Leading Study Tips and Pointers for Awaited Exams 2022

Education is paramount in our present dispensation. Most people see education as a “means to an end” and because of that they place high value on it. Be it formal or informal education. Education is a means of acquiring knowledge, learning new things, and eradicating illiteracy from society. Education being mentioned here is not only limited to the formal aspect of it that has to do with going through school and acquiring a certificate.

Education can also be informal, whereby an individual learns specific skills and cognitive values that can help him or her to survive in the society and also contribute their own quota to societal development. Whatever the case might be whether formal or informal education, there is always a need to attach a level of seriousness, diligence, and enthusiasm to it. This is because a situation or problem will definitely arise that would require your expert knowledge in solving and providing solutions to it. Now that situation can be called a test, while in the context of a formal education it will be called an examination. 

Examinations are mechanisms put in place to ascertain an individual’s level of understanding on a particular subject or topic. Examination is not only limited to formal education, even in the corporate world be it the public or private sector, exams are also used as criteria in determining an employee’s readiness for a promotion or pay rise. Furthermore, during interviews for job openings, the prospective employee is required to go through an examination process which might be oral or handwritten before he or she is finally given the job. 

This goes a long way to show that examination has become a viable tool both in the educational and corporate sector and also other spheres of life. These pertinent questions now become how do individuals, students, employees, and job seekers actually prepare for examinations? Is there anything they are expected to do and how do they go about doing it, to ensure their success in any examination they face? 

Preparing for an examination requires every bit of seriousness especially in the aspect of studying. Now having said all these let us discuss a few studying tips that can help you prepare for your exams:

1. Use the Internet as a Research Tool

You can use Google as a search engine, it will bring out lots of websites and blogs that have information and answers to the questions you asked. 

If you love streaming there are many streaming platforms on the Internet with lots of educational material that can serve as a guide as you prepare yourself for exams. There is also YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and many others that you can subscribe to and watch educational videos on any given topic or subject. But unfortunately, most times these sites are not available in certain regions because of governmental restrictions. So it becomes advisable that you unblock websites with a VPN so that you can have access to all the information and materials you need. So you can use the Internet as a research tool and also for sourcing materials as you prepare and study for your exams. 

2. Form a Study Group

Forming a study group is an effective and efficient way of preparing for an upcoming examination. Study group is an intellectual and academic group formed majorly for the purpose of reading and sharing ideas on a particular topic or subject. The study group should consist of like-minded individuals with the same goal. The reason for this is that it reduces the tendency for distractions and laxity, because every one of the group members has the same goal to attain.  Another advantage of having a study group while preparing for an exam is that it affords you the opportunity of learning from others. Nobody on earth has the luxury of monopoly when it comes to knowledge. 

3. Have a Personal Study Time

Another important study tip that you should develop if you are studying for an exam and want to be successful in it, is to have a personal study time that you will always stick to. Rearrange your schedule to fit into your study time. Also, in planning your personal study time, you will have to put certain things into consideration. The time when you are free and less busy, and also a conducive environment where you can stay and study quietly with any form of distractions. If you have duly taken cognizance of these factors, you can now go ahead to prepare your own personal study time.

4. Hire a Tutor

Some individuals due to their love of exposure, experience, training, and education now have expert and wide knowledge on certain subject matters, skill, and occupation. So, if you are preparing for an examination in areas where these people already have expert knowledge, then it’s advisable you hire such individuals as private tutors. 

5. Always Have Enough Sleep

Finally, it is very important that you always get enough sleep in order to calm your body and brain.

CSN Team.

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