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550+ Bizzare and Weird Lake Name Ideas to Use Anytime

There are many lake resorts in the United States with the most exquisite or strange names, depending on your point of view. This article will provide you with some creative names for lakes near you.

lake names

What is a Lake?

A lake is a body of water that is sited in a basin, enclosed by land, and separate from any river or other spillway that feeds or drains the lake.

Lakes are not part of the ocean, but they do contribute to the Earth’s hydrologic cycle.

Much the same way as the much larger oceans.

Over a period of time, all lakes will gradually fill in with silt or start leaking out of the basin that contains them.

Many lakes are man-made and built for industrial or agricultural purposes.

Some are for the generation of hydroelectric power or residential water supply.

Others are for beauty or leisure reasons, or for other purposes.


Largest Lakes in the World

There are thousands of lakes in the world today, and one can’t help but wonder which one is the largest.

Humanity has been able to measure the size and volume of lakes using modern technology.

Let’s start with the three biggest.

1. The Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is the world’s biggest lake.

Although it has some attributes of a sea, such as salt concentration and seabed below sea level.

Because of its size, the lake has coastlines in many nations, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

This lake’s water is undrinkable in some places, with slightly higher salt content than an ocean.

2. Lake Superior

Lake Superior has coastlines in both the USA and Canada.

It is also the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area.

This lake has a vast quantity that dwarfs many of the nearby “Great Lakes.”

For over a century, Lake Superior has been used for shipping.

3. Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, named after Queen Victoria, is Africa’s largest lake.

This freshwater lake borders Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Furthermore, it is well-known for sustaining a diverse range of wildlife in the area.

Despite having a much larger surface area than most other lakes on the planet, its volume is significantly lower due to its shallow depth.

lake names

Largest Artificial Lakes in the World

When dams are built, they end up creating man-made lakes or reservoirs.

These reservoirs and lakes are beneficial to humans because they provide drinkable water, farm irrigation, hydropower, and flood control.

It’s fascinating to see how large these entirely man-made water bodies are.

Check out the top three.

The Kariba Dam

The Kariba dam created the world’s largest man-made lake.

It can hold up to 180.6 cubic kilometers of water and is located in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It was built in 1959 on the Zambezi River and stands 420 feet tall and 1900 feet wide.

Lake Kariba is 170 miles long.

The dam’s principal goal is to produce electricity, which it does by supplying approximately 1626 megawatts to Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Volta Lake

Lake Volta was constructed in Ghana in 1965.

It is a hydropower-generating plant on Ghana’s Volta River.

This massive body of water spans 3,275 square miles and is larger than the merged land area of Rhode Island and Delaware!

Manicouagan Reservoir

The Manicouagan Reservoir in Canada is a multiple-bolster dam that was built on the 133-mile-long Manicouagan River.

The dam was built between 1959 and 1970, with the primary purpose of generating electricity and supplying water to the powerhouses.

Its capacity is 2,596 megawatts. Hydro Quebec owns and operates the project.

Fancy Lake Names

1. Lake Cloudy

2. Pristine Blue

3. Angel’s Domain

4. The Lonely Lake

5. Unstable Waters

6. Deep Green

7. Warman’s Lake

8. Lake Inferno

9. Midnight Lake

10. Beaver’s Lake

11. Bottomless Lake

12. The Green Depths

13. Old Blue

14. Lake Limbo

15. Lake Torden

16. Moss Wall Lake

17. King’s Lake

18. Sapphire Basin

19. Cheerful Blue

20. Lake Abyss

21. The Blue Expanse

22. Crystal Lake

23. Fisher’s Lake

24. Lake Hillspoint

25. Mysterious Deep

26. Lake Rolling Waters

27. The Mighty Lake

28. The Green Ripple

29. Iron Waters

30. Bursting Blue

31. The Misty Place

32. Laughing Lake

33. Lake Gray

34. Lake Eerie

35. The Quiet Blue

36. Eerie Mist

37. The Blue Dragon

38. Sanguine Waters

39. West Lake

40. Lake Greenside

41. The Shallow Calm

42. Lake Nigel

43. Fluorescent Waters

44. Ethereal Deep

45. Boiling Blue

46. Lake Serena

47. Sleepy Lake

48. Lake Happy

49. Pine Lake

50. Lake Paradise

Funny Lake Names

1. Wrinkled Waters

2. The Vast Deep

3. Lake Midnight Morning

4. The Brilliant Blue

5. Clown Waters

6. The Shallow Deep

7. No Coral Lake

8. Boaters Lake

9. The Ugly Green

10. The Forbidden Lake

11. Lake Freshwater

12. Lake Local

13. Lake Red Rock

14. Crystalline Green

15. The Great Lake

16. Lake Lago

17. Lake Equal

18. Mother Nature’s Tears

19. The Natural Lake

20. Impossibly Blue

21. Deep Waters

22. The Clear Blue

23. The Dramatic Deep

24. The Striking Lake

25. Natural Beauty

26. Extraordinary Waters

27. Lake Allure

28. Warm Blue

29. Lake Windy

30. The Shrinking Lake

31. Freshwater Playground

32. Oasis Blue

33. Quietude Deep

34. The Green Point

35. The Cold Lake

36. Deep Clear Lake

37. Bluestone Lake

38. Pristine Deep

39. Lake Steamy

40. Lake Isolation

41. Vast Blue

42. Mild Waters

43. Lake Wild Green

44. Fragile Lake

45. Sunlight Waters

46. Lake Phantom

47.  Lake Trout

48. Twilight Lake

49. Twin Blue

50. Lake Serenity

Creative Lake Names

1. Lake Blue Calm

2. Lake of Yearning

3. Calm Waters

4. Still Lake

5. Lake Young Hearts

6. Sunfish Lake

7. Lovers Lake

8. Boater’s Hangout

9. The Green Lake

10. Turquoise Lake

11. Lake Big Rock

12. Lake Summer water

13. Shallow Blue

14. Lake Richmond

15. Spring Lake

16. Lake Solitude

17. Lake Mist water

18. Lake Blueside

19. Dawn Lake

20. Lake Lavender

21. Lake Grandview

22. Sleepy Lake

23. Lake Happy

24. Pine Lake

25. Lake Paradise

26. Wild Lakes

27. Lake Bliss

28. Lake Eclipse

29. Stargazer’s Lake

30. Big Little Lake

31. Sunset Lake

32. Lake Redwood

33. Bear Foot’s Lake

34. Love Lake

35. Lake Trout Haven

36. Lake Hiddenwaters

37. Bird’s Eye Lake

38. Lake Breezy

39. Lake Ladybird

40. Eagle’s View Lake

41. Seven Lakes

42. Lake Hawkeye

43. Aura Lake

44. Lily House Lake

45. Red Brick Villa

46. Azul Lake

47. Blossom Villa

48. House Magenta

49. Peach House

50. Firefly Lake


Final Words

As you can see, naming a lake isn’t always straightforward.

Even if the process is complicated, the process of naming lakes is fascinating.

However, we believe that our list will help you get a head start on naming that beautiful body of water in your area.

Just pick a name from our lake names list.

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