Exchange Gift Cards

Kiosks to Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Online and Near You

Kiosks to Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Online and Near You.

Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Online and Near You: Gift card exchange for cash is a great way to raise money. The best gift card exchange sites will buy gift cards from you for cash, but you will lose some of the value of your card. Perhaps you don’t shop at the store your gift card is for, or you’re just looking to get hold of some money for essentials?

Exchange Gift Cards

What is A Gift Card and How Does it Work

A gift card is a type of prepaid debit card loaded with funds for future use.

Gift cards are a form of prepaid debit cards loaded with funds for future use. There are generally two types of gift cards:

Open-loop and closed-loop cards. Both types can typically be used online and in person.

Many gift cards will have a minimum and maximum initial loading amount. A common minimum is $10, and a common maximum is $500.

In some situations, they can be used to pay for a portion of purchase with cash, debit, or credit used to balance the expense.

As a precaution to mitigate the risk of losses, many gift cards can also be registered online—a procedure that allows the remaining balance to be tracked and frozen if a card is lost.

In this way, some gift cards are safer than cash.

What is Gift Card Exchange

A gift card exchange is an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of gift cards. Sellers can set up accounts to handle multiple card sales. Buyers can browse among the available gift cards and select the ones they want.

Best of all, the average discounts for buyers range from 3 to more than 6 percent among the largest gift card exchanges.

Conversely, sellers can receive up to 95 percent of card value when selling on an exchange. It’s a win-win proposition, but it pays to look for the best exchanges and the best deals.

In most cases, sellers will sell cards directly to the exchange, and buyers will buy cards directly from the exchange.

At and some P2P marketplaces, the exchange is strictly an intermediary where buyers will buy directly from sellers.

Kiosks to Exchange Gift Cards for Cash

Maybe you are wondering what store buy gift cards for cash. Search no more, this article will give you break down on how to sell your gift cards for money.

Raise Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Raise is seen as the overall best gift card exchange kiosk in the United States to sell your gift card for the money.

They are swift and efficient; among all the nearest gift card exchange kiosks in the US, they give the best rate for your card. Raise is user-friendly, highly responsive, and informative. Their site layout is top-notch.

Gift Card Spread

Gift Card Spread has a large variety of gift cards on offer for impressive discounts of up to 31% – some of the best we’ve seen. This website is easy to use. Retailers are listed alphabetically but you can also search by price, card type, or a multitude of categories.

Like other exchange websites, each retailer has a saving of ‘up to’ a certain amount. You can then click to see what your options are.

However, there isn’t an app on offer which penalises Gift Card Spread when compared to competitors such as CardCash, and the process of selling your card is far too complicated to be worth the hassle.

If you’re looking to buy cards this is the place to do it, but anyone seeking to exchange or sell should definitely consider other options.

CardCash Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Here is another cool gift card exchange kiosk near me. There are many gift cards you can buy or exchange for cash.

CardCash is the best option for sellers. It offers enormous discounts on vouchers for big retailers.

Their rate is often higher than other gift card exchange kiosks. They have a well-structured app that is user friendly. Their payout time is fast and smooth.

CardCash also offers users different payment options like PayPal and direct debit payments. This implies that you can get your payment within days, which is more efficient and faster than some other exchange kiosk.

They have been in business since 2010. They give maximum value for your gift cards.

Gift Card Granny

With a free app to use on the go and lots of gift card options from dozens of exchange websites and even more retailers, Gift Card Granny has a good selection available, even if this comes in a different form to many of its competitors.

If the cashback option appeals to you, this is a good option with the ability to customise eGifts for sending to loved ones.

A big downside with Gift Card Granny is that, whilst it posts lots of useful, informative content and has many gift cards listed available to buy, it doesn’t offer you the chance to sell your gift card.

If that’s what you’re after, this isn’t the site for you. However, Giftcard granny had offers for over 1300 brands, making it one of the most comprehensive sites we looked at.

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