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John Madden

John Madden was a football coach and sportscaster in the United States. For ten seasons, he was the head coach of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders. In this article, we’ll be showing you everything you need to know about his net worth, income, career, and lots more.

John Madden

John Madden Biography

John Earl Madden, better known as John Madden, was born on April 10, 1936, in Austin, Texas. Earl Russell Madden and Mary Margaret Madden were his parents.

 His father was a mechanic, and the family had moved to California when Madden was a child. To complete his studies, he attended Catholic Parochial school before graduating from Jefferson High School in 1954.

He had always wanted to be a football player, but as fate would have it, he ended up coaching football teams. In terms of his personal life, he married Virginia Field and they have two children, Joseph and Michael. 

John Madden Career

John Madden Career

Madden aspired to be a football player and took part in high school football. He played for Car Poly’s Mustangs.

 The Philadelphia Eagles then drafted him, but during his training camp, he injured his other knee. As a result, he could never play professional football.

In 1960, they hired him as an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College, and in 1963, they named him as the defensive assistant coach at San Diego State.

More Information on John Madden’s Career

At 39, Madden became one of the youngest head coaches in NFL history, and the Raiders won Super Bowl II under his tutelage. This cemented Madden’s place as one of the best football coaches in Raiders’ history.

He even became the youngest coach in history to achieve 100 career regular-season victories. Madden worked as a commentator for all the major American television networks.  

This includes CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports, from 1979 to 2003. He even launched the Westwood One radio network in the United States. He has also appeared in films such as Christine and Little Giants.

1. College Football

After graduating from high school in 1954, John Madden immediately began playing football at the College of San Mateo.

He transferred to the University of Oregon after one season to study pre-law and play on the football team. Madden’s playing career was halted during his time at Oregon by the first of two major injuries.

Because of a knee injury, they forced him to miss most of the season. John Madden returned to San Mateo after recovering from his first injury and played another season of football.

2. Professional Football

Although John Madden played professional football at one point, his career was effectively over before it began.

 They drafted Madden in the 21st round of the 1958 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, and for a time, he would play in the NFL.

Disaster struck, however, during his very first training camp. He sustained a career-ending injury to his knee (not the one that had been injured), and that was the end of his career.

What Did John Madden Do in His Career?

Throughout his career, Madden wore many hats. When he was hired to coach the Raiders, he became the league’s youngest head coach, leading them to a Super Bowl XI victory over the Minnesota Vikings. 

He has the highest winning percentage of any coach who has won at least 100 games. After his career as a Hall of Fame coach ended, he transitioned to broadcasting.

For over three decades, his broadcasts provided a weekly soundtrack to NFL games. Madden has also dabbled in the video game industry, and they named the Madden NFL video game series after the football legend.

John Madden Net Worth

They estimated the net worth of John Madden to be $220 million. John is a football coach and television commentator from the United States.

 He even worked as a broadcaster from 1978 to 2008 before retiring. He has also written several books. Madden holds an indelible place in the annals of American football.

He has worked as a commentator, where he openly criticized and pointed out flaws in several players. After he retired as a football coach, he made money as a commentator.

Other information About John Madden Net Worth

Madden has also written several books about his personal struggles, his career as a football coach, art, and sports. Writing books has also brought him money.

His annual income is expected to be around $10 million in 2021. His primary source of income is from his work as a football coach and broadcaster, as well as from the books he has written.

He has also appeared in a few films, which contribute to his earnings. ‘All Madden,’ a documentary based on his life, will premiere in December.

John Madden’s Coaching Career

1. College Coach

Even though he could never play, John’s love for the game did not fade. As a result, he began his coaching career as an assistant football coach at Allan Hancock College in 1960.

Two years later, he was promoted to head coach. Since the 1963 season, he has served as a defensive coach for the football team at San Diego State University.

In 1966, his last season there, they ranked the term among the top small colleges. Don Coryell, John’s boss, has had a significant influence on his coaching.

The Oakland Raiders Coach

In 1967, they hired John as a linebacker’s coach by the Oakland Raiders of the American Football League. With his help, the team made it to Super Bowl II in the same season.

After the former resigned, Madden was named head coach the following year. At 32, he became professional football’s youngest, head coach.

With Madden at the helm, the Raiders reached five AFC championship games in seven years and lost all of them. The Raiders won their first Super Bowl in 1977, defeating the Minnesota Vikings 92-14.

John Madden’s Television career

John Madden

1. CBS Sports

Madden and Pat Summer all were the top football broadcasters for the CBS network in 1981. In Pat’s absence, Madden worked with Vin Scully and, later, Verne Lundquist.

 For five years, the Madden-Summerall team worked at CBS. When the Fox Network gained the NFC rights in 1994, Madden and other CBS employees became free agents.

Because of his celebrity in football broadcasting, all sports networks, including Fox, ABC, and NBC, offered him a contract worth more than $2 million per year.

2. Fox Sports

Despite all the offers, the Madden and Summerall duo agreed to join Fox’s NFL coverage. According to reports, Fox paid him more than any NFL player earns in a year.

Fox’s NFL contract was proving to be prohibitively expensive. As a result, it attempted to reduce program costs. Madden left Fox after Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002.

3. ABC Sports

In 2002, Madden joined the ABC network’s Monday Night Football as a commentator. Al Michaels was his business partner. During his time at ABC, they paid him $5 million per year.

4. NBC Sports

Madden later joined NBC Sports as a color commentator for Sunday Night NFL games in 2005. His broadcast there began in the 2006 season.

Madden had a 476-weekend streak of consecutive broadcast appearances until October 13, 2008. Madden’s final broadcasting job was for Super Bowl XLII in 2009.

He was the first sportscaster to appear in the Super Bowl on all four of America’s major sports broadcasting networks. Following this, he stepped down from his illustrious broadcasting career.


Other Media John Madden worked 

 Other Media John Madden worked 

1. Radio

Madden returned to KCBS AM radio in San Francisco in 2017 for his morning on-air chat. He has also provided sports commentary on Westwood One radio.

2. Films

Madden played the coach of an American football team during a television broadcast in the film Christine. He also appeared in the sports comedy film Little Giants in 1994.

Madden played the role of broadcasting the fictional games in the film The Replacements as himself in the 2000s sports comedy film. Summerall, his co-star, was also in the role.

3. Advertisements

During his broadcasting career, Madden was the biggest star. Knowing this, major corporations such as Ace Hardware, and Outback Steakhouse.

Also, Verizon Wireless, Toyota, and others chose him for radio and television appearances. He also made radio and television public service announcements.

4. Shows

Madden appeared in an episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live in 1982, hosting musical guest Jennifer Holiday. He appeared on The Simpsons in 1999 for the episode “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday.”

Aside from these, Madden appeared in the music videos for U2’s “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” and Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.”

In both of them, he played a football-related role.

5. Video Games

Since 1988, Electronic Arts Sports (EA) has used his voice and name in the Madden NFL football video game series. The games have grown in popularity to where TV shows feature the game’s competitions.

Many people regard him as the game’s leading figure, even before his coaching and broadcasting careers. He is still a part of the series.

6. All-Madden

All-Madden is a team made up of players who fit his football gameplay philosophy. He founded the team in 1984 and maintained it regardless of which sports network he worked for.

Among the editions are the All-Time All-Madden team from 2000 and the All-Madden Super Bowl team from 1997.

 NFL stars such as Howie Long, Dan Hampton, and Walter Payton, and named Bruce Smith to various All-Madden teams.

When Did John Madden Start Broadcasting?

Madden was still a young man when he retired from coaching, so he pursued a career as a broadcaster. In 1979, he began working for CBS.

 From 1994 to 2002, he was the lead NFL analyst for FOX, and for four years, he was the analyst for ABC’s “Monday Night Football” before joining NBC Sports in 2006

 He is the only person who has held the position of lead analyst for all four broadcast networks.

Why is Madden Named After John Madden?

Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts (EA), created the video game and approached Madden in 1984 for his endorsement and expertise.

Hawkins’ first choice for the front cover of his recent football game was San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, but he already had an endorsement deal with Atari.

When was Madden The video Game First Released?

Madden wanted the game to be as realistic as possible, so the first version of “John Madden Football” didn’t come out until 1988.

After acquiring the rights to use NFL teams and players, EA changed the name to “Madden NFL” in 1993. Since 1990, EA has released annual versions.

John Madden Awards

John Madden Awards

Madden won Super Bowl XI with the Oakland Raiders during his coaching career. They inducted the Television Award for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 and the California Hall of Fame in 2009. 

Madden has received sixteen Emmy Awards, including those for outstanding sports personality (analyst) and outstanding technical team remote.

In 1984, they awarded the NSSA National Sportscaster of the Year to the 1970 AFL coach of the year.

John Madden Wife and Children

On December 26, 1959, Madden married Virginia Field. In Pismo Beach, California, the couple met in a bar. They had two sons named Joseph and Michaels.

They live in a magnificent mansion in Pleasanton, California.

The boys have also inherited their father’s passion for football. Joseph was a Brown University football player. Michaels also began his football career as a receiver at Harvard University.

John Madden Endorsement Deals

John Madden Endorsement Deals

John Madden was one of the first celebrities to earn more than $1 million per year from endorsements in the 1980s.

He had endorsement deals with Miller Lite, Exxon, McDonald’s, Canon, and Ramada Inn in the 1980s. Today, he is perhaps best known for his Tinactin endorsement deal.

His deal with Tinactin alone paid him $2 million per year at his peak in the 2000s. Madden later had endorsement deals with companies like Ace Hardware, Outback Steakhouse, Verizon Wireless, Miller Lite, and Toyota.

Who is John Madden’s wife?

John Madden and Virginia Field met in a bar in Pismo Beach, California. The couple were both students at California Polytechnic University, where they were pursuing their master’s degrees.

Soon after, the couple married and settled in Pleasanton, California, where they raised their sons Joseph and Michael.

Before John’s untimely death, the couple had been married for over 50 years.

What Was John Madden’s Cause of Death?

What was John Madden

John Madden died suddenly at 85. At the moment, they have disclosed no cause of death.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell paid tribute to the icon, writing: “On behalf of the entire NFL family, we extend our condolences to Virginia, Mike, Joe, and their families.

We all know him as the Hall of Fame coach of the Oakland Raiders and broadcaster who worked for every major network, but more than anything, he was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.”

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Madden

1. Lifelong Coaching Friend 

Madden was born in Minnesota but spent most of his childhood in Daly City, California. John Robinson, the former coach of USC and the Los Angeles Rams, was his best childhood friend.

 Both Madden and Robinson attended Oregon on football scholarships. While Robinson was a four-year starter for the Ducks, Madden transferred to Cal Poly and became an all-conference offensive tackle.

 He also taught for the school’s baseball team.

2. Career-Ending Injury a Blessing in Disguise 

Madden’s NFL career ended nearly as quickly as it began, as the Philadelphia Eagles selected him 244th overall in the 1958 draft. During his rookie training camp, he suffered a knee injury.

Madden spent his free time watching a film with quarterback Norm Van Brocklin, who was on the back nine of a Hall of Fame career, while he was rehabbing.

3. Record-Setting Head Coach 

In Oakland, Madden compiled a.759 winning percentage, the highest in league history among coaches who have won 100 games.

 Madden led the Raiders to the playoffs eight times in his ten seasons as head coach. Under Madden, the Raiders appeared in seven AFC championship games, including five straight from 1973 to 1977.

The Raiders dethroned the Steelers, who had defeated Oakland in the previous two AFC title games, after a 13-1 regular season.

4. The G.O.A.T Meets the G.O.A.T.

The iconic duo of Madden and Pat Summerall’s final Super Bowl broadcast coincided with Tom Brady’s first of seven Super Bowl victories.

 With Summerall and Madden as backdrops, Brady led the Patriots to one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets in history, defeating the heavily favored Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.

And, while their run ended with the “G.O.A.T.,” it began with a reference to Joe Montana’s (Brady’s childhood idol) first Super Bowl victory: the 49ers’ 26-21 victory over the Bengals in Super Bowl XVI.

5. Madden’s ‘Cruiser’ Earned Hall of Fame Honor 

 Because of his aversion to flying, Madden spent most of his broadcasting career traveling to NFL games by bus. In 1987, they converted a Greyhound bus into the “Madden Cruiser.

“The original “Madden Cruiser” was donated to the Hall of Fame in 2018, where it was restored to its original condition.

 Two-color televisions, a telephone and intercommunications system, a citizens’ band radio, two laserdisc players, a built-in vacuum cleaner, a stereo system, and a videotape player are all included in the original “Madden Cruiser.

FAQs About John Madden

1. What Was The Late John Madden’s Greatest Achievement?

John won Super Bowl XI in 1977 before retiring to pursue a career in media in 1978.

He has received 16 Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Event Analyst, the 1984 National Sports Broadcasters and Reporters Association Award, and the 2002 Pete Rozelle Broadcasting Award because of his efforts.

2. How Will John Madden be Remembered?

They will remember John Madden as a winner and one of the greatest coaches of all time.

3. Was Don Shula or John Madden a Better NFL Coach?

They were both great, but Don Shula would rank higher simply because he had a longer run as an NFL head coach. 

4. Was John Madden the Best Broadcaster Ever to Grace the NFL?

John Madden was one of the very best “color men” to ever work the broadcast booth. He was at his absolute best when he was paired with Pat Summerall.

5. Has Any NFL Team Gone 16-0 and Won the Super Bowl?

Though the season was shorter back, then, and they only finished with a 16-0 record even after winning the Super Bowl, they still hold the distinction of being the only team to complete an entire season unblemished and take home the championship.

6. What Has John Madden Been Doing?

Madden can’t seem to get away from football, so he’ll occasionally call into a radio show. Madden is 84 years old and lives in Pleasanton, California with his wife of over 60 years, Virginia.

7. Who Created Madden?

Madden NFL (known as John Madden Football until 1993) is an American football video game series developed by the EA Tiburon for EA Sports.

More FAQs About John Madden

8. Why Do They Call it Madden?

Its name derives from John Madden, a famous gridiron football coach and television colour commentator. 

9. What Does “G.O.A.T.” Mean in Madden?

The video seems to promise two GOAT (greatest of all time) athletes. Given his Super Bowl win last season and his untouchable status as the NFL’s greatest QB.

10. Which Coach Lost Most in NFL History?

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is one defeat away from history after tying Dan Reeves’ record for most career losses (165) as an NFL head coach, per NFL on CBS.

As of 2023, John Madden’s net worth was estimated to be $220 million. Most of his income came from his career as a football coach, and broadcaster, and through the books that he has written.

 They had also featured him in a few movies, which is also a source of his earnings. A documentary based on his life ‘All Madden’ is all set to go live this December.

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