Is Wish App Safe

Is Wish App Safe & Legit? Latest review & What to Know

  – Is Wish App Safe & Legit?  – 

“Wish—Shopping Made Fun” is an e-commerce application that allows you to purchase cheap goods from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. was founded by ContextLogic, a start-up company in 2010.

Is wish app safe

If you’ve seen and used the app, then you may have wondered, “Is the Wish app legit?” and “Is the Wish app safe?”

The Wish shopping app promises “crazy-low prices” along with an “endless stream of sales,” which may be pretty enticing.

However, if you have doubted some hilariously cheap products and you need to see a review to be sure of what you’re getting into, be sure that you’re at the right place.


Wish Shopping App Features

Before we get into the Wish app reviews, let’s see just how versatile the app is and what features it offers.

With the Wish shopping app, you can do the following:

  • Purchase Wish products
  • Read customer reviews, view photos, and watch videos
  • Track your purchases
  • Rate and review Wish merchants
  • Contact Wish customer support
  • Use Blitz Buy to earn additional discounts
  • Earn rewards points
  • Become a Wish Star and gain followers

Is Wish Safe And Legit?

Despite its unbelievable prices, Wish is completely legit. That means the $0.50 earbuds you buy will be shipped to your home, but they may or may not work. Funny right?

Although it’s a legit site, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any knockoffs. Just try to stay smart. When you see a designer handbag selling for only $20, you should be skeptical.

In addition to the risks of knockoffs, you should know that some of the items you find on Wish are risky buys. Electronics might be poorly made or clothing might not fit right. Just like the old saying goes: “You get what you pay for.”

We found some concerning things regarding Wish and Wish app reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). An alert announced in April of 2019 states that based on BBB files, the company has a pattern of complaints that include things like:

  • Products not being received
  • Delays in receiving refunds for returned items
  • Unauthorized credit card purchases
  • Not receiving refunds, but being given “Wish Credits” instead
  • Having their Wish accounts blocked for “excessive refunds”

Where Do the Products on Wish Come From?

Look at where the stuff on Wish comes from and you’ll understand why the prices are so low. Wish is a mobile shopping site that connects buyers directly to individual merchants selling merchandise made in Chinese factories.

Many big retailers ship directly from China to Western countries like the US, UK, and Canada successfully.

Unlike most online shopping experiences, where you buy from a retailer, an item from Wish comes directly from the factory. There are no middlemen, which means lower prices and less quality-control.

Will Wish Steal My Information?

You’re probably hesitant to type your credit card information on a website that sells a leather watch for $1. The truth is that Wish is just about as safe as any other online retailer.

In order to view products on Wish, you’ll need to make an account. This means inputting your full name and email. Wish also tracks your computer’s IP address, social network information, location, internet browser, and even the items you click on.

There’s always the possibility of a website being hacked, and Wish is no exception. Concerned about data breaches? Wish itself won’t steal your information.

Tips For Buying On Wish Safely

Tips For Buying On Wish Safely

So you want to take the plunge and order something from Wish? There are several things you should know before starting your Wish haul. Take a look at these four tips to ensure you make a safe purchase.


1. Don’t Ignore Reviews

Sometimes it’s okay to take reviews with a grain of salt. Buyers often nitpick an item if it doesn’t mean their specific expectations, so you ignore it.

However, you should not do this on Wish. Wish reviewers will let you know the ugly truth behind that $13 drone you want so bad.

If the reviews on the item you want are mostly negative, you might want to reconsider your plan to purchase it. On the other hand, some items are “Verified by Wish Shoppers.” This means that a product has received positive reviews from customers.

2. Be Aware Of Long Shipping Times

Wish ships from China. That means it could take a long time to get to your doorstep. Let’s just say that one week is quick shipping time for Wish. Some users report that their item doesn’t arrive for months after their order.

It’s also possible that your item won’t come at all. According to several complaints, it’s not uncommon for a buyer’s item to never reach their home. Always keep track of your order.

3. Watch Out For Misleading Descriptions

One of the biggest issues on Wish is incorrect product descriptions and images. Descriptions aren’t always accurate and images can make the product look better than it actually is.

In this case, it’s better to pay more attention to customer reviews than the product descriptions.

4. Choose The Right Size

If you’re buying clothing on Wish, make sure to look at the size chart. The small, medium, or large in your country might not correspond with the clothing sizes from Wish.

Since most clothes from Wish come from China, the clothes are often in Asian sizes. Luckily, Wish shows a meter on clothing items that let you know whether it runs large or small.

Wish App Shipping

Many of the items that you buy in the Wish app ship for free from China, which is a pretty impressive deal. That’s why it takes up to three weeks for some items to arrive.

You can see the shipping cost and estimated arrival for each item as you shop. If you buy from different stores you may need to pay various shipping charges.

Make sure you check this before purchasing, especially if you are buying heavy or bigger items. Some amazing looking deals are no longer a good deal when you factor in shipping.

If you are shopping with Wish for a specific date or holiday, you may find that items will arrive in time, but you won’t have time to do any exchanges if something isn’t as you expected.

Wish Conclusion

Wish’s affordable prices make it tempting to go on an all-out shopping spree.

While you might want to fill your cart with cheap electronics and jewelry that would typically cost hundreds of dollars, you should second-guess yourself every now and then. Just like Wish, other online retailers come with a host of possible scams as well.

Shoppers give the Wish shopping app high marks and leave plenty of positive reviews. Most people find the app very easy to use.


Even though many shoppers say that the Wish app is safe, a lot of them warn that scrolling through fast-fashion clothes, home goods, and low-priced goods can become very addictive.

As with any type of international shopping, you should read the reviews thoroughly before entering your payment information and understand that you’re buying from a third-party merchant.

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