The Ultimate Guide to Korean BBQ in Philadelphia

It is simple to understand why many Americans have such a soft spot in their hearts for Korean BBQ in Philadelphia. Friends can gather around the table for a meal, pass shot glasses of soju around, and down beers in between rounds of fatty, smoky, barbecued beef ribs and hog bellies. In this article, you will get the ultimate guide to Korean BBQ in Philadelphia.

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About Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is well-known for a wide range of things, making it both a popular tourist destination and a desirable place to live. 

The wonderful restaurant scene is one of these attractions. We are aware that choosing restaurants to try might be overwhelming when visiting a new location. 

The cuisine, service, and even the ambiance are all unpredictable. So let’s make things short and sweet: Korean barbeque is the focus of this article.


 We’ve compiled a list of our city’s top spots to eat this cuisine to ease the burden. You can find all the details you could possibly need about each restaurant on this list. 

After reading this list, you’ll be an expert on everything from the menu’s specifics to the level of service and even the type of atmosphere. For more information about each site, keep reading.

Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Philadelphia

Below are some of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Philadelphia that everyone should visit.

1. SO Korean Grill

Looking for a place to expand your horizons to the fullest? Please consider SO Korean BBQ. 

You can order dishes that are tailored to your preferences and a tasting menu at this neighborhood restaurant that serves Korean BBQ, so you can actually sample everything.

SO Korean Grill offers both a regular menu and tasting menu options. 

Tofu with kimchi and pork stir fry, beef short rib soup, chilled buckwheat noodles in spicy sauce, and bibimbap are all must-tries. Remember to drink your beer or soju.

2. Kpot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

Kpot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot is undoubtedly a well-known restaurant in Philadelphia as seen by its over 900 Google ratings. 

This neighborhood eatery serves Asian hot pot in addition to Korean barbecue. People adore the staff, food, and service at this restaurant.

At Kpot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot, there is a wide variety of food to choose from.

 We suggest the spicy pork bulgogi, the hot pot with your choice of ingredients, the chicken bulgogi, or the spicy pork belly. Drink some flavored lemonade or frozen pina Coladas, please.

3. Seorabol Restaurant

Looking for a spot that offers a little more than just bbq? There is just one place to go, which is Seorabol Restaurant. 

Serving sushi, bibimbop, Korean barbeque, and other dishes. So even if you don’t enjoy BBQ, you can still find something you like here.

The menu at Seorabol Restaurant is rather broad, so if you’re having trouble deciding what to get, try the spider roll, chicken teriyaki, bulgogo plus naeugyumyun, or bulnak jungol. 

Don’t forget to drink a traditional Korean beverage as well.

4. Gogi BBQ

You shouldn’t pass up Gogi BBQ, despite the fact that it could be a little less well-known. 

At this establishment, savor authentic Korean barbeque. Locals love this place for its service, employees, and atmosphere in addition to the food.

You simply can’t go wrong with Gogi BBQ because there is such a large selection to choose from. 

Try the all-you-can-eat BBQ sometime though; it’s only $32.95 and offers a wide variety of delectable options. Don’t forget to drink some coconut water or Chinese herbal tea.

5. Muta Korean BBQ & Karaoke

The best spot to go for a good time in Philadelphia is Muta Korean BBQ & Karaoke. 

This restaurant serves traditional fare like chicken dishes and Korean barbeque. You’re sure to have fun here with the karaoke and partial bar.

You can’t go wrong at Muta Korean BBQ & Karaoke because the menu is chock full of delectable alternatives. 

We suggest the spicy stir-fried octopus with vegetables, thinly sliced beef brisket, spicy Korean noodles, and sliced pork belly strips. Check out the specialized beverages as well.

6. Buk Chon Korean Cuisine

Buk Chon Korean Cuisine has been serving the Philadelphia neighborhood for years and has a fantastic 4.8-star rating on Google. 

Here, you may discover Korean cuisine ranging from fried chicken to barbeque. You’ll feel right at home here because it’s in a welcoming environment.

The menu at Buk Chon Korean Cuisine features a huge selection of meals, including a few vegetarian selections. 

The kimchi paella, rib eye bulgogi, tofu, and kimchi, or chili rice gnocchi are dishes that we suggest. Don’t forget to BYOB.

7. Nine Ting

Looking to cut costs a little while you’re out? You’re in Nine Ting’s good hands. This neighborhood eatery offers Korean BBQ and hot pot meals. 

Additionally, with a BYOB policy, purchasing drinks to accompany your dinner won’t break the wallet.

At Nine Ting, the menu is a little unusual. Select from all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ or hot pot dishes. To put it another way, you may anticipate leaving this place fully. Don’t forget to bring your favorite beverage.

8. Jong Ka Jib

Jong Ka Jib rounds out our list of Philadelphia locations serving Korean barbecue. This neighborhood eatery has a BYOB policy and serves Korean food. 

Everyone may enjoy this location, which has a traditional décor and a welcoming environment.

The Jong Ka Jib menu is uncomplicated and simple to use. Make sure to sample the mul man doo, bi bim bap, grilled eel, and dried tofu wrap. 

Everyone should be able to find something since they also offer a vegetarian menu.



You probably didn’t anticipate Philadelphia to have that many Korean barbecue restaurants. You might need to test out each of these alternatives. The fact that this food is so wonderful cannot be denied.

Which area will you check out first? Let us know.  Did we forget any dining establishments from this list? Please inform us so that we can know.

Frequently Asked Questions

A way to prepare meat slices that have been marinated.

The meat.

A little soy sauce, a few ginger slivers, a few garlic cloves, a cup of brown sugar, a dash of rice vinegar, and a few teaspoons of sesame oil.

  • Ddeokbokki
  • Bibimbap
  • Kimchi

The food is both familiar and exotic.

Chicken, pork belly, beef short ribs, and beef tongue.

Short ribs, flank steak, or bulgogi.


8-12 minutes

  • Ssamjang
  • Sesame oil, salt, and pepper sauce
  • soy sauce

Yes, you will have to cook your meat yourself.

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