Is the High Cost to Open a Jani-King Franchise Worth the Investment?

Looking for a good investment to jump on? You should try out the Jani-King franchise. But before you do this, it is important that you get acquainted with it. We have helped put down some important information for you. 

jani king franchise

Prospective franchisees have the chance to create a profitable business cleaning homes and businesses with Jani-King. 

Commercial buildings, shopping centers, offices, schools, and other public areas need to be sanitized frequently. 

Given that they don’t have to worry about recruiting new staff, many of these sites find it simpler to contract out their cleaning services.

One cleaning company that is well-recognized both domestically and overseas is Jani-King. 

It provides the cleaning and disinfecting services and boasts a network of 9,000 franchisees. Nobody has been informed of Jani-financial King’s needs. 

Instead, they advise you to learn more about the potential first so they can help you create a franchise plan. 

Their estimated financial needs range from an investment of $13,000 to $218,000 in total.

Financial Requirements and Fees

Fees / ExpensesFinancial Amount
Total Investment$13,000 to $218,000
Franchise Fee$3,000

Since they provide a variety of franchise plans, Jani-King does not list their financial criteria to franchise their firm on their website. 

You can contact them if you’re interested in filling out the form below. The prices shown here are educated guesses.

10% of the monthly total sales is the royalty fee that Jani-King also demands. Additionally, a marketing fee of 1.5 percent is added to this sum.

Unlike master franchises, which have exclusive 20-year agreements, running a unit franchise for Jani-King is subject to a 10-year agreement.

The initial investment for a master franchise is distinct from that of a unit franchise. 

In the US, master franchises require a minimum investment of $100,000, whereas those in other countries require a minimum investment of $250,000. 

An international master franchise starts at around $200,000 but can vary based on the region, the population, and other elements.

Average Sales / Revenue per Year

The system-wide revenue for Jani-King has surpassed the hundreds of millions of dollars mark. 

In 2020, franchisees worldwide generated $774 million in revenue. Since 2015, the company has experienced yearly sales growth.

Jani-King has not made public the amount of money they typically make in each nation.

Jani-King Franchise Facts

Total Units44 in the United States.
Incorporated NameJani-King International, Inc.
Franchising Since2003
IndustryCleaning Services
SubsectorCommercial Cleaning: Disinfecting

Jim Cavanaugh established Jani-King in 1968. He first thought of providing janitorial services for offices while working as a night auditor at a hotel. 

He was able to start Jani-King a year later, and by 1974, he was able to franchise the company.

Due to the quality of their service and reputation, Jani-King was named the top commercial cleaning franchisor by Entrepreneur magazine in the 1980s. 

They were also named the top Maintenance Franchise in 1998 by Entrepreneur magazine. In addition, Jani-King was ranked first out of 200 international franchises.

Jani-King Cleaning Services

Cleaning services
  • Bank Cleaning
  • Hotel/Resort Housekeeping
  • Office and Building Cleaning
  • Manufacturing Facility Cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Stadium and Event Cleaning
  • Government Building Cleaning
  • Casino Cleaning Services
  • Hospital and Healthcare Services
  • Retail Cleaning
  • School and University Cleaning

United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina are among the countries where Jani-King conducts business.

To accommodate potential franchisees, Jani-King is renowned for offering a variety of franchise models.

They have an International Master Franchise Plan, a Master Franchise Plan, and Unit Franchise Plans.

Individual business owners who desire a basic franchise package should consider unit franchises. Consider this a franchise opportunity for a single location.

Having a regional office allows an international master franchise plan to offer unit franchises there. Opportunities for veteran-owned businesses are also available.

Important Considerations to Note

Once you’ve submitted an application with Jani-King, they’ll set up a meeting with you so they can provide you with an updated Franchise Disclosure Document.

Read this document carefully, and think about hiring a third-party consultant to help you understand the contents.

Next, before you sign the franchise agreement, you must register your new small business with the state.

Once everything is in order, you will receive training from Jani-King, purchase cleaning supplies and equipment, and start managing accounts.

Since Jani-King has been in the cleaning service industry for more than 50 years, you’ll be launching a business model that has been tried, tested, and improved over time.

The business collaborates with top cleaning vendors so you have everything you need to get going.

How Much Does Jani-King Make in Profit?

The average profit made by a Jani-King is unknown.

However, statistics claim that the average American residential cleaning company earns between $36,000 and $100,000 per year.

You would be better off working as an employee or opening up your own cleaning company if you fall on the lower end of this spectrum as a franchise operator.

Why? Independent cleaning businesses won’t be required to cover marketing costs or give corporations a cut of their profits.

In the end, a variety of criteria, including the level of service and the degree of competition, will determine how much you receive.

Joining this franchise will provide you with an advantage by bringing in more business.

Advantages of a Jani-King Franchise

jani-king franchise

There are benefits to franchising a Jani-King commercial cleaning program in your community. Here are a few of the benefits.

1. Increased Demand and Awareness

A larger section of the populace actively considers how clean public areas are for their own safety and health. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, Jani-King moved quickly to add disinfection services to its menu of services. 

As long as the health issue persists, there will certainly be an increase in demand for these disinfection services.

2. Green Cleaning

It is well known that Jani-King uses green products. This really benefits the neighborhood and helps to prevent further pollution of the planet. 

You will receive training as a franchisee in environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and best practices for utilizing their equipment and supplies.

3. Global Brand

Jani-King is a worldwide company. A worldwide brand, it. They are reputed to provide their services in a number of nations. 

Prospective customers are more inclined to trust a brand they are familiar with and recognize if it has a strong global presence to maintain and clean property.

4. Different Franchise Plans

You get to select from a variety of franchise plans, as was already explained. 

Franchisees can choose the strategy that best fits their objectives and financial circumstances thanks to this. 

Jani-King offers options for both straightforward franchise plans and more complex ones that require managing many units and a larger area.

5. Credible Partners

Jani-King provides you with the necessary equipment and supplies to utilize while you clean and sanitizes homes, workplaces, and other establishments when you open a franchise with them. 

Credible companies including 3M, CONTEC, Brulin, Rubbermaid, and Nilfisk have worked with Jani-King to use their goods when providing services to customers.

Jani-King is a trustworthy company to deal with for a franchise because of its strong relationships with these leading brands. 

Additionally, it saves you time from having to find cleaning and sanitizing supplies on your own.

6. Services

Jani-King provides cleaning and disinfection services for offices, dining places, entertainment venues, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities in addition to cleaning and sanitizing private residences. 

You won’t run out of potential clients if you own a franchise that serves so many different demographics.

Challenges of a Jani-King Franchise

Before signing up for this franchise, you need to be aware of several significant obstacles.

1. Lawsuits

Numerous lawsuits have been brought against Jani-King over the years. 

As an illustration, consider the case of employees who fought against the Jani-misclassification King’s of their designations as independent contractors. 

110 parties in all submitted settlement claim form for this specific case. Juarez v. Jani-King of California, Inc. was the name of the legal proceeding. 

Although Jani-King disputes any responsibility or wrongdoing, this case resulted in a $3.7 million settlement.

Therefore, if your franchise is with Jani-King (or any other company), make sure to read and comprehend the contract’s fine print. 

2. No Corporate Units

Numerous corporate-owned entities are operated by some franchisees. 

Since corporate ownership is actively managing the business model profitably and not only collecting fees from franchise owners, corporate-owned units might be an indication of a successful franchise.

3. Bad Reviews

Franchisees applaud Jani-King for accommodating their flexible schedules, yet the majority of online evaluations are rather negative. 

One alleges that the business underbids you and doesn’t offer assistance. Making a profit even seems “impossible,” according to one person.

Here are some of the franchise owners’ most frequent gripes. Each month, Jani-King Corporate guarantees to provide a specific amount of business value. 

For instance, a lot of franchisees have been promised $4,000 in new business each month. What’s wrong with that?

The projects that are sent their way, according to many franchise owners, are underbid. 

More About Bad Reviews

When you take into account the cost of transportation, labor, and cleaning supplies for a project, some operators claim they can hardly break even on contracts issued to them by Jani-King. 

Another concern is that some Jani-King franchisees have had their accounts transferred to another franchisee by corporate. 

As you may guess, this would be very upsetting for a business owner.

Jani-King appears to have a poor reputation among franchisees due to lawsuits and other issues.

Is the Jani-King Franchise Right For You?

Because Jani-King is a low-cost franchise, it’s no wonder that they’re so well-liked. 

It’s best to have a lawyer and financial counselor check them out before you sign anything with them, though, given that they have a lot of conflicting evaluations. 

For a feel of recent performance, be sure to read their latest FDD as well. At the very least, use extreme caution before agreeing to work with this company. 

At the very least, the history of lawsuits and internet complaints should raise caution flags. 

What is an alternative Jani-King franchise?

Steamatic is one cleaning service software you might want to look into. For homes and businesses, this organization provides cleaning and repair services. 

Additionally, they have been in business for 50 years and are accessible in more than 10 nations. Starting at $120,000, you can franchise Steamatic.

Due to the growing need for cleaner homes and workplaces, particularly during the current pandemic, commercial cleaning programs are expanding. 


Finally, in joining a sector that has had constant development and is anticipated to reach or surpass $110 billion in the next years as a Jani-King franchise owner, you will also begin with an investment that is profitable in both the current economic climate and any future ones.

Jani-King offers franchise investment options starting at $16,250 in most regions, whereas many businesses offer franchise packages that cost $200,000 to $300,000 to start.

Jani-King franchise cares about your success. And it’s obvious. We hope this guide will help you decide on this franchise more intelligently.

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