Ist Franklin Financial Review for 2022 – The Pros and Cons

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Ist Franklin Financial Corporation is a family-owned and operated 3rd generation corporation. It’s been over 75 years since the first $34 auto loan from founder Ben F. Cheek, Jr. And while times have changed, customer engagement has not. 

Ist Franklin Financial

At Ist Franklin financial, our customers know us and more importantly, we know them. This commitment is why we’ve been able to help generations of families “do life” in times when they have needed us most.

The company has since expanded into more than 300 different loan offices located in mainly rural areas across six different states:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • South Carolina
  • Tenessee

1st Franklin takes pride in each of its branches doing their civic duty. The company donates and is involved in many local charities and has also helped raise money for organizations such as:

The company has a history in insurance, lending, real estate loans, investment securities, and retail sales finance. The majority of its business is in making direct cash loans to consumers.

Personal loan amounts range from $300–$15,000. The average size of cash loans made in 2018 was $2,875. They are available as both short and longer-term installment loans, with loan terms generally ranging from six to sixty months.

All personal loans have fixed rates and APRs will depend on your state and creditworthiness.

Customers can start an application online. Once the online portion is completed, you will be contacted by a staff member within two business days to discuss your needs, eligibility, and loan options.

What You Should Know About 1st Franklin Financial

Ist Franklin Financial review


  • High Location Density
  • Fast Approval Time
  • Tailor-Made Interest Rates

High Location Density

1st Franklin Financial serves six states: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Georgia has 110 operating branches, Alabama has 39, South Carolina has 45, Mississippi, has 36, Louisiana has 31, and Tennessee has 21.

Individuals and families living in these states are likely to find a branch close to them that will be able to provide them with a personal loan.

Fast Approval Time

1st Franklin Financial states that approval time for a loan application can be as fast as the next day. Applications submitted on the weekends will not be viewed until the following business Monday, and responses will be received shortly after they are viewed.

In certain cases, automated approval may be available, but funds will still likely take until the next day or longer to be transferred to your bank account.

Such a quick loan process makes it so you can get a handle on your expenses quickly, which can provide peace of mind to customers in a financial hurry.

Tailor-Made Interest Rates

While there are no specific interest rates available, it is stated that the interest rates are determined case-by-case, depending on the type of loan, the amount borrowed, and the repayment terms set for that specific loan.

Ist Franklin Financial review

This can be a positive aspect for 1st Franklin Financial because it shows that the company really takes an interest in the customer’s specific circumstances.

1st Franklin Financial does not treat every case the same and takes the time to discuss the different terms of the loan before they are assigned.

1st Franklin Financial also has fixed rates, so whatever rate you receive when completing your loan, that rate will stay the same throughout the lifespan of your loan.

It will never be subject to change, so your monthly payment will also stay the same. This makes for an easy loan process and ensures you won’t have to experience fee changes.



  • Poor Online Transparency
  • Low Max Loan Amount

Poor Online Transparency

There is very little personal loan information available on the 1st Franklin Financial site. The maximum loan term, annual percentage rates, and minimum credit score needed is unavailable.

This lack of information makes it hard to determine how well the 1st Franklin Financial team and its services hold up against other personal loan companies.

It makes it much more difficult for shoppers to have to contact the lender’s nearest branch to find out the answers to these questions than if they could view it online as they shop and compare other places.

With limited consumer reviews, it’s also unclear what 1st Franklin Financial customer service is like and whether or not it elicits a positive customer experience.

Low Max Loan Amount

1st Franklin Financial only has personal loans for up to $15,000. This is much smaller than what most personal loan lenders offer, many offering at least $35,000 loans. Some lenders even provide loans for up to $100,000.

If you’re a consumer looking to borrow more than $15,000, 1st Franklin Financial is likely not for you and we suggest looking into another personal loan service.

1st Franklin Financial has a lot of experience in the loan business and has a number of branches available in the six states it serves.

However, while there seems to be some potential from 1st Franklin Financial, it is hard to know how it compares to other personal loan options because of the lack of information.

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