Korean Corn Dog Near Me (Find it Easy)

You’ve probably seen these absolutely stunning corn dogs in your feed at some point. What we might consider they have elevated a simple childhood snack several notches with the Korean corn dog, popular street food in South Korea. Read through to get more information on Korean Corn Dog Near Me.

What are Korean Corn Dogs?

Korean Corn Dogs are a sweet and salty street food that is deep-fried and topped with a variety of ingredients.

They are served on a stick and contain either mozzarella cheese, a hot dog, or rice cakes. Korean Corn Dogs are battered, then coated with panko, potatoes, or ramen noodles before being deep fried in oil.

After frying, they sprinkle a little sugar on top to add sweetness. They then drizzled liberally the corn dog with ketchup, mustard, or mayo.

Korean Corn Dog Vs American Corn Dog

Korean Corn Dogs are like American Corn Dogs in shape and presentation on a stick. Both contain a hot dog, but Korean-style Corn Dogs can also contain other fillings.

Fillings that are commonly used include hot dogs, cheese, fish hot dogs, rice cakes, red bean paste, chocolate, and so on.

The batter that coats the corn dog is a major difference. Cornmeal batter is used in American Corn Dogs, whereas they use plain flour batter in Korean Corn Dogs.

Korean Corn Dogs are unrivaled in toppings. While the American version is only coated in batter, the Korean versions can have a variety of toppings.


Korean Corn Dog Near Me

A Korean corn dog typically comprises a hot dog, mozzarella cheese, or rice cake covered in batter, as well as fun toppings such as french fries, ramen, or panko.

 Fry it up, slather it in your favorite sauce, and you’ve got yourself a snack fit for a king! Continue reading to learn about some Bay Area hotspots that serve these delectable morsels, and scroll down for a map.

1. Stix 

Because they specialize in Korean corn dogs, stix is San Francisco’s go-to spot for them!

They make the dogs fresh to order, using rice flour to achieve a chewy texture similar to mochi and a sugar coating for a delicious sweet/savory combination.

Check out their corn dog happy hour Monday-Friday from 1:30-3:30pm for a 15% discount.

2. District Tea

Korean Corn Dog Near Me

This women-run boba shop serves absolutely delicious boba teas that are worth a visit in and of themselves. They also have a good menu with fresh Onigiris, popcorn chicken, sandwiches, fries, and, of course, corn dogs.

The dogs are filled with cheese and can be stuffed with Kurobata pork sausage. The panko coating adds a delicious, satisfying crunch, and you can request that they be rolled in sugar.

3. Seoul Hot Dog

This Berkeley restaurant has an impressive corn dog menu (they are corn dogs, not hot dogs, despite the name).

Premium beef, cheddar and sausage, mozzarella, pepper jack, and other ingredients may be used in your dog. Then garnish with squid ink batter, sweet potato crust, hot cheetos, and a spicy batter option!

4. Myungrang Hot Dog

This Cupertino location is part of a chain with locations throughout California and the western United States.

Fillings include charcoal-grilled hot dogs, rice cake, mozzarella, cheddar, and premium sausage. Try them with potato, spicy sweet potato, squid ink, and, of course, panko.


5. Umai Hot Dogs

Umai HotDogs

Umai Hot Dogs is best known for its impressive hot dogs made with many Asian ingredients, but the menu also includes several Korean-inspired corndogs.

 Try their maple syrup-topped “waffle dog” or deep-fried mozzarella cheese sticks with ketchup, mustard, or mozzarella dipping sauce.

If you’re not a fan of corn dogs but want to try some new flavors in hot dog form, they take their hot dogs to the next level with ingredients like Nashville brisket, white truffle, Polish sausage, Umai teriyaki sauce, and furikake.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are Korean Corn Dogs Called?

Korean corn dog, otherwise known as gamja hot dog.

2. What is the Difference Between Korean Corn Dogs and American Corn Dog?

The major difference between corn dogs and Korean corn dogs lies in the batter. American corn dogs are battered in a cornmeal batter and Korean corn dogs are battered in a yeasted dough or a rice flour batter. 

3. Are Korean Corn Dogs Actually Korean?

Corn dogs gained popularity as a Korean street food in the 1980s, but the current corn dog trend—which sees more than just hot dogs coated in more than just cornmeal batter—is generally credited to Myungrang Hot Dog

4. What’s Different about Korean Corn Dogs?

The major difference between corn dogs and Korean corn dogs lies in the batter. American corn dogs are battered in a cornmeal batter and Korean corn dogs are battered in a yeasted dough or a rice flour batter.

5. What are Korean Hot Dogs Made of?

They make korean corn dogs from either sausage, mozzarella cheese, or a combination of the two. You will skewer and coat this in a sweet flour batter before rolling in a layer of toppings.

More Frequently Asked Question

6. What is a Korean Rice Hot Dog?

Korean corn dogs are hot dogs, cheese, rice cakes, or fish cakes fried in a batter on a stick and dressed with sugar, ketchup, mustard, and/or mayo. 

7. Who Invented Korean Corn Dogs?

The Korean corn dog is generally credited to Myungrang Hot Dog, a chain that started in a market near Busan in 2016.

8. How do you Cook a Frozen Korean Corn Dog?

Choose to bake frozen corn dogs in a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven.

9. Are Frozen Corn Dogs Fully Cooked?

t’s important to know that foster farm’s frozen corn dogs are already pre-cooked, which means they are deep-fried before then frozen fast to save the original taste.

Korean Corn Dogs are unquestionably one of South Korea’s most popular street foods. These deep-fried snacks can be found in Seoul markets and have grown in popularity in Europe and America.

The popular Korean cafe Frank Seoul, which specializes in corn dogs, inspired this Korean Corn Dog recipe.

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