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Is DHgate legit? Tips to Buy and Avoid Being Scammed on DHgate

Is DHgate legit?: If you just clicked on this article, chances are that you want to make a purchase on the DHgate online platform, you are into bargain shopping online or you want to get as much information as possible to guide you through your next step of maybe purchasing bulk products.

Is DHgate legit? Tips to Buy and Avoid Being Scammed on DHgate

This article is specifically written to clear your doubt and provide you with every piece of knowledge you will be needing to buy from DHgate without being scammed. Follow the tips in this article for an effective purchase.

One thing is certain; DHgate will never steal your money or credit card information. The platform supports varied secured payment options to ensure credit card or account details don’t get stolen.

Is Dhgate Safe?

DHgate was established to make it easier for interested buyers to purchase items from China, hassle-free. The platform links overseas buyers to sellers in China.

So you can order items on DHgate from the comfort of your home and have them shipped from China down to your location.

It’s that simple and easy. Diane Wang founded DHgate in 2004, an e-commerce platform headquartered in Beijing, China.

Wang was a former top Microsoft China executive, who has loads of experience in the digital environment. Being a former Microsoft employer with a good track record is also a big plus.

DHgate’s cross-border B2B business model is highly rewarding. In just a few decades, the platform has recorded over 1.2 million sellers, with over 30 million listed products. DHgate is home to the best replicas in the world.

You’ll find several replicas, ranging from shoes, bags, clothes, and many more.

DHgate is a major online platform for buying goods from Chinese suppliers. Primarily a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce site, it specializes in connecting overseas buyers with sellers who are located in China.

Is DHgate Legit? 

Yes. DHgate is a legit e-commerce platform. It offers overseas buyers a chance to buy China-based products without leaving their respective countries.

Orders are shipped from China to buyers’ locations. DHgate allows every individual seller to handle all the shipping arrangements for products sold via the platform.

Is DHgate legit? 

DHgate supports varied secured payment methods, such as credit card, Skrill, bank transfer, Western Union, and many others. Its sellers also ship products worldwide.

One thing is certain; DHgate will never steal your money or credit card information. The platform supports varied secured payment options to ensure credit card or account details don’t get stolen.

DHgate protects buyers by withholding buyer’s money from sellers until buyers acknowledge receipt of the product.

How to Create Buyer’s Account on DHgate

Creating an account is super easy to navigate through, these guidelines will help you through.

  1. You have to sign-up before using DHgate, whether you’re a buyer or seller.
  2. Signing up helps DHgate know more about you. It also makes it easier for DHgate’s customer service agents to mediate disputes.

How to Create Buyer’s Account on DHgate

  1. Opening a DHgate account will help you manage and track all your purchases and transactions.
  2. So how can you sign-up? The process is quite straightforward and quick.
  3. On the upper right side, you’ll find a “Join now icon”, click on it to move to the next page.
  4. Next is to provide relevant details. These include your preferred login email address and password.
  5. These are the two necessary details you need to access your account, so endeavor to write them down, so you won’t forget.
  6. After entering your email and password, click on the “Join Free” button to create your DHgate account.

You can also decide to sign-up via your Facebook or Google+ account. Signing up is free.

What Payment Methods Does DHgate Accept?

DHgate.com accepts several different payment methods and they can vary according to country. DHgate payment methods accepted worldwide include:

What You Need to Do to Buy at DHgate

Buying Products on DHgate. Tips on What You Need to Do

Being home to millions of sellers shows that DHgate is an e-commerce platform with great prospects. It’s China’s biggest B2B platform.

But as a buyer, always remember that you’re buying from a distant store. In such ways, you may also be offered products that are imitations.

You need to check products properly before making payments. Don’t rely on refunds because you may lose part of the payment while trying to ship items back to the seller. You don’t want to lose from both ends.

Here are the necessary tips on what you should do when buying products on DHgate. These tips would help you steer clear of fraudulent sellers.

1. Look out for Seller’s Rating and Reviews  

As a way to weed out sellers with bad intentions, DHgate made provisions for buyers to review and rate sellers.

Sellers with a higher rating are more trustworthy than those with a lower rating or poor feedback. You can’t group a 5-star, and 3-star rated seller in the same category.

Besides rating, viewing other buyers’ feedback is another easy way to investigate a seller. Choose the option “with pictures” to observe whether people are buying the said product.

You should also find out what other buyers are saying about the seller or specific products’ quality.

2. Estimated Delivery Date

Moving products from China to a country like the USA, for example, takes weeks. Ocean freight takes 30 to 40 days.

So, if you’re in a rush, use the online chat tool to reach out to the seller and relay your concerns. You can even request rush shipping.

3. Find out the Shipping Cost 

Knowing the total shipping cost is very important when buying products from a distant country like China. You’ll be in a better position to decide if the deal is worth it or not.

Sometimes, you may learn that buying from local stores around you is much better than buying from DHgate or other related platforms.

4. Contact Seller Before Ordering 

Learn whatever you need to know regarding the seller before making a purchase. You can contact the seller and ask direct questions if you wish to.

Learn about the product’s material quality, seller’s reimbursement policy, warranty, and other relevant details about the product before making any financial commitment.

If the seller is willing to communicate and give you all the details you requested, that could indicate that you’re dealing with a reputable seller. If the reverse is the case, please search for other buyers.

5. What is the Seller’s Return Policy?

You should find out your prospective seller’s return policy for situations where you don’t get the exact products that you paid for

6. How Responsive is the Seller to Questions?

This point is as important as every other, be aware of how responsive your seller is. That way, you are able to confirm if he is going to be accessible to you when there is a challenge with your products.


How to Avoid Bad Suppliers

DHgate.com is a marketplace for thousands of suppliers, similar to eBay. There are plenty of reliable suppliers, but there are scammers out there too. These tips in order to identify good suppliers and avoid scammers:

  • Avoid suppliers without any buyer feedback
  • Avoid suppliers with only a few products in their DHgate store
  • Avoid suppliers with incredibly low prices – expect to get what you pay for

With all of these said, you should be comfortable and relaxed purchasing from DHgate online platform.

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