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Is Carol Burnett Still Alive? A Status Update on Her Life and Health

Influence is one thing that great people have consciously or unconsciously created while doing what they do. Carol Burnett is no less an influential lady. However, the question is, is Carol Burnett still alive?

Is Carol Burnett Still Alive

Who is Carol Burnett?

Carol Burnett is a well-known comedian and actress.

Her show “The Carol Burnett Show,” which aired on CBS almost 54 years ago, made her famous.

This is akin to Saturday Night Live, where musical performances, audience engagement, and other elements are mixed together.

Burnett continued to perform in films after the show ended.

She was the first actress to appear on Sesame Street, as well as in a number of other television shows, in tragic roles.

She had also worked on Broadway and in live theater, as well as writing numerous memoirs.

Is Carol Burnett Still Alive?

Carol Burnett is still very much alive.

Despite the fact that her acting career began in the 1950s, she continues to act today.

She was born on April 26th, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas, to Ina Louise Creighton and Joseph Thomas Burnett.

Due to her parents’ severe alcoholism, she couldn’t spend much time with them and was transferred to live with her grandmother.

While leaving with her grandmother, she created a bond with her.

Burnett and her grandmother became extraordinarily close when living in a Hollywood boarding home during the Golden Age of cinema.

This was very priceless to her as she couldn’t have such a relationship with her parents.

Carol Burnett’s Childhood

Carol Burnett's Childhood

Burnett’s grandmother’s influence on her prevented her from a life of addiction.

It also provided her with a road map for what to do if she ever found herself in a circumstance similar to her grandmother’s.

Carol Burnett was shy and sensitive as a child.

But when she joined her high school theater club, she overcome her fears.

Burnett realized early on that her best roles were the ones that made people laugh the most.

Burnett studied journalism at the University of California after high school.

Her inherent skill and passion for entertainment, however, led her to switch majors from journalism to theater.

Other Things to Know

Burnett played in nightclubs while hunting for comic opportunities in Hollywood.

After a nightclub performance in which she sang her original song, I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles, she was recognized by Jack Paar and Ed Sullivan.

At the time, Dulles was the Secretary of State.

Burnett has continued to act despite her entertainment career, beginning in the 1950s.

She played Chairol Burnett in Toy Story 4, Joan in All Together Now, and most recently Windbreeze in Trolls Holiday in Harmony.

Carol Burnett’s Age

Carol Creighton Burnett who is still alive was born on April 26th, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas.

She will be 88 years old in 2022. Her mother worked as a PR writer for film studios.

Her father ran a movie theater, therefore both of her parents were involved in the performing business.

She was mostly raised by her grandmother because both of her parents were alcoholics.

Carol Burnett moved to Hollywood when her parents divorced in the late 1930s.

She was determined to live her dream despite the sad event.

Carol’s Early Years as an Actress

Carol's Early Years as an Actress

Carol Burnett wanted to be a Broadway actress before she started acting on television.

She never thought her ambition would come true due to financial difficulties and the cost of traveling from Hollywood to New York City.

Burnett used to put on private events at people’s houses around Hollywood during her college years.

When she was frequently asked what her plan was after graduation, she mentioned her desire to perform in Broadway productions.

She was approached by a prominent businessman and his wife during one of her private shows in San Diego.

And they provided her enough financial support to get her from Hollywood to New York City.

They agreed to offer Burnett $1,000 in exchange for her keeping three promises to the couple.

The first was that she would never reveal the identity of her donors, and the second was that she would only use the funds to travel to New York.

Carol in New York Broadway

The pair made her swear, saving the most crucial pledge for last, that she would help other young entertainers in the same way that they had helped her.

Carol Burnett arrived in New York City swiftly, landing her first significant part in an off-Broadway production of Once Upon a Mattress.

Burnett noticed Lucille Ball in the audience on the second night of the show.

Ball found Burnett backstage after the event ended, and the two hit it off right away.

Before leaving, Ball instructed Burnett to contact her if she ever needed assistance.

When CBS offered Burnett a one-hour comedy special if she could find a renowned guest, she turned to none other than Lucille Ball.


Becoming the Comedy Queen of Television

Becoming the Comedy Queen of Television

Carol Burnett’s gaining the approval of America’s favorite funny lady at the moment was a huge step in the right direction.

In 1955, she made her first appearance on The Paul Winchell Show.

Burnett’s first television appearance was as Celia in the 1950s comedy series.

She co-starred it with Buddy Hackett, Jane Connell, and Frederic Tozere.

She also appeared in The Lucy Show with Lucille Ball in the 1960s.

Carol Bradford, who first appeared on the show as Lucy’s roommate, would be played by Burnett.

The Carol Burnett Show

She went on to play Carol Barnes shortly after her appearance on The Lucy Show.

Burnett reappeared alongside Lucille Ball in “Here’s Lucy”, assuming the role of Carol Krausmeyer.

When Lucille Ball returned to television screens across the United States.

She had established herself as one of the top female comedians of the 1960s by then.

Carol Burnett had won the right to host her own comedy show, The Carol Burnett Show, by 1967.

Unlike Lucille Ball’s presentations, the Carol Burnett Show consisted of a range of sketches and musical pieces rather than a single tale.

Awards and Recognitions

Carol Burnett won 40 honors for her work on the show, including Primetime Emmys and Golden Globes.

She also had outstanding achievements in Special Musical Material, in Comedy-Variety or Music Series, and Outstanding Writing in Comedy-Variety.

Other outstanding achievements in Music Series and Outstanding Achievement in Choreography are among the Emmy Awards won by the show.

Carol Burnett’s Net Worth

Carol Burnett's Net Worth

Carol Burnett has a net worth of $45 million.

She is an incredible person, she never gave up and she was resilient as she went on with fulfilling her dream.

Carol Burnett, because of her long and successful television career, has become one of the most well-known and beloved figures in entertainment history.

She is most known for hosting CBS’s The Carol Burnett Show.

However, she has also appeared in films, television shows, radio shows, and stage productions.

Struggle With Multigenerational Addiction

Burnett’s family would suffer from addiction on a regular basis.

Carol’s struggle with addiction began with her parents’ severe drinking, which forced her to live with her grandmother.

Her daughters, Carrie and Erin Hamilton struggled with drug addictions while their parents battled alcoholism.

Carol Burnett, who had never used drugs, was distraught when her oldest daughter began abusing them.

Carrie Hamilton’s name became famous not because of her performance, but because of her Quaaludes and cocaine addiction.

Hamilton battled her addiction and the unwanted attention she had drawn for two years.

Still on Her Struggle

They subsequently listed Carol Burnett and her husband Joe Hamilton for drug problems as one of the causes of their divorce.

Burnett and her eldest daughter developed a strong bond as a result of helping her daughter overcome her drug addiction.

Carrie Hamilton would make better use of her adult years and go on to become a well-known television actress before dying of brain and lung cancer at the age of 38.

This would not, however, be Burnett’s final brush with addiction in the family.

Carol Burnett’s youngest daughter Erin Hamilton would be diagnosed with heroin addiction in 2020.

Other Things to Know

Burnett and her husband Brian Miller began pursuing guardianship of her 14-year-old grandson due to her daughter’s addiction.

Burnett intends to help her grandson and daughter in the same way that her grandmother helped her when her parents’ addictions became too much for them.

Her advice to parents of children battling drug addiction is to love them enough to let them despise you if it means they will receive the care they require.

Helping Others Fight Addiction Across the World

Helping Others Fight Addiction Across the World

Carol Burnett has dedicated her life to not only entertaining but also assisting others who are struggling with addictions.

Being 87years old and still alive is more reason she chose to help other people psychologically.

When she launched Alcoholics Anonymous in the Soviet Union in 1988, she took her struggle against addiction around the world.

Burnett traveled internationally while the Soviet Union had 4.5 million registered alcoholics.

Carol Burnett starred in a feature film about alcohol abuse as part of a campaign for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Burnett, who lost both her parents to alcoholism and was on the verge of losing her kid to the same disease, was featured in the film.

Important Facts

In 1985, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev reduced the country’s commercial alcoholic manufacturing in the hopes of lowering the number of alcoholics.

Citizens, on the other hand, reacted to the production cut by forming large lineups outside of any store selling alcohol.

They even invented their own beverage, known as samogon.

President Gorbachev was desperate and made battling alcoholism a high priority throughout his leadership by bringing over self-help programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Burnett and her daughter Carrie Hamilton hosted a private gathering for recovering alcoholics while in Moscow.

There were only 20 members when the Soviet branch of Alcoholics Anonymous was founded.

Keeping Her Promise and Giving Back

Carol Burnett is the epitome of the rags-to-riches story, and she continues to give back to a variety of organizations.

Thanks to her wealth and celebrity. This also sprang out of her gratitude for still being alive.

Burnett is best recognized for her work against substance misuse, although she also contributes to a variety of causes.

Broadway Barks Across America was one of Carol Burnett’s most recent charity fundraisers.

Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore established Broadway Barks in 1998, and it has since grown to become New York City’s largest pet adoption event.


Carol Burnett was named the Gold Ribbon Campaign celebrity representative for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation in 2014.

The organization is dedicated to assisting families affected by children’s cancer.

Burnett understands how tough it is for parents to watch their children suffer from one of the most devastating and painful diseases as a mother who has lost a daughter to cancer.

The Golden Ribbon Campaign was intended to show how juvenile cancer impacts the entire family with the help of celebrities, businesses, and medical professionals.

Carol Bernett Plans

Carol Burnett is 88 years old, but she has no plans to retire from the entertainment industry anytime soon.

She planned to start an evening of laughter and reflection where the audience asks questions.

This was supposed to start in 2020, but the pandemic forced her to postpone it until 2022.

Burnett hasn’t been on tour in a long time, having stayed at home to focus on her family.

Despite the fact that touring across the country may seem excessive for someone in her late eighties, Burnett maintains she has missed it.

At least doing some touring while still alive won’t kill anyone.

Other Things to Know

The aspect of her current tour that Burnett was most enthusiastic about was how the audience kept her on her toes by asking her questions.

It keeps the shows from being too identical to one another.

Many people are watching Hollywood’s long-running celebrities with bated breath after Betty White’s death.

Burnett, on the other hand, has shown her followers that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Carol Burnett has more than enough going on in her life to keep her young and vibrant, between entertaining Americans and supporting her grandson.

She intends to entertain the world and make it a better place until the day she dies.

Carol Burnett’s Husband and Children 

Carol Burnett has been married three times in her life, two of which ended in divorce.

Don Saroyan was her first husband, whom she married in 1955.

Unfortunately, seven years later, in 1962, they divorced and had no children.

She married Joe Hamilton on May 4, 1963, after divorcing Don Saroyan.

Joe Hamilton was a divorced father of eight and a television producer.

He later produced The Carol Burnett Show after producing Burnett’s Carnegie Hall show in 1962.

Important Things to Know

Carol and Hamilton have three daughters.

Carrie Hamilton (born December 5, 1963), Jody Hamilton (born January 18, 18), and Erin Hamilton (born January 18, 18).

Carrie was a singer and actor. She died on January 20, 2002, at the age of 38.

Jody and Erin, her sisters, are also actresses.

After their divorce in 1984, Carol and Joe Hamilton remained married for another 21 years.

She married Brian Miller, the lead drummer with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, on November 24, 2001.

Miller is 23 years his wife’s junior.

Carol Burnett and Brian Miller now live in Santa Barbara. They do not, however, have children.

Carol Burnett’s Health

Irrespective of Carol’s age, she has not had any health challenges.

She kept growing well in her career and also touched lives with what she does.

Although she lost her daughter to a health issue just after they started getting along, it was never reported that she was ill or had a problem with her health.

The 87-year-old woman wishes to still travel around just as she always does and she still has a lot of strength in her. 

The Carol Burnett Show

Burnett was given a weekly comedy series called Here’s Agnes by CBS in 1967. 

However, it stipulated that she had five years from the end of The Garry Moore Show to “push the button” on presenting thirty-one-hour episodes of a music/comedy variety show.

As a result, the hour-long Carol Burnett Show was born and premiered in September 1967.

It has been winning or being nominated for several Emmy and Golden Globe Awards every season it was on the air.

Tim Conway was a guest star until the ninth season.

Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, and Vicki Lawrence, who Burnett discovered and coached, were among the ensemble cast members.

The network first refused to let her do a variety show because it believed that only men could succeed at it.

But her contract stipulated that she be given one season of any show she wanted to do.

More about the Show

She chose to continue the popularity of previous variety shows.

The Carol Burnett Show, a true variety show, struck a connection with audiences.

Musical numbers appeared frequently.

The original comedy “The Family,” which was later spun off into the television show Mama’s Family, starring Vicki Lawrence, was a hit for Burnett and her team.

She sent a message to her grandmother by tugging on her left ear at the end of each show.

This was done to reassure her that she was fine and that she was adored.

Her grandma died during the duration of the program.


Burnette Film Roles

While her variety program was on the air, Burnett appeared in a few films, including Pete ‘n’ Tillie in 1972. In 1974, she received an Emmy nomination for her portrayal in a drama series.

She went on to play a variety of roles outside of humor when her program ended. She had several dramatic parts, the most notable of which was in the television film Friendly Fire.

In the film Life of the Party, the Story of Beatrice, she played Beatrice O’Reilly. A lady struggling with alcoholism.

Moreso, she is certainly keeping herself occupied. Due to the pandemic, a 2020 tour has been canceled, and Carol Burnett, an evening of laughter and reflection has been rescheduled for 2022.

What is Carol Burnett Currently Doing?

She has said severally that misses her tour life because it kept the old grey matter ticking.

In her words, she said, “I never know what they’ll ask, so I have to be prepared.” It allows me to stay young.”

A Little Help with Carol Burnett (2018) and All Together Now (2018) are two recent Netflix projects in which Burnett appeared (2020).

Finally, Burnett devotes time to philanthropic activities.

She promised a benefactor she met early in her career that she would help others.

She took part in Broadway Barks, a popular yearly fundraiser for animal shelters and rescue groups, in late May 2021.

The Death of Carol Co-Host

Carol Burnett and Golden Girls actress and animal champion Betty White are two of the best female comedy actresses.

Burnett and White collaborated extensively in the entertainment industry and became good friends.

Burnett was devastated to learn about Betty White’s death on December 31, 2021, at the age of 99, as another lifelong friend.

The belief that White is now happily reunited with her own late husband Allen Ludden has helped Burnett cope with the loss of her friend.

Burnett and White had known one other longer than White and Ludden had.

Betty White’s Death

Burnett knew Ludden was right for White from the start of their relationship, and there was no one on the globe who made White happier.

White had already married twice, but according to Burnett, both marriages were mistakes.

Betty White turned down repeated marriage proposals from Allen Ludden.

She explained that she wanted to be sure that Ludden truly loved her before she accepted his proposal.

Burnett was concerned for Ludden as her cancer progressed, despite her friend’s determination to greet each day with a smile on her face.

Important Things to Note

Betty White would show up on location, film a scene, and then depart to visit her husband in the hospital.

Burnett witnessed firsthand how White’s husband’s death affected her.

Ludden and White had always been so dedicated to each other that White’s heart ached from not having him around all the time.

Despite her personal difficulties, Betty White was able to keep her spirits up by focusing on her love of animals and entertaining.

When White died, Burnett was happy to learn that her friend was reunited with the love of her life.

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