La-Z-Boy Review 2020: Is it Worth Buying from Them?

La-Z-Boy Review 2020: Is it Worth Buying from Them?

La-Z-Boy focuses on furniture only with a good product range and quality. They are US furnture manufacturer that serves the market for more than 70 years now. Read on!

La-Z-Boy Review 2020: Is it Worth Buying from Them?

La-Z-Boy is well known for its recliners but they have grown over the years to include much more, such as mattresses, sofas, accent chairs, loveseats, beds and furniture sets, and more.

You are essentially looking at the mid-end niche brand that will help you find high-quality pieces of furniture that are not luxuriously expensive and not too cheap.

Although most consumers consider them more expensive than most discount stores, they give a greater value for the price than others, which applies to their entire catalogue.

Customers have positive things to say about convenience, perceived efficiency, and delivery in general.


  • Hundreds of the offline store locations
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Plenty of customization and upgrade options
  • Great customer service and help center section


  • Really slow delivery
  • Not all of you will find pricing good
  • Their returns policy is quite challenging
  • Their website works slow sometimes, not well-optimized

Product Range

Unlike several other stores we toured, La-Z-Boy isn’t concerned with the elements of the interior. They produce the parts of home furniture and just deal with the indoor, outdoor, residential and office furniture. You won’t find here rugs and other small pieces for the interior of your house.

We think it’s a bold move, it’s always nice to see businesses concentrate on one thing they are doing well, it’s always more profitable.

What Makes this Store Good

  • Hundreds of offline store locations
  • Convenient Deposit/Balance payment
  • High-quality products with reasonable mid-end pricing
  • A reputable manufacturer that produces furniture in the USA
  • Easy customization and upgrade options

Pricing at La-Z-Boy

The La-Z-Boy goods are made in the United States and typically have mid-end price tags. You won’t find any sofas cheaper than $900, for example.

If you buy their cheapest couch, however, you can still be sure it’s a genuinely top-notch product that will not fall apart in a few months ‘ time.

  • Sofas — starting with $900
  • Mattresses — starting with $510
  • Chairs — starting with $529
  • Recliners — starting with $349
  • Loveseats — starting with $779

Payment Options

They accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Unfortunately, they do not work with PayPal or AmazonPay.

But they have a great function not offered by most furniture stores. When you get to the register, you’ll see that you’re only paying half in advance. This is called a deposit.

On delivery of your order the other half of the final price will be paid from the credit card. It’s very relaxing and just.

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