140 Creative & Unique Italian Restaurant Names for Your Restaurants

Italian Restaurant Names? If the love for Italian food and culture has filled your heart and you need to let that love overflow unto others, you’re probably seriously considering opening your own restaurant.

Creative & Unique Italian Restaurant Names

One of the more important things to figure out when going into business in the restaurant industry is what to call your restaurant.

Choosing a name for a restaurant is a stressful task, especially if you are running an Italian restaurant.

140 Creative and Unique Italian Restaurant Names

You might want to dress a little more formally if your restaurant is more of a formal setting.

The positive news: If you translate a name into Italian, almost any name sounds unique.The following is a list of Italian restaurant names:

  1. Bru Bistro
  2. Ziti the Great
  3. Calamari Sea Italian Cuisine
  4. That’s Amore Pasta
  5. The Ziti Dish
  6. Taste of Rome
  7. Basil and Olives
  8. Bossa Pasta
  9. Blue Hill
  10. Benvenuto a Nick
  11. Mr Frests
  12. La Gusta Restaurant
  13. Cibo e Vino
  14. The Caprese Salad
  15. Caldo dal Forno
  16. Elyssion Restaurant
  17. Rosa’s Pizza Casa
  18. Asiago Italian
  19. Restaurant Guy Savoy
  20. La Pasta Burrosa
  21. Venice Italian Cuisine
  22. The Linguini Corner
  23. AtmosGlare
  24. Vino con Ravioli
  25. Pollo del Cacciatore
  26. 121 Pizzzzas
  27. Fresco dal Forno
  28. Olive Branch Pasta and More
  29. Mac and Cheese
  30. Caldo dal Forno

Inspiring Italian Restaurant Names

Italian Restaurant Name
  1. Spaghetti alla carbonara
  2. The Spicey Meatball
  3. Bon Appetite
  4. Andriana’s Italian Cuisine
  5. Prima Colazione
  6. Frasca Food and Wine
  7. Restaurant Nicholas
  8. UrbanCircle Italian Bistro
  9. Little Rome Italian Ristorante
  10. Cacio e Pepe
  11. Hot Tomatoes
  12. Venice Italian Cuisine
  13. Pipin Hot Pizza
  14. Chipotle Mexican Grill
  15. Hot ‘n Fresh Pizzas
  16. Romano’s Pasta
  17. The Cal Zone
  18. Joel Robuchon
  19. Wine Me, Dine Me Italian Ristorante
  20. Special Polenta
  21. Seaside Omelet Bake
  22. Restaurant August
  23. The Spicy Meatball
  24. Hopestone
  25. Pepe Pizzeria
  26. Romano’s Pasta
  27. Macaroni Parmesan
  28. Formaggio e Vino
  29. Coal-fired Pizza
  30. Le Bernardin
  31. Brown Burnt Pizzas
  32. Pipin Hot Pizza
  33. é by José Andrés
  34. Sale e Pepe
  35. Uova e Gli Spaghetti
  36. Pan Pizza Omelet
  37. Garlic Pesto & More

Captivating Italian Restaurant Names

Hot ‘n Fresh Pizzas
  1. The Cheese Factory
  2. Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant
  3. Il Piatto CaldoLa Pizza Croccante
  4. La Casa di Porchetta
  5. Garlic Bread Varietà
  6. Del Caldo Restaurant
  7. My Supremo Italiano
  8. Urasawa
  9. Bossa Pasta
  10. Minibar
  11. Rosa’s Pizza Casa
  12. La Magica Olive Oil
  13. The Ziti Dish
  14. Bello Italiano
  15. Bella Bella Mozzarella
  16. Romano’s Italian Restaurant
  17. Pasta con Bagna Cauda
  18. Spaghetti Corner
  19. Pollo alla Diavola
  20. Scamp’s Scampi
  21. Saison
  22. Bocca Felice
  23. ComfyCool Restaurant
  24. Spaghetti Corner
  25. Eatie Some Ziti
  26. Pizza Mania
  27. The Willows Inn
  28. The Lasagna Pot
  29. The Willows Inn
  30. Rigatoni Flavors
  31. On the Grapevine Italian Food
  32. Wood Fire Oven
  33. The Lasagna Pot
  34. Classico Italiano
  35. Mozzarella Meals
  36. The Pasta People
  37. That’s Amore Pasta
  38. Mini Pasta Rolls

Amazing Italian Restaurant Names

Mini Pasta Rolls
  1. Yum! Brands
  2. Ziti the Great
  3. WaveLady Italian Bistro
  4. Special Devilish
  5. Vino e Pizza di Mike
  6. Luigi’s Lasagne
  7. Mike’s Pizzeria
  8. Valentino’s Pizzeria
  9. Specialità di Pollo
  10. Le Bernardin
  11. Romano’s Italian Restaurant
  12. Penne The Pie
  13. Restaurant August
  14. La Belle Vie
  15. Salami Bonanza
  16. Zesty Valentino
  17. Bruschetta’s
  18. Meet the Sauces
  19. Amo Pasta
  20. French Laundry
  21. Oregano’s
  22. Penne With A Twist
  23. The Miracle Oven
  24. Manresa
  25. Cacio e Pepe
  26. Pizze Fritte
  27. Asti Olives Italian Cuisine
  28. Zesty Pesto Italian Ristorante
  29. The P’sghetti Bar
  30. The Tasty Tortellini
  31. The Devilish Pesto
  32. Andriana’s Italian Cuisine
  33. Fresco dal Forno
  34. Spaghetti & Meatballs
  35. Ti Amo, Pizza!

There are a lot of names to pick from this list whenever you set up a food establishment and you are out of a brand name. Come back to this post when things get complex, though.


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