors are evaluated to determine how likely it is that you will pass away and the insurer will have to pay out the death benefit.

Because people suffering from depression and certain other mental health issues have been shown to have a higher mortality rate, underwriters may deny coverage to someone with severe depression, or the insurer may decide to charge you much higher policy premiums because you’re considered high-risk.

The more severe your mental health condition, and the more likely it will lead to your death, the more difficult it will be to get covered.

This means if you have a history of suicide attempts or have been hospitalized with severe depression, you’ll have a much harder time getting a policy than someone with only mild depression that’s well-controlled by medication.


If your mental condition is well managed and monitored by a health professional, your insurance rating should be relatively good. To determine your rating your agent may ask you questions similar to the following:

  1. What condition were you diagnosed with?
  2. At what age were you diagnosed?
  3. How long before your diagnosis did you have symptoms?
  4. Do you take medications for your symptoms (like antidepressants)?
  5. Do you have any other medical conditions?
  6. What types of treatments have you undergone?
  7. Have you been hospitalized for your condition?
  8. Has your mental illness affected your job or family life?
  9. How often do you meet with a health professional?

Taking medication for anxiety or depression typically lets the depression insurance agent know you are in control of your condition. If you’re on medication, it can actually improve your rating, so long as there is a history of consistent dose and regimen.

If you continually change medications or their dose, it can appear as though you and your doctor are still trying to stability the prescriptions effects.

What Are the Best Policies for People With Depression?

The vast majority with depression can a chance for a standard life insurance policy, If your downturn is serious, not well-controlled with medicine, has prompted hospitalization, or has brought about suicide endeavors before, acquiring a standard strategy will be substantially more testing, and numerous safety net providers will probably deny you coverage.

Nonetheless, regardless you have alternatives. Some life insurance policies are ensured issue, which means you can get covered despite your medicinal history. These policies usually ensure  coverage at a relatively low amount, but they can still provide funds for your family after your demise.

A graded death benefit policy is also an option for those looking for coverage despite a background  of severe depression.  These arrangements pay just a level of the demise benefit  when you initially get covered.

For instance, your recipients may get 25% of the demise advantage in the event that you pass away inside the principal year you have the approach; half on the off chance that you spend away in year two; 75% in year three; lastly, the full demise benefit simply following at least four years of the arrangement being basically.

It is essential to note, nonetheless, that nearly all life insurance policies contain a suicide provision. Suicide conditions either forbid the installment of any demise benefits if a policyholder dies by suicide or enable the organization to pay just a little level of the passing advantage in case of a demise because of suicide.

Lincoln Financial

Through the years, Lincoln Financial has exceeded expectations at offering insurance to higher hazard clients.

They have cut a specialty for candidates with more elevated cholesterol scores, more seasoned customers, customers who use tobacco, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. One of the classes where Lincoln exceeds expectations is with candidates with depression or tension issues.

In addition to the fact that they are one of the more reasonable decisions for people with melancholy, however they likewise have a few intends to browse.

Lincoln sells conventional level term designs, no test approaches, changeless extra security, and ensured issue plans.


Prudential is likewise astounding for any customer who is viewed as overweight, as their weight diagrams are looser than different organizations.

Contrasted with different bearers, Prudential is all the more ready to go for broke extra security clients in general.

Another special factor of Prudential is their “non-smoker in addition to” rate class for individuals who are in extraordinary wellbeing generally, however smoke.


Hancock is one of the most established life coverage organizations in America, having been in activity for over 150 years.

Hancock is an incredibly steady organization who has idealized their client assistance and their life coverage items. They’ve flourished for quite a while, and experts anticipate that them should keep on for a significantly longer time.


AIG has a lot of choices and rates to equal the vast majority of the challenge. AIG puts stock in fitting intends to address your issues, not driving you into a pre-arranged strategy.

One of their most one of a kind qualities is their term approach’s adaptability. For instance, you don’t need to purchase a 20-year term plan in the event that you just need 16 years. It’s your arrangement, and you can tweak it to meet your definite needs.


Perhaps the best arrangement is the “protect My Child” entire life strategy. On the off chance that your kid is between the ages of about fourteen days old to 17, you can purchase this arrangement and it will surrender to $100,000, which will twofold when they turn 18.

The best part, for sufferers of depression, is that there is no therapeutic test required.

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Getting Life Insurance Is Possible Despite Depression

While it’s extra challenging to get lifestyles insurance coverage after being diagnosed with any scientific condition, together with depression, there is no motivation to trust you can’t get probably some assurance for your friends and family.

Getting Life Insurance Is Possible Despite Depression

You can opt for a assured trouble or graded demise benefit policy if you have situation acquiring well known coverage, or you can save around amongst insurers and grant proof your depression  is well managed to find a general coverage that’s proper for you.

Whatever kind of insurance you figure out to obtain, it is really worth the effort to make certain that your family will be provided for if some thing happens to you.

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