13 Amazing and Awesome Kids Activities Near Me 2022 in Zurich

– Kids Activities Near Me 2022 – 

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, has no shortage of fun activities to do with kids. Take a look at the top ten family activities available.

Children in Zurich may experience a world overflowing in wonder, spectacle, and nature thanks to short walking distances and a diverse choice of recreational activities.

13 Amazing and Awesome Kids Activities Near Me in Zurich

These museums, restaurants, and hotels are especially appealing to youngsters.

Whether it’s a trip to the Zurich Zoo to see wild animals, a hike through magnificent nature on the Uetliberg or along the beaches of Lake Zurich, or a visit to one of the many museums with specific children’s programs, the city of Zurich is the ideal destination for families.

Kids Activities Near Me 2022 in Zürich

Check out the top ten activities to do in Zurich with kids.

1. WOW Museum

13 Amazing and Awesome Kids Activities Near Me in Zurich

The WOW Museum should be on your radar if you’re looking for an amazing family day out in Zurich. They packed this completely interactive museum with optical illusions and surprises that are just waiting to be discovered by youngsters and big kids.

There are several wacky experiences that can be enjoyed, ranging from becoming lost in infinity to dancing on the ceiling.

2. Rigi Panoramic Trail

When visiting Zurich with children, the Rigi Panoramic Trail is unquestionably the first thing you should do. There is no better way to explore the most spectacular and recognized vistas of Switzerland than by taking a tour of the gorgeous Swiss landscapes.

This route, also known as the “Queen of the Mountain,” is built on an old railroad track and leads to a variety of breathtaking views, making it one of the most distinctive and stunning sceneries in the area.

You’ll be able to see several of Switzerland’s most famous lakes, including Lake Lucerne and Lake Zug. It takes around 2 hours to complete and is not physically demanding for kids.

3. Uetliberg Mountain


Maybe Zurich isn’t thinking of these huge Swiss Alps, yet the town has one just at the door. Uetliberg overlooks Zurich up to 850 m above sea level and offers amazing panoramic views of the city and much more.

Besides being a fantastic spot to enjoy the fresh mountain air, children will also adore the beautiful railway up to the tour (Uetliberg Aussichtsturm).

During fall, when the fog rises in the lake, the view from here is spectacular. In the winter months, many routes become unforgettable trails.

4. Kids Activities Near Me 2022: Museum Scholss Kyburg

The Scholss Kyburg Museum is within an actual castle. Unlike you may assume, it’s not the castle itself that is the primary attraction, but what every chamber holds.
The medieval ages have objects such as originally armors, traditional clothes, and weapons in each room, tower, dungeons, and hall. It’s a small museum to look around the streets of this famous city centuries ago with its unassuming histories.
If you wonder what to do with children on a wet day in Zurich, this is an excellent choice.

5. Bikepark Zurich

There are lots of options in the city for adventure sports, such as mountain biking, skateboarding, and trails. The Zurich bike park distinguishes itself from being Europe’s first urban cycle park.
Skate Park Freestyle Zurich is nearly just across the street in the city’s neighborhood, Allmendstrasse. The notion of fitness trails or training in nature is present in Zurich.
They are called Vitaparcourses in Switzerland and they are like running a personal obstacle course in the woods.

6. Kids Activities Near Me 2022: Zurich Zoo

kids activities near me

Do your children enjoy getting in touch with their wild side? Then why not take them to Zurich Zoo for the day?

From a troop of playful Asian elephants to the magnificent rhinos and giraffes that dwell in the Savannah enclosure, this famous attraction is home to a variety of well-loved inhabitants.

There is also a petting zoo for farm animals who enjoy being petted.

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7. Technorama – Swiss Science Centre 

We expect your participation at the Swiss Science Center Technorama. And it’s not just a matter of pressing buttons. What you decide influences the outcomes of the experiments displayed.

We intend these experiments to assist visitors in comprehending natural phenomena and technology. Over 500 exhibits scattered across 6,500m2 of space on three floors await discovery.

Mindscapes, Light and Sight, Current and Magnets, Mathemagic, and Mechanicum are just a handful of the parts of Technorama. It also described most of the displays in English, French, Italian, and German.

It is not only beneficial to children but also to their parents.

8. Kids Activities Near Me 2022: Chocolat Frey Visitor Centre

kids activities

In the Chocolat Frey visitor center, Switzerland’s largest producer, you and your children may get to know how chocolate comes playfully.

Some of Frey’s chocolate makers will explain and show the manufacture of these delicious delights during the so-called ‘expert trail.’

Yeah, you and your children can taste something, whether they are bits from the production line or two chocolate fountains.

The Robi may be seen packing chocolates or dressing as a cocoa bean and taking hilarious photographs to surprise your pals. In the Aroma Lab, you may also identify various fragrances or play a great computer game.

9. Kids Activities Near Me 2022: Go for a Ride on the Rails Through Zurich

Compared to other international cities, Zurich is tiny, making it suitable for a jump on the tram and a unique panorama of the attractions.

You won’t want to miss this inexpensive and easy afternoon activity when your small ones adore public transit all the stuff.

10. Lake Zurich

This is one of the places with fun Kids Activities Near Me 2022.

kids activities near me

You’ll want to explore the beautiful Lake Zurich (Zürichsee) whether you live in Zurich or are merely visiting Switzerland’s largest city.

On sweltering summer days, it seems as if the entire city flocks to the lakeside to soak up the sun, swim, and relax.

The lake is a fantastic spot to spend a day with the kids if you’re in Zurich. There is enough to do whether you love swimming, relaxing, or getting in a boat and heading out on the sea.

You may rent a boat or pedalo from one of the lakeside merchants, or you can purchase a ticket on one of the many boat tours that explore the lake.

11. Kids Activities Near Me 2022: Swiss Specialty Dishes

Bircher muesli. Max Bircher-Benner created this dish in Zurich. Your children will probably recognize the blend of oats, almonds, dried fruit or honey, mixed with yogurt or other milk.

Dr. Bircher-Benner also added the grated apple or pear.

If you would want a fondue eating experience, head to a fondue restaurant in Le Dezaley. Raclette, together with the Valaisian specialty that is most melty and eaten with potato, is the cheese toast on the bottom of the fondue pot.

Zeughauskeller is a tourist restaurant, but youngsters will think it’s cool because it feels like a ruler is coming and sitting by you.

12. Wildnispark Zürich

This is one of the places with fun Kids Activities Near Me 2022.


Zurich Wildlife Park has two distinct attractions near one another. Wild species such as bears, deer, European bison, otters, beavers, wild boar, and many others may be found in Langenberg (in enclosures).

They are all native to Switzerland and can be observed here nearly as if they were still in the wild. Seasonal, brief guided excursions with interesting animal stories are also offered.

The other attraction is Sihlwald, a protected woodland that has been largely left to its own devices, so animals and young adventurers feel well at home. At the cemetery, there is also a wildlife museum with displays on weasels, stoats, and otters.

13. Kids Activities Near Me 2022: Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse is the city’s largest and most popular shopping street. Whether you stay in a hotel on this avenue or one of its neighboring streets, you can be confident that it is the best area to stay in Zurich with children.

It is by far the best area because it is workable to walk or take a fast tram ride to most of the city’s sights and attractions.

It goes without saying that Bahnhofstrasse is equally stunning, with majestic structures and some of the most costly and opulent businesses and hotels. This street looks really lovely if you chance to visit in December.

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It is not a capital city, yet it is in one of the world’s smallest countries. Nonetheless, it is one of the most precious pearls that the heart of Western Europe cherishes.

Zurich, the capital of Switzerland, is one of the most amazing and beautiful places to visit with your family.

If you have children, you’ll be glad to learn that Zurich offers a variety of activities for them. There’s never a boring moment in this fun-loving city, whether animals, football, or simply splashing about in the lake fascinate their young brains.

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