Laptop Costco Return Policy (Ultimate Guide)
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Laptop Costco Return Policy (Ultimate Guide)

There is now a huge selection of laptops available at Costco. But what if you bought a laptop from Costco and it started to malfunction? Or maybe you have a laptop that you want to return because it was an unwanted gift. This article has got you covered as regards laptop Costco return policy(ultimate guide).

Laptop Costco Return Policy (Ultimate Guide)

About Costco

One of the biggest shops in the country, Costco offers a variety of goods, some of which are technological, like desktop and laptop computers.

The cornerstone of Costco’s return policy is their “100% Satisfaction Guarantee,” which states that if a product does not satisfy the customer’s needs, they will reimburse the full purchase price.

Given the variety of goods offered at Costco’s warehouse shops, some expensive items, like laptops, might not be covered by the regular return policy.

Costco’s Return Policy for Laptops


Within 90 days of the purchase date, you have the option to return a laptop to Costco.

Computers, laptops, tablets, and other technological items can be returned to Costco for a complete refund.

While you can return other items at any time if you think you might need to return your computer, be sure you know when you bought it.


More Things to Know

For additional information on how to return your computer if you are still inside the allotted 90 days, continue reading below.

Whether you purchased your computer from a Costco Warehouse or online at will determine how you can return it.

How do I Return my Laptop at Costco?

Laptop Costco Return Policy (Ultimate Guide)

Bring your computer or laptop to the returns counter at your local Costco Warehouse to return a product you purchased there.

You will receive help from a Costco team member processing the return.

Although Costco states it is not necessary, it will speed up the process if you have the original product box or receipt.

More Things to Know

There are two ways to make it easier to enable a return if you bought the equipment online.

You can either bring the item to your neighborhood Costco returns counter or send it back online. A step-by-step tutorial for returning an online item is provided below:

  • To access your membership account, log in.
  • Then select Orders & Returns.
  • The Return Items button will be next to the order; select it.
  • Observe the directions and explain your decision to return the item.
  • Select UPS Pickup or UPS Drop Off.
  • Print the return shipping label, then package your purchase.
  • Aim to return it within 90 days.

Can you Return a Laptop After 90 Days?

Normally, 90 days after purchase, Costco won’t accept a return for a PC or laptop.

Make sure to send the equipment back before the 90-day mark if you are displeased with the model or no longer need it.

Other Things to Know

However, you won’t be able to return it if you experience technical problems after 90 days.

The Concierge Service department at Costco offers free technical support for laptops, desktops, and other devices.

You can call this concierge service if your device has any technical problems, and they will offer methods to fix the problem.


Can You Return Laptops to Costco in 2022?


As long as your return falls inside Costco’s return policy window, you can return computers and laptops there starting in 2022.

You will get a complete refund or replacement with no restocking fee if you return the device within 90 days, regardless of whether it has been opened or damaged.

Simply proceed to the Costco return desk, which is in the membership area, and let the customer service representative know that you wish to return your purchased laptop.

More Things to Know

You can also return items online if you purchased them from Costco’s website.

Conclusively, it’s safe to say that Costco has a great, possibly industry-best return policy for laptops.

It also provides a free, practical, and straightforward way to return your laptop, which may be done in-person or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long do you have to Return a Costco Item?

90 days.

2. Can I Return Something to Costco After 2 Years?

No, you can’t.

3. Can I Return Something to Costco After 6 Months?

Yes, you can.

4. What Items Cannot be Returned to Costco?

Household appliances.

5. Can I Return an Item to Costco Without a Receipt?

 Receipts aren’t necessary to process your return.

6. What Happens to Returned Items at Costco?

Either discarded, put up for sale, or delivered to liquidation zones.

7. Will it Cost to Return My Laptop to Costco?

No, it won’t.

8. Is Costco Return Policy Unlimited?

Nearly unlimited.

9. Can You Return a Laptop to Costco Without a Receipt?

It is not really important.

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