Jumeirah: A Hidden Gem for Real Estate Investors

Palm Jumeirah is so famous that people often forget it is part of a larger community – that larger community being Jumeirah. Looking too surreal to be true, one of the prides of Dubai, the Jumeirah, is decorated with pristine (artificial) beaches, fascinating restaurants and locations, and impressive hang-out locations.


If there is one thing Jumeirah has taught the world, it is that man is capable of recreating nature in such amazing ways!

There are many apartments in Palm Jumeirah for investment this 2023, but if you are curious like many others and looking for the upsides and downsides of living in the area, congratulations! You have reached the right post!

Here, you will learn an honest view of life in Jumeirah and what promise it carries for investors and people intending to move to the area.

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Reasons Why Jumeirah is Great for Property Investment

There is no boredom in Jumeirah due to the endless list of places you can go to and the endless list of activities you can engage in.

As an explorer or a lover of adventures, you can start from the pristine beaches (which are public and open for all swimmers) and weave your way up to the restaurants and eateries, or try out the Spas and massage houses, opera and movie shows, etc.

Another must-mention is the sailing, Jet Skiing options and boutiques, where you can buy whatever appeals to you or merely window shop, along with plenty of hotels and resorts.

Additionally, it has great villa options, with direct access to school facilities and nurseries. The feature makes the Jumeirah area famous amongst families and homes having children.

They stay in these villas and varying sizes of bedrooms, relax in any of the chill places available and pick up children from school without having to drive miles.

Lastly, the community is pet friendly, as you will be allowed to walk your pet along the streets, and the restaurants and fun places will not discriminate against them.

More so, many of the mansions are built to be pet accommodating – to ease entry and exit of apartments and ensure that pets do not fall off apartments, etc.

Jumeirah is fairly affordable to live in. Although nowhere in Dubai is cheap in the real sense, Jumeirah is one of the most reasonably priced districts such that you can find small buildings and units without breaking the bank.

Finally, there is beautiful landscaping in the Jumeirah property units.

You can easily find properties built on clusters but arranged to give sufficient space for greenery and adequate landscaping.

As a result, there is higher compliance with green policy, healthier and cleaner breathing air, and some form of homeliness as people reside in their units and not necessarily in the highly commercial buildings of the busy town areas.

Downsides and the Not-So-Cool Facts about Jumeirah

One of the most common cons of living in Jumeirah, be it Jumeirah 1, 2, or 3, is that you may find it difficult to get by if you do not own/have a ride.

Jumeirah is close to many places, but to enjoy your stay in the area, you will need a ride to get across the kilometers between these places.

Although appearing simple, it may be a tussle if you don’t have access to a ride because you will spend more than you can imagine on car hires or lose more weight than you can imagine. Whichever works for you.

Secondly, there is another con, in the traffic issue which could get out of hand during busy hours, especially during busy weekends.

Dubai traffic can be a nightmare sometimes and could last for hours when you are caught in the center of it.

Although linked to the major road areas, there is a traffic issue in which the Jumeirah areas are often less attractive to many.

Furthermore, there aren’t many high-rise apartments in Jumeirah; you will find villas and classic units, but the Jumeirah area does not have as many sky-high property units as other famous areas in Dubai.

As a result, you may not easily find an apartment with boisterous views of the city, which can be a killjoy in itself.

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An Overall Rating and Livability check

With a minimal expectancy of 8% interest or earning potential for the year 2023, it may be a nice idea to live in Jumeirah.

On an overall livability check, Jumeirah ranks well as a family-inclined neighborhood with easy access to pools, beaches, and restaurants, yet pristine quietness and independence in the many villas from which people mind their businesses and build their homes.

Additionally, since it has many villa options, you can meet and mingle with the wealthy, which may improve businesses and groom profitable relationships.

As listed above, there are many pros and cons, but it is a good place to live, especially when you have your ride and are in for a quiet lifestyle in a quiet neighborhood.

Do not hesitate to close the deal if you find a property you like in the area.

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