Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide

Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide – Jot Form is a San Francisco-based online form building firm. JotForm’s software makes forms with a drag and drops creation tool and an option to encrypt user data. As of 2015, JotForm had 2 million registered users and 7,000 form templates.

The forms can be integrated on external sites including MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, and Salesforce.

JotForm was founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank. In 2011, JotForm released Wishbox, a feedback tool that annotates screenshots.

Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide

By 2012, JotForm had over 700,000 users and published over 2 million user forms. JotForm released an Adobe Document Cloud eSign Widget in June 2015 for embedded designing into forms.

In April 2016, JotForm announced that its software was available on Weebly. In December 2016, the company partnered with IFTTT to integrate an “Applet” to create forms in other applications.

Tech Times recognized JotForm online form integration on Slack as one of the “Best Productivity Apps” of 2016.

Registering at JotForm

Registering on JotForm is pretty simple, all you need to do is to go to the JotForm official website on

You will be taken immediately to the company’s official website but before then, you will be asked to complete a CAPTCHA in order to confirm you’re not a robot.

Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide

Just after you are done completing this task, you will be taken to the main page and this is where you begin your registration and just at the top right end of the website is the sign-up option.

Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide

Click on it and you will be taken to a page where you are to signup. information like email, address and username are what you’d need to sign up

Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide

Once you’re done with imputing the relevant information, click on create my account. a message will be sent to your mail asking you to confirm your account, click the link provided and that’s all, you’ve successfully registered at JotForm

How to Login

To log in, open the website again and at the right top of the website is a provision for login, click on it and you will be taken to a page where you are to login. insert your username and passport and click on sign in. if correctly done, you will be signed in

Jotform Account login portal and registration guide | Graphics Guide

5 Things You May Not Realize You Could Do with JotForm

1. Infinite List Widget

the company’s  Infinite List Widget permits your form respondents to enter as many entries for a form field as they wish. This is an amazing tool if you will like to open up answers, to sum up, many thoughts and ideas.

If your firm is arranging a corporate picnic, your form can ask for food and game ideas, and employees can list all of their comments. A university can use the Infinite List Widget to gather suggestions for improvements from faculty and students. There are infinite

2. Custom Sender Email Address

If you’d like to be able to keep the line of communication going between you and a form respondent, you can use your email address (or an email address of your choice) to send autoresponder emails, which is set to [email protected] as a default.

This can come in handy when form respondents may have follow-up questions. Here’s how it works. Once your customers complete the form, they are sent an autoresponder email that thanks them for sending their message directly from your email address.

It’s a more personal touch, and makes it much easier for the form responder to follow-up with you directly with additional questions. This is a great way to streamline your communication flow.

3. Collect e-Signatures

There are many times when a company needs to collect signatures online, such as for officiating contracts and signing agreements. It is an unnecessary and tedious process to ask someone to print out a document, sign it by hand, then return it via fax or email.

It’s far more efficient and effective to have the document signed online, which is why JotForm offers e-signing services like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and JotForm’s own E-Signature widget that can be added to any form.

4. Customize Your Form URL

Did you know that you can customize your form URL? You may want to do this for aesthetics or branding reasons. For example, let’s say that your website is and you want to use subdomain for your forms.

A form URL can be set to look something like this: In order to accomplish this, just follow these easy steps!

5. Accept Payments

JotForm integrates with all of the top payment processors including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more.

Now you can accept custom orders and donations, register guests to an event, book a photography session, and more with a JotForm payment form.

Plus, JotForm lets you set up recurring payments and one-time payments — all without additional fees! Your only cost is the standard credit card processing fee, and the monthly cost for a JotForm Bronze, Silver or Gold plan.

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