The Truth Behind Rumors of Old Country Buffet Closing

Where do I find old country buffet near me? Considering the recent rumors about old country buffet closing, you might be wondering if you can still find anyone close to where you live. Keep reading this article to find out. 

old country buffet near me

Online rumors abound about a number of restaurants closing as a result of the pandemic, including Old Country Buffet, a staple of American strip malls.

In this article, we’ve gotten to the bottom of the matter to determine whether or not the reports that the restaurant was closing were true and where they originated.

America used to rely on Old Country Buffet for buffets and all-you-can-eat meals. 

There, for a reasonable price, you could buy as much steak, chicken, mac and cheese, potatoes, broccoli, soft-serve ice cream, and anything else your stomach desired.

Pandemic’s Effects on Old Country Buffet

In many ways, Old Country Buffet was the industry standard for buffet-style dining for many years.

But due to the pandemic’s effects on culture, health, and the way we eat, Old Country Buffet’s profits have been in free fall for more than 20 years.

The majority of their storefronts have really closed, and those that are still open don’t provide much optimism. 

Things aren’t looking good for the chain since the company has filed for bankruptcy three times since 2006 and eaters are staying at home more frequently than before due to a global pandemic.

Is Old Country Buffet Closing?

old country buffet near me

Only 17 Old Country Buffet locations will be operational in the US by 2022, thus it’s quite unlikely that the restaurant will remain operational forever.

According to CNN Business news, Old Country Buffet declared bankruptcy for the third time in 2021, with the pandemic serving as the final straw.

Numerous locations of other buffet businesses, including CiCi’s Pizza, Sweet Tomatoes, and Golden Corral, also closed that year due to similar circumstances.

Covid Regulations Effect on its Operations

People were unable to dine out, and when they could, Covid regulations prevented a buffet-style restaurant from operating as Americans were accustomed to.

Less capital required, less capacity. Additionally, a buffet had few options for adjusting to a quickly evolving food culture. 

Buffet-style meals have become significantly more difficult as a result of farm-to-table and food delivery apps.

So it would seem that rumors of Old Country Buffet closing were inevitable given all the bad press they were receiving? Learn more about these now.

Where did this Rumor Come From?

Many diners realized they hadn’t been to a Country Buffet (or any other buffet) in more than ten years after hearing about the third bankruptcy, thus the end was inevitable.

Restaurants have started embracing the farm-to-table movement, a method of eating that promotes healthier menu options while also supporting local communities and other shop owners, but it is also more expensive.

This was somewhat the reverse of what Country Buffet stood for; in order to feed so many hungry patrons on a daily basis, portion sizes had to be substantial and affordable.

Modifications in Food Culture

The broad variety of food choices, which was once Country Buffett’s greatest advantage, was another contributing element to the restaurant’s demise.

Instead of Country Buffet, which wasn’t particularly known for any one cuisine, many diners now prefer specialty restaurants like Indian or pizzerias.

Country Buffet started closing its doors as a result of all these modifications in food culture. 

Then, after the pandemic, there were online whispers that the buffet empire would soon come to an end.

Will Old Country Close in the Future?

Will Old Country Close in the Future?

It is hard to predict what will happen to the final 17 establishments. It might be one of two ways.

Some restaurant chains have been successful in making a comeback. 

Pizza Hut, for instance, changed the way they deliver food to clients by using apps and smaller/closer locations after eliminating 300 outlets.

Additionally, they expanded the menu, made ordering quick and simple, and maintained the high standard of the food. In other words, Old Country Buffet’s run isn’t quite done yet.

Investment in Food Psychology

Old Country Buffet also started to invest in food psychology, which involved studying how people eat and starting to reorganize their buffet line. 

The less expensive buffet items, such as potatoes and vegetables, went in the first row while the more expensive things came last and in lesser portions.

Although the partnership between Country Buffet and UberEats wasn’t harmful, it didn’t appear to be enough to save the buffet company. 

The portions were fixed, and you had to pay extra for seconds if you wanted them.

Are Other Restaurants Closing?

The pandemic brought forth so many changes that eateries’ ability to adapt saved them. 

Even if they remained open, many had trouble finding enough workers to staff their restaurants.

Pizza Hut lost almost 300 of its locations, but the fast-food pizza juggernaut continued to operate and had a comeback in 2021.

However, due to a lack of workers, IHOP, Chuck E. Cheese, and Dave and Buster’s did close more locations in 2021.

Other restaurants, like Taco Bell, offered both new menu items and inventive delivery methods.

Wrapping up

Since there are currently at least 17 Old Country Buffet locations, the chain is apparently still having financial difficulties.

We are not sure where else you can order plates full of food from so many different cultures at once.

In the coming years, we’ll see how Old Country Buffet adjusts and whether or not they permanently close. 

It’s difficult to say whether internet access and healthy food consumption will change how businesses operate, but they always come up with new strategies.

But, feel at ease. For now, your preferred buffet chain is still in business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ovation Brands

No, there is not.

17 locations.

Tahoe Joe’s.

Yes, it is.

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No, they did not.

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The first Tahoe Joe’s was at West Fresno

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