Kenmore Top Load Washer Review: 3 Best Top Load Washer

It is important to have a working washing machine that meets all your household cleaning needs. Finding a washing machine that fits your requirements and also fits your budget is necessary. 

Kenmore Top Load Washer Review: 3 Best Top Load Washer

Kenmore’s top load washers embody a modern and sleek design with powerful cleaning technology. It has smart features which help you start a load, plan maintenance and even download new cycles.

Additionally, one of the best reason to choose Kenmore’s top load washers over a front load washer is no bending over. This high-efficiency washer uses less water and energy and offers peace of mind.

With these powerful appliances, you can keep everything from subtle and bulky bedding. Paired with a Kenmore’s dryer, you will have a laundry room ready for load after a load of dirty clothes. 

Best Kenmore Top Load Washers 

1. Kenmore 22352 Top Load Washer 

The Kenmore 22352 Top Load Washer has a 4.2 cubic feet capacity and a variety of features that make it an attractive washing machine for any household.

The machine features 12 wash cycles so that you can most effectively clean any load of laundry. The Express Wash setting allows the user to wash small loads in a fraction of the time of a regular wash cycle, making it perfect for families on the go.

Kenmore 22352 Top Load Washer 

The Jeans/Towels setting and Bulky/Bedding setting also ensure that even your large or bulky items will successfully come out clean after only one wash cycle.

This is especially true when combined with its “Deep Fill” setting, which adapts water levels for larger loads of laundry, meaning that you will no longer need to wastewater with re-washing.

Multiple rinse settings also allow for maximum customization of your cleaning. This Top Load Washer also contains a durable stainless steel wash basket that resists dents and corrosion, meaning that you never have to worry about your delicate clothing items getting snagged.

2. Kenmore 28132 Top Load Washer

Slightly larger in size, the Kenmore 28132 Top Load Washer has a 5.3 cubic feet capacity. While it features a “Deep Fill” setting for customizing water levels, it also has several other features that make it a more intuitive washing machine than other models on the market.

Kenmore 28132 Top Load Washer

A triple-action impeller features 9 impressive spray jets and utilizes 3 unique wash motions that keep your clothes moving and thoroughly clean even the toughest stains from your clothing.

Also, a convenient StainBoost option removes stubborn, set-in stains without ruining delicate fabrics. This eliminates the need for pre-treating or hand washing stains on even our most fragile items.

Along with a sleek and modern design that rivals other top load washing machines on the market, the Kenmore 28132 Top Load Washer also features a fabric softener dispensing system that introduces the fabric softener at an optimum time during your wash cycle.

This means that your clothing comes out clean and fresh after just one wash.

3. Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer

The Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer is one of the more advanced top load washing machines on the market. It features an impressive capacity of 6.2 cubic feet, allowing a maximum load size of up to 32 large towels.

The Quad Action impeller has 4 wash actions including 9 spraying actions and flex fins that provides ideal movement for getting tough and deep-set stains out of clothing.

Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer

The impressive Accela Wash technology combines Active Spray with Active Rinse, meaning that concentrated detergent is directly applied to the load and is then rinsed out with fine water particles during a high-speed spin.

This advanced cleaning system allows the Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer to effectively clean even large loads of laundry in just 29 minutes.

Customizable Wash Temperature, Soil Level, and Spin Speed allow you to customize your cleaning experience, while this machine’s fast and powerful wash motions leave you with exceptionally clean clothing every time.

Additionally, a sleek design with an intuitive touch screen means that this machine increases the level of sophistication in any laundry or utility room.

Comparing the Kenmore Top Load Washer with Front Load Washer


Kenmore Top Load Washer

Kenmore Front Load Washer

Ease of Access Easy Difficult
Energy Efficiency More Efficient More/Mega Efficient
Stackable Non-Stackable Stackable
Cost Affordable Expensive
Capacity Large Capacity Extra Large Capacity

Advantages of Kenmore Front Load Washers

  • The major advantage of a front load washer is that it can be stacked with a dryer allowing you to free space.
  • Front-load washers are more energy and water efficient making them user and environmentally friendly.
  • As front load washers lack agitator which allows it to leave more space in the basket.

Limitations of Kenmore Front Load Washers

  • They are usually more expensive than other counterparts
  • As the opening door is on the front, it needs you to bend a little to load and unload. You can place your front load washer on a pedestal to raise it by foot for easier access.

Advantages of Kenmore Top Load Washers

  • High-efficiency top load washers offer easy access to the wash basket.
  • These washers save you a lot of money on energy bills due to short cycles. They also use less water than a traditional top load washer.

Limitations of Kenmore Top Load Washers

  • The key limitation of top load washers is that they aren’t stackable with the dryer and take more space on your floor.
  • They are slightly more expensive than traditional top load washers.

Bottom Line

As you can see, it is about finding a balance between productivity and value for money. Always select an Energy Start model that can reduce water and energy usage by 20%-20%. Also, always opt for an Energy Start model, that can reduce water and energy use by 20%-30%.

Additionally, it’s always best to buy machines that come with a special stain removing and pre-soaking cycle or with steam technology. A temperature setting which mixes a bit of hot and cold water helps powdered detergent to dissolve for better stain removal.

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