25 Kids’ Room Decor Ideas for Designs, Beds, and Lighting

Kids’ room decor ideas can be one of the hardest things to do. Teenagers also have specific ways they want their room to look; it’s not just restricted to the adult. The ways a room looks have some psychological impact on it, that is why it is important you decorate your room with vibrant colors and decorations that not only make the room look beautiful but always emit positive energy.

kids Room Recor Ideas

Some Good Teen Room Decor Ideas

If you’re a parent, you’ll agree with me that a teenager’s bedroom is among the toughest rooms in the house to design and decorate because they’ve got taste and also come up with good kids’ room decor ideas that will spark their interest.

They have what they want and the way they want it. From spotlight and nurture to their personal style and interests while still making sure it fits in with the rest of the home.

Also, it needs to be adaptable enough to grow with them through the precious years they have left at home.

Space-friendly treehouse beds are an excellent choice in this regard, combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly while maximizing space in a child’s room.

Their imaginative design adds a unique touch to the room’s decor, making it both a functional sleeping space and a play area, perfect for fostering creativity and playfulness in kids.

But in this article, we’ve listed out the best decoration ideas for teens.

1. Design a Functional, Multi-Purpose Room

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

In considering kids’ room decor ideas, you must consider that it is more than just a sleeping space. As they start exploring their independence, setting up a room where they can hang out is very important.

Also, studying and lounging with friends is almost as important as sleep. And don’t forget that the social aspect of a teen room decor is big.

A survey of global teenagers found that the number 1 thing a teen would include in their room is a picture of themselves with their friends. Work with your teen to creatively include the following areas in their room:

  • Cozy sleep area
  • Customized study area
  • A place to lounge with friends

2. Incorporate Bold Wall Designs

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

When considering decorating a room for teens, one best teen room ideas should include vibrantly colored, high-energy rooms. Decorating a bedroom wall can make a big impact.

Here are a few ideas for making an amazing wall that stands out:

  • Bright colors and geometric designs
  • Custom-printed wall treatments
  • Removable wall decals
  • Hand-picked paint, chalkboard paint, or a graffiti wall for an urban style
  • Favorite words in neon or lighted marquee signs

3. Invest in Storage to Reduce Clutter

Invest in storage to reduce clutter

Let’s be frank: teenagers and arranged rooms are very rare combinations. Disordered bedrooms seem to be a teenager’s rite of passage.

The idea for smart storage options is one feature they possibly didn’t think of but will be very much appreciated.

Assist them to keep their bedroom tidy and functional with these storage items:

  • Dressers
  • Shelving
  • Under-the-bed storage bins
  • Storage benches or storage ottomans
  • A cabinet wall around the bed

Don’t forget to make storage fun, just like you would for all of these cool bedroom ideas.

Joining functionality with personality is actually the key to making a space they will love for years.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s boy or girl teens at home, they would all love cool bedroom decor.

You can also ask for their ideas to design a creative space that’s comfortable, functional, and suits their unique teenage style.

4. Incorporate Cozy Textures for Lounging

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

There’s no doubt about it that teens love spending quality time in their rooms because they feel safe and comfortable. This is particularly true for a teenage girl’s room.

Hence, you should include the below listed in your list of kids’ room decor ideas.

They are naturally drawn to feel-good fabrics, attractive designs, and lenient textures. You should consider these bedroom ideas;

  • Flocked velvet wallpaper
  • Faux fur rug
  • Gauzy or patterned curtains
  • Plush bedding
  • Hanging fringe
  • Fuzzy or soft throw pillows

5. Create a Section Dedicated to Exploring Their Hobbies and Interests

Create a Section Dedicated to Exploring Their Hobbies and Interests

The teenage years are when we really define ourselves, our personality, and what we really love doing.  It all begins to begin to engaging in diverse interests and hobbies and finding passion.

Clearly, your teenage girl or boy would want the freedom to explore what they want in life, too.

They could express their interest in dance, painting, coding, reading, writing poetry, music, sculpting, etc.

These are the diverse cultural ways they use to express their interest and how they perceive certain situations.

It is imperative to give them personal space to help them explore these interests. Perhaps your teenager secretly dreams of becoming an architect someday, or a fashion designer, a writer, or an artist.

If they love music, you can choose to install a small jamming corner to practice their instrument or compose.

6. Pick an Appropriate Bed Size

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Size is another thing to consider when setting up a room for teenagers. Teenager bedrooms don’t necessarily need to have a queen-size bed.

Even if it’s in a teenage girl’s room or a boy’s cave, a 6×4 or 6×5 bed usually serves well. If maybe over one teenage boy is living in the room, you should consider investing in bunk beds.

This will introduce them to the college way of life as well as provide them with some level of privacy.

If perhaps, the room is to be occupied by teenage girls rather than boys, you can go for twin beds if there is enough available square footage.

Take their privacy into account and separate the beds or place them in perpendicular layouts.

7. Lighting for Teens

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Another important thing you need to consider is lighting. A good mix of lighting is very important. Begin with a bright study light at the desk, and if your teen loves reading in bed, you should include a reading light there, too.

After that, put in some softer lighting, just like table lamps. Lighting can help a dual purpose, infusing some element of fun into the room.

You could put a string of themed lights or a glowing speech bubble that says, “Hello.” Or, display fairy lights in a jar for a whimsical look.

Even floor lamps can be a chance for your teen to express themselves. A tripod movie studio or a streetlamp-inspired floor lamp can lend a lot of personality to any room.

8. Accessories

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Accessories are also things you should make your teen’s room look amazing. All those items that give the room its personality, for instance, a signed guitar, a classic “Star Wars” movie poster, or tie-dye pillows.

Generally, they replicate the theme or add a splash of color. Think bright picture frames or a lava lamp.

While you may end up buying accessories, particularly if you want a total makeover, your teen may already have items that will reflect the theme.

Do you want to decorate with a sports theme? Display your teen’s baseball collection or favorite jersey.

9. Connectivity

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Decorate your teen up for academic and social attainment by including lots of electrical outlets and USB charging points to power up phones, tablets, and computers.

But be strategic about where you place it. While a charging station next to the bed would be good for adults, you may want to place one on the opposite side of the room so your teen doesn’t spend hours texting or playing on a device when they should be sleeping.

In its place, you may want to create a devoted area for their digital gear in one part of the room.

10. Furniture for Teen Rooms

Furniture for Teen Rooms

Kids will need space to play, whereas teens will need space to study and entertain friends. Endeavor, your teen’s room can accommodate both.

Begin with evaluating what is already in the room. The room should have a place to read and study, a good bed, dresser, end tables, comfy seating, and storage space.

You may be able to make what you already have by repainting or reupholstering existing pieces to give them a fresh look.

Or you can decide to get new pieces. If you choose to buy new furniture, keep in mind pieces your teen can take to college or use in their first apartment.

11. Best Beds for Teen Rooms

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

If you haven’t gotten them a bed already, it’s time to do away with their childhood bed and change it with a more adult one.

Bonus points for a bed that your teen can take with them to college or when they move into their first apartment.

Daybeds that would include a trundle are a good choice for teens who love to have sleepovers, while a loft bed opens up the room, permitting additional space for hanging out with friends. Even a queen-size bed will make your teen feel like a grown-up.

12. Ceilings and Floors

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Always remember that your teen’s room is more than just its four walls. You should Take note of the ceiling as well. You can either paint it in an accent color or paint a fun pattern.

Include curtains of billowy cloth hung from the ceiling for a wispy, female look, or you could just use curtains to demarcate the bed from the rest of the room.

Lighting is another awesome way to add visual interest to the ceiling. Consider hanging a chandelier like this traditional fixture or this fun one. You can install tons of light fixtures to give the ceiling a fresh look.

Also, do not neglect the floors. Rugs are also another way to change the appearance of the floor without a major repair. Consider buying an area rug that matches the color or the one that reflects your teen’s interest.

13. Closet Space

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Dresses are a very important part of teen life, and yours will probably need additional areas for their collection.

If maybe your teen’s closet is small, you should increase wardrobe space by removing unused shelves and including a second rod.

Or maybe buy a kit from Home Depot or Lowes to organize the space. You can also arrange the space with hanging shoe bins and belt loops. Or, include a shoe storage cabinet on the closet floor.

Of course, a large laundry basket for dirty clothes and plenty of hangers are essential.

14. Space for Music

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Probably, your teen may not play an instrument; however, most teens love to listen to music. Good speakers, lights that flash in time to the music, or even mood lighting improve the experience.

If your teen listens to records, endeavor to provide space for their record player and record collection as well.

Budding musicians should also have the space to focus on their craft. Set up an area where they can practice and store the instruments when not in use.

15. Fresh Color Ideas for Teen Rooms

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Irrespective of the theme of the house, color has a huge impact. According to Sherwin-Williams, white, grey, blues, and pink are common colors teens love, though you can make almost any color work.

 White: It doesn’t matter the room, you could be wrong with a shade of white.

Sherwin-Williams proposes Additional White and some other neutral shades like Alabaster and Silverpoint that you can contrast with bright shades like blue, orange, or pink.

Black: Make a spectacular focal point by painting one wall black or dark grey.

You can go for a monochromatic look of blacks, whites, and grey or use black as a backdrop for more eye-catching colors.

Navy: Navy is a good option, especially for the boy’s room.

Use it with green, brown, or light blue accents. Join it with colorful accents, for instance, a yellow bedspread, white curtains, or bold posters for a brighter look.

Pink: teen girls mostly loved Pink. Take pink to the next level with a more stylish approach.

Recent furniture with simple lines can offset the immaturity generally related to pink bedrooms, but you can also decide to include bold pink accents instead.

16. Study Space

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

There’s no doubt about it: high school and college courses can be very demanding, so your teen will want a good area to study.

Begin with a deep enough desk for a laptop or computer those drawers for stuff like pens, pencils, and study tools.

A chair with good lumbar support is necessary, but so is sufficient lighting.

Hang a whiteboard, chalkboard, or corkboard over the desk so your teen can note important assignments. Near the desk, consider installing shelves for reference and textbooks.

17. Dark and Quiet

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Teens enjoy sleeping, so as essential as it is to get the right lighting, you want to be able to make the room a little dark any time of the day.

Lined curtains, the kind you’d find in a hotel room, are a good choice you should consider.

Or you can consider using blackout blinds. To assist with keeping the room dark, get your teen in the habit of switching off their screens before they go to bed.

18. Attic Hang Out

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

This is among the list of amazing kids’ room decor ideas every teenager would love. A pair of French daybeds make for stylish seating while offering further sleeping space for overnight visitors.

Large beanbag chairs provide flex space for extra guests without taking away from the room’s open and airy feel, and a current “bubble swing” includes some element of whimsy.

You can even see a popcorn machine and a well-stocked mini-fridge!

19. Build a Lofted Bed

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

You can consider creating a dorm-like space with a lofted bed! This small space hack can make your teen’s bedroom into two distinct areas.

Not to mention, lofting the bed offers sufficient space underneath for a hangout space with a couch, a small office, or even a workout space!


20. Turn Polaroids into a Feature Wall

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

One amazing décor idea for the teen room is to include photos of their friends and family with a selfie wall.

Do so without destroying the beautifully painted walls by attaching pegs to either side of the wall or tie string. Or even thin wire fairy light ideas between them, just like a small washing line.

So all you just have to do is turn a Polaroid camera and bulldog clips over to your team for them to curate the rest.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Polaroid camera, there are lots of apps or print templates that you can use to get a similar retro look.

21. Make it Changeable with Wall Stickers

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

If, for instance, things get out of fashion faster than you can say trending, there’s a possibility that your teen could change preference very fast on what’s believed to be cool or not.

To prevent you from decorating your budget and avoid waste, you should consider wall stickers to include decoration.

The use of transfers connotes fewer obligations to a theme, giving teens the freedom to express themselves with more variability.

These heart wall stickers can be placed and repositioned when the mood takes you.

You can simply do this by simply peeling them off with care, putting them back on the original backing sheet, and you can reapply your stickers ready for re-use. Best of all, they won’t leave residue behind so walls are preserved.

22. Create a Teen Design with Depth

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

You can achieve Dark and moody decor without turning a teen bedroom into a bat cave.

You can do this by painting the walls a smart dark grey layer up lighter shades of grey and white.

Also, use different patterns to increase interest, and throw in a pop of one other color for a little youthful energy.

A hand-lettered print on the wall (in this case, a parental reminder, maybe!), along with other ice-white accents, freshens the finish without taking away from the overall impact

23. Give a Loft Room a Scandi Spin

Give a loft room a Scandi spin

True is not all teens are lucky with big bedrooms, and it’s not always easy changing up from a children’s room to a more adult space.

It does an awesome job of crossing that divide with an amazing Scandi style that makes the most of the available space with a raised built-in cabin bed.

With storage down and in the alcove u, the rest of the room is free for your teen’s wardrobe.

The wood cladding keeps the bedroom serene and improves the sense of space, which is vital in a teen girl’s room, while colorful bed linen can be used to increase personality and flair.

24. Curate a Cool Bedroom Art Display

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

If, for any reason, you’ve spent time and money prudently creating two-tone paint effects and repairing a kid’s bedroom, you’re perhaps not going to take it likely for your teen daughter to put posters directly on the wall.

So Try fixing picture ledges at staggered heights on the wall above the bed and layering up framed prints and photos of your teen’s choice for a personal and art display.

The images and, hence, the space can be updated as often as she wants.

25. Separate Areas with Curtains

Teenager Room Decor Ideas

Curtains are not very costly and are a colorful way to divide up a teen’s bedroom without some renovations.

Framing the bed with beautiful curtains gives the illusion of a dreamy canopy and offers little privacy.

It can also be used as a stylish way to divide the bed from a study area or hang out space in the room. As you are planning on designing a teen bedroom, remember your children are involved during the process.

They are old enough to know the kind of design decisions they want, and you can always give comments based on cute room ideas and budget.

Don’t forget that teen room ideas should reflect their personality while joining sufficient elements for comfortability, storage, and functionality when coming up with Kids’ room decor ideas. don’t forget to add these elements.

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