Telecommunications Scholarship By Letterman-Important Info

Telecommunications Scholarship: Are you a student of Ball State University in Indiana? Are you studying telecommunications at Ball State University in Indiana? Or, are you hoping to get a scholarship in Ball State University of Indiana?

If yes, then there is good news for you. David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship is available for you to grab. You can follow in David Letterman’s footsteps by applying for a series of awards.

Telecommunications Scholarship By Letterman-Important Info

Also, if you want to be a professional in the telecommunication industry, this scholarship is for you. It sounds easy enough, right? Yea, it does! The top grant is $10,000. But, there are two more for $5,000 and $3,333. Before going further, who is Letterman?

Who is David Letterman?

David Michael Letterman was born on April 12, 1947. He is an American television host. He is also a television and film producer. His company, Worldwide Pants, produces his shows.

He was married to Michelle Cook in 1968. However they divorced in 1977. He has a child. He attended Ball State University.

Who is David Letterman?

Brief History of Letterman Telecommunication Scholarship

This Telecommunications Scholarship was established by David M. Letterman. He was a 1970 Radio-Television graduate of Ball State University. He graduated in 1969 from what is now the Department of Telecommunications.

Letterman started a scholarship in 1985 for Ball State students. It was for those with a telecommunications major or minor. Letterman based his scholarship primarily on creativity, not grades.

This fund is to provide financial assistance to Ball State majors and minors. Its target is on those studying telecommunications.  And, it focuses on those who are deserving students. This is based on their successful academic achievements.

Reasons for Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship

This scholarship was developed for a particular purpose. It was to provide students the opportunity to pursue a degree in the telecommunications field. The Students mentioned here are Ball State University Students.

Also, it was to eradicate the additional worry regarding paying for that degree. As such, his scholarship is given to some set of people.

Also, it is given to those who have already been accepted into the program. Also, it is given to those who are actively pursuing their degree.

Some Requirements

To apply for this scholarship there are requirements. They are:

  • You need to complete between 30 and 102 hours of your coursework.
  • You must also be enrolled for at least twelve hours in the semester. This is the semester that you will be receiving the financial aid.

This scholarship can get up to ten-thousand dollars to the winner. There are other requirements that need to be met.  This is because it is a competition scholarship.

This scholarship requires that you develop and plan a creative telecommunications project. It should explain all of the details through an essay portion. This will be submitted to a committee who will ultimately decide who is the winner.

Full Description/Break-down

This scholarship is often awarded to three lucky recipients. The award amounts goes thus:

  • $10,000 for the winner.
  • $5,000 for the first runner-up.
  • $3,333 for the second runner-up.

These awards apply to the next academic year and can be used for educational purpose only.

1. Who’s eligible?

To be able to get this award, you must have between 30 and 102 credits at the end of the fall semester. Also, you must have major or minor in telecommunications. This should come with at least 12 credits at the time of application.

You must be enrolled at Ball State in a semester that falls within the 12 months. This should be immediately following the announcement of the award.

2. How to Apply

This scholarships has the aim to recognize students’ academic and creative achievements. Also, to apply for any of the awards, you will need to fill out and submit their application form.

This form can be found on the scholarship provider’s official website the moment the application process begins. You are to submit your creative project with the completed application. Also, you are to submit list of TCOM courses  you earned credit.

Important Information

When applying for this scholarship, your project should not be more than two pages. Also, you are supposed to explain how you conceived, developed, and prepared your creative project.

The project should be your intellectual property. Winners of Letterman Telecommunication Scholarship must provide copies of their entries. Also, you are to provide additional copy to the department’s administrative coordinator to send to Mr. Letterman.

These are to be included in the Letterman Scholarship Library. All winners may need to provide a review board. This should come with proof of your project’s authenticity.

What Next on Letterman Telecommunication Scholarship

A committee of Telecommunications faculty and two graduate students will evaluate your creativity. They will determine who the most deserving applicants are.

The department will present the award at the Telecommunications Awards Banquet. Also, it is important you know you must submit a creative project. This can be writing, research, interactive media, computer graphics, or websites.

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

If you are interested in applying Letterman Telecommunication Scholarship, please take note.  It is important you meet the above requirements. Also, you may want to read more on the Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship.

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