Juice WRLD Phone Number. Why Juice WRLD Gave This Information Out

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There are several ways you can get in contact with an artist these days and many of them entail social media. 

Juice WRLD Phone Number.

You can cross your fingers and hope that a celebrity manages to come across your direct message or, if you’re less of a keener, you might be satisfied just sliding into their mentions.

Somebody like Juice WRLD knows that his fanbase is a little more on the sensitive side. Given his lyrical content, it only makes sense. 

If anybody has been struggling with their own inner thoughts, Juice wants to hear from you. Enough so that he even gave out his phone number.

About Juice WRLD

Date of Birth/Age



Chicago, IL, United States



December 8, 2019

Juice WRLD is the stage name of the American rapper, singer, and songwriter Jarad Higgins. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 2, 1998. He became well known in 2018 after the release of the single “Lucid Dreams.”

The song reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and secured him a recording contract with the labels Grade A Productions and Interscope Records. That same year he released his debut studio album titled Goodbye & Good Riddance.

The album reached number 6 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold in the United States. In 2019 he released his second studio album titled Death Race for Love. The album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200.

Juice WRLD

Higgins has also released three mixtapes and eight EPs. He has worked with a number of artists, including FutureYoung ThugYoung ScooterLil YachtyTrippie Redd, SeezynA Boogie wit da HoodieBrent FaiyazKodak BlackTravis Scott and more.

Why did Juice Wrld Post his Number?

Aside from a few outliers, most of the top musicians of the day are on social media, meaning that it’s easy for fans to get in touch with them (easier than it was pre-internet).

Artists understandably don’t have time to answer all of their fans, though, but Juice Wrld is about to put in a real strong effort on that front. He wants to have real conversations with his followers, and he gave out his phone number to help make that happen.

Last year, Juice Wrld posted a video of himself saying,

“Yo, it’s Juice Wrld, and I have an announcement to make. There are couple ways that y’all can usually get in contact with me, whether it be Instagram, Twitter, you know, whatever. But I’m gonna give you my number, so if you need to talk about anything, you can reach me. I’m just [going to] go ahead and give my number to y’all, so all my fans can have it: (713) 999-6031. That’s (713) 999-6031. Gang, love all y’all.” He also captioned the post, “Text me at (713) 999-6031, let’s talk about everything and i promise i won’t leave you on read.”

What Happens When You Text Juice Wrld?

What Happens When You Text Juice Wrld?

Apparently, it doesn’t look like Juice Wrld will actually be talking directly to those who text him. Texting the phone number he posted out leads to an almost immediate response with a link to sign up for a text/email list (presumably for Juice Wrld updates) and the message,

“Hey its Juice WRLD. Appreciate u hitting my phone. Sometimes I got sh*t to say that is just for my fans and not for social media and the public. This is a way for us to talk like some real people instead of all the bullsh*t. Save my number so we can talk.”

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