Instagram Messages: View Messages you Receive on Instagram

The added feature “Instagram Messages” made it easy for brands to have better engagement and client interaction. Keep reading to know how to view all the messages you receive on this fun app.

When Instagram first launched, it started as a photo and video-sharing platform, and this attracted people from all over the world to start using the app.

After some time, it began to introduce comments and direct messaging to build more interaction between its users. Currently, Instagram now has all the features of a typical social media messaging app.

This is very useful, as the app has helped build brands and allows for better engagement, and client interaction. It is a piece of particularly useful information from a marketing point of view.

You can do so much with your Instagram, from sending text messages to uploading photos in your DMs and even making Video calls, Instagram has it all.

Even if you want to send out a private message or send your notifications all at once, Instagram with its upgraded features has become an all-rounder for its users.

Where do I Find my Instagram Messages?

With these many great features, Instagram have you covered, It makes for a great user interface and user experience.

So you shouldn’t have a problem checking for your Instagram Messages, whether you want to send a group message or a private message, the app can help you achieve this.

How to Find your Instagram Messages

Instagram is an app that helps increase your brand awareness.

So let’s say you are interested in making great use of this opportunity to build your brand on the app, you might begin to get message alerts that will help keep you informed on the latest happenings concerning your account and your followers.

All you need to do to access your messages is to open the app, it doesn’t matter which device you are using, Instagram works well on both Android and iOS devices too.

Then you scroll to Instagram Messenger. Immediately, after you open your account, you will get notifications of either people engaging in your post or even new messages

Turning on your Notifications to Find Messages

On the messages, if they are unread, you will a red dot on top of the icon.

You can now open them, but before you do, you will notice that the app helps put the messages in chronological order,i.e from recent to oldest.

You can also choose to change the settings to allow phone notifications, this will enable you to check your messages automatically if you want to.

There is another way to know where your messages are and you can always swipe left on your notification on your screen. 

How to Activate Instagram DM Notifications 

Here’s how to enable your Instagram notifications for easy access to messages:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone
  • On the Instagram, Menu click on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of your screen
  • Go to the “Settings” menu and Select “Notifications”
  • Be sure that the “Pause All” toggle button is turned off
  • You can now  customize your alerts for particular actions, in this case, “Direct Messages”

How does Instagram Messaging Work?

How does Instagram Messaging Work?

Instagram has a feature that enables you to send private instant messaging, it is called Instagram Direct.

Now, with this Instagram Direct, users are able to do many things while still protecting their privacy.

The Instagram Direct Messaging feature was launched in 2013, to make the app interesting to use for its customers.

How the Instagram Direct Messaging Works?

Instagram Direct messaging comes with a lot of features, that work for people in different sectors, it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, an influencer, a business owner, or a content creator. Direct messaging has so much to offer.

Here are some of its features:

  •  It gives access to send private messages to many people, both in groups and individually. 
  • You can send messages that will only be viewed once by the recipient along with pictures and videos.
  • You can send videos and images to people without needing to post them on your page.
  • Share locations and hashtags with your friends to give them an idea of your favorite place and content. 
  • It gives access to your Facebook business page while your professional account messages are all in one place.
  • You can also send automated messages from your business page.


Are Instagram Messages Private?

It’s totally normal to need to know just how secure your Instagram Messages are.

As an app that is used by millions of people worldwide, you would be concerned if your privacy can be breached by hackers.

Well, you don’t have to worry your messages are safe and secure as long as you do not go to your settings to enable some kind of security.

If you do this, then there is a possibility that your messages can be hacked.

However, there are certain security measures, you can take to ensure that your messages are kept secure.

How do you Know if Someone has Seen your Instagram Message?

How do you Know if Someone has Seen your Instagram Message?

This question will come to your mind when you have sent a message to someone and the person does give a reply.

This itself can be very frustrating, as you would begin to wonder why the person has not responded, or if the messages were delivered in the first place.

How to Know if Someone has Read your Instagram Message

This is very easy. Immediately you send the message to a person and the person is online, look for the word” Seen” as this would appear at the bottom of the message if the message has been read.

If it appears, know that the person has viewed your messages.

You can also click the message to double-check, this is done in cases where the “Seen” status has not appeared at first. The Status is like the “Whatsapp” blue double ticks

So if you have not gotten a reply after your message has been seen, this means that the recipient does not want or they have not gotten the chance to (cases where they are not with their phones and the mobile data is turned on)

The same applies in group chat, you will see the “Seen” status, and you might also see the profile names with a “+” sign showing the number of people that have seen your messages, you can click on it to see the full list.

Why Can’t I See the Messages on Instagram?

There are times when you find it hard to view your messages on Instagram.

This can result from the direct messages not working, Also, your messages can be hidden if you don’t know how best to about it, and in cases where error messages pops up, this would hinder you from gaining access to your messages.

Reasons you Can’t See your Messages on Instagram

Here are some of the reasons why you can’t view your messages on the Instagram App

  • If you block a person before their message was sent, you won’t be able to have access to those messages.
  • The app is currently experiencing downtime or running updates, you won’t be able to see your messages during this period until the app is fixed before you can get access to your messages.
  • Your messages might not show if you are sending too many messages at once.

How to Fix the Issue

If the issue still persists, then worry less, as there are ways you can fix the problem and be able to have access to your messages.

1. Switch Internet Provider: This can be a reason why your messages are not seen due to a poor internet connection.

If you are experiencing this problem, the best option is for you to switch the internet provider, you can make use of your mobile data if the wifi connection is slow 

2. Restart your Device: This is the go-to option if you are experiencing any kind of technical issue.

So if you can’t gain access to your messages, try restarting your device, the problem can be due to a minor glitch from the Instagram device or your phone simply hanging. So restart your device and start again.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not, the Messages sent to your Instagram account do not appear in your inbox on the messenger app, they have separate chat lists

Immediately you delete a conversation, it will no longer be visible in your inbox.

The contents of your messages are protected with end-to-end encryption. This means that during delivery the app cannot see or listen to what was said or sent.

People can only get the IP address of Instagram servers, not your phone, but if you are sent a link and you click on that link, you can be tracked because it is your phone that will access the link.

For as long as they are not deleted. If deleted then you have lost them.

Instagram claims that messages are kept for a period of 30 days but this might not be true.

Yes, if deleted, you won’t be able to access them again

No, you can’t, they have a separate chat list.

For an app that is fun and still helps with increased brand popularity and customer engagement. Instagram does tick the box.

So as an upcoming brand, it is important you invest your time in learning how to navigate around the app and attending to all the messages from your clients.

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