11 Tips to Improve Your Stock Video

What is stock footage or stock video? It fills the gap in the videos so that people can convey their stories in a better way. Stock Footage evaluates the production value of a video by creating a smooth transition from one frame to the next. Read through to know the Tips to Improve Your Stock Video.

Tips to Improve Your Stock Video

Ways to Improve Your Stock Video Quality

Getting your video looking all good and up to quality is very important. There are tools out there to help achieve this, and among the best is depositphotos.com.

The best part is that it is easy to use, which is why it is the most popular video editing tool. You can even check out various terms and tips to improve your stock video and image collection at depositphotos.com.

We will discuss the top of the list of 11 tips which allow you to improve your stock videos below.

1. Keep it Short

There’s no doubt about it, this is among the important tips to Improve Your Stock Video.  Don’t keep your stock footage too long. A video of 5-59 seconds can be created.

However, the ideal video timing to create stock footage is 30 seconds. If your video is 60 seconds, consider splitting it into two shots.

2. Keep it Smooth

This is another tip to Improve Your Stock Video. When shooting action or moving shots, ensure that your camera isn’t shaking. Shaking increases the video time, which is not best for the stock video.

Suppose you have a 30 seconds video, but there are two seconds of camera shaking. You can cut the shaky part by splitting the video into two halves.

3. Avoid Merged Cuts or Multiple Angles

If you have captured multiple actions in a single video, cutting them and treating them as separate shots is better.

Multi-angle stock footage can be confusing for people to use. That is why you should not merge double or triple scenes in a single video.

When editing a video, select material that flows and moves the same way as your finished product; producing a smooth, coherent video with stock footage heading in a different direction is challenging.

4. Vary Your Shots

Have a variety of shots for your stock footage. Showing only a single location or a concept can be boring for some.

Likewise, merging multiple shots of the same subject in the same viewpoint may not attract people.

5. Keep it Interesting

Trim your clips and retain only the necessary part of the video. To keep your footage relevant and applicable, remove unimportant segments.

6. Remove the Audio

Silent footages are easier to work with. Moreover, most people prefer their choice of audio according to their work or project.

That is why it is suggested to eliminate the audio of the footage.

7. Shoot in the Correct Size

Capture videos in 1080p or higher for a better resolution. If you want to zoom in or create a pan in the footage, always go for a 4k video.

Doing this will prevent you from losing the clarity and details of the footage. However, note that not all scenes are to be captured in 4k. Some scenes only require 1080p. It all depends on your camera and the type of scene.

8. Try Multiple Formats

This is also another tips to improve your stock video. Give your formats some diversity using slow motion, time-lapse, and real-time.

Search the web for various stock footage examples to acquire ideas for your subjects.

Look for resources that you could have and check what kinds of footage are available. You’ll find gaps that no one else has considered by doing this. And you get to close those gaps using your method.

9. Avoid Noisy Shots

If you are shooting the scene in a noisy area, you can remove it by applying the denoising filter on your editing software.

Remember that this filter is not an accurate solution to the noise problem. The denoise filter has limitations and may fail to work if there is too much noise.

10. Do a Bit of Color Grading

It’s better to color grade the footage to make it appear better. However, too much color grading will make the video stuck at a specific look, thus decreasing its chances of getting used.

11. Keep it Clear

Knowing your focus is very important when shooting a scene. Always remember that focus makes or breaks the video.

Final Verdict

Creating stock footage is challenging because one has to keep the video short and to the point. Don’t be scared to think outside the box while you snapshots.

new options to see what suits you best. You are also welcome to provide any tips or advice in the forum.

No matter how insignificant you believe, the idea is that someone somewhere will always find a use for it!

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