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Ikea Visa Card 2022 Features, Benefits, Advantages and Disadvantages

– Ikea Visa Card 2022 –

Are you aware that with the Ikea Visa credit card in 2022, you may get a percentage of your IKEA purchases back? Yes! With no yearly cost, you can earn a percentage on your ordinary purchases!

Ikea Visa

Comenity’s Ikea Visa credit card offers generous rewards for Ikea purchases. However,  it provides fantastic rewards for purchases made at IKEA, as well as purchases made at restaurants, grocery stores, and utility companies.

For frequent Ikea customers who spend a lot of money at the furnishing retailer, the card’s top-notch uncapped benefits make it a wonderful offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Ikea Visa credit card right now! And shop until you’re satisfied!

Here’s all the vital information you need to discern about the Ikea Visa credit card 2022.

What You Should Know About Ikea Visa Card 2022

Casual IKEA customers, who may only visit a few times a year, will likely struggle to fully utilize the Ikea Visa credit card 2022 incentives. Yeah! Unlike most cash-back credit cards, the Ikea Visa credit card only lets you utilize your rewards on IKEA purchases.

Furthermore, most cash-back credit cards let you use your rewards as a statement credit. In addition, Reward Certificates are automatically provided in $15 increments and expire after 45 days.

As long as you can cope with the aforesaid, the Ikea Visa credit card offers great rewards in 2022.

Not only is the 5% points rate for purchases exceptionally high for a card with no annual fee, But the free delivery advantage for IKEA purchases in-store can be worth it in and of itself.

Ikea Visa Credit Card Payment 2022

IKEA.nl accepts a variety of payment methods for your online order. You have the option of using one of the following payment methods to pay for the items in your shopping cart, they include:

1. iDeal Method

This method requires using the secure online payment environment provided by your bank to make your payment.

2. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express Method

As soon as your order is verified, the amount will be reserved on your credit card and charged.

Also, they will ask you to input the 3d Secure Code when you pay by credit card. If you don’t already have a 3d Secure Code, you’ll be taken to your credit card company’s website to create one.

3. Paying Later

Do you know, if you Pay for your order within 14 days after receiving it? yes! Within one week after delivery, you’ll receive an email from Klarna containing your invoice! After that, you have 14 days to pay Klarna using iDeal or bank transfer.

4. Refunds

The sum is always repaid using the payment method used online. However, this is in order to minimize the risk of fraud as much as feasible.

If you paid using a gift card or shop credit, they don’t refund cash.

How to Apply for Ikea Visa Credit Card 2022

There is online applications are available for the Ikea Visa Credit Card in 2022. Yes! It’s simple to apply! You wanna know how? To begin, visit their website and create an account.

Comenity Capital Bank is the bank that provides the Ikea Credit Card. Moreover, When you apply for a store credit card, however, you may be considered for a variety of other credit cards.

So, when you apply for the Ikea Credit Card, you’ll only be considered for this one card. As a result, you will not receive a card that you do not desire.

You must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Be of legal age in your home state or area.
  • Be in possession of a legitimate government-issued tax identification number, such as a Social Security number (SSN) or a Social Insurance Number (SIN) (SIN)
  • Have a street address, a rural route address, or an APO/FPO address. PO Box addresses will not be accepted.
  • Be in possession of a government-issued photo identification card.
  • You acknowledge and agree that Ikea may share and retain this application and any information you provide to Comenity Capital Bank.

Credit Score Needed for Ikea Visa Card 2022

According to numerous sources, the IKEA Visa requires a credit score of 670 or above to be approved.

Moreover, a balance transfer fee of $10 or 5% of the transaction (whichever is larger) applies to this card, as do late IKEA credit card payment fines of up to $37 and an APR of up to 23.99 percent.

So, by going to Experian.com or CreditKarma.com, you can simply obtain your credit score for free and without changing it.

Ikea Credit Card Pre Approval

Is Comenity Bank able to Provide Pre-approval?: Some of the largest store card issuers, such as Synchrony, Comenity, and TD Bank, do not allow you to check for pre-approval without shopping.

Other big issuers, including as American Express and Capital One, do, however, offer online pre-approval check facilities that may include shop cards as a result.

Have You Heard About Ikea Projekt Card?

If you plan on spending more than $500 at IKEA, this retail credit card offers 0% financing. You’ll have an APR of 21.99 percent after your special financing period finishes.

1. Card’s Information

  • There are no recurring charges.
  • If you spend $500 or more, you can get 0% interest for 6 months.
  • A purchase of $1,500 or more receives a 12-month interest-free period.
  • If you spend $5,000 or more, you can get 0% interest for 24 months.
  • There is no penalty if you pay ahead of time.

2. No Annual Fee and No Limits on Expenditures

The IKEA Visa Credit Card 2022 has a $0 annual charge, which is standard for most shop cards. While the rewards program could be better, this card makes it simple to cut expenditures and maximize benefits.

However, it also has no limit on how many bonus rewards you can receive, unlike some other no-annual-fee cash-back cards that provide bonus rewards at furniture stores. Take a look at the following options:

Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card from Bank of America: This $0 annual fee card lets you choose your own 3% cashback category — one option is home renovation and furnishings, which covers Ikea purchases. yes, their cash rewards never expire!

In addition, this $0-annual-fee card gives 5% cashback on two categories you choose — “furniture retailers,” which includes Ikea, is one option — and 2% cashback on a category chosen from a different list.

3. Rates, Fees & Offers

  • Annual Fee


  • Rewards Rate


  • Bonus Offer


  • Intro APR

0% APR for 6, 12, or 24 months, then a standard purchase APR of 21.99 percent, with no minimum purchase

  • Ongoing APR

APR: 21.99%, Variable

  • Foreign Transaction Fee


4. 0% Intro APR Period

Keep the larger picture in mind if you’re considering the IKEA Visa Credit Card 2022. The card comes with a high APR and gives generous rewards to individuals who expect to spend a lot of money on Ikea merchandise.

It might be more practical to get a credit card with a period of no interest to pay off that new kitchen, living room, or another major improvement.

This is a regular shop card designed to help you pay for major IKEA purchases. There are no prizes, registration incentives, or any other types of benefits available.

You’ll be charged an APR of 21.99 percent when the special financing period has ended.

Ikea Visa App

With the IKEA VISA App, you can easily and quickly manage all of your purchases made with your IKEA VISA credit card 2022.

With this app, you may access all of the options available to take advantage of the benefits that your IKEA VISA card provides, including financing adapted to your needs, with just a single click.

So that you may begin thinking about decorating or redesigning your home with the hundreds of alternatives offered in the IKEA catalog, which you can purchase both in-person and online.

What Does the IKEA VISA App Allow You to Do?

  • Use the App to activate your IKEA VISA credit card 2022 and begin using it at any VISA-accepting store.
  • Create your digital card in the “Request digital card” area of the app if you’re using Android as your operating system.
  • Make sure you have control of all kitties right now by checking your next transaction and monthly bill.
  • Decide how and when you’ll pay, opting for a fixed monthly charge or a lump sum payment at the end of the month. You can also switch payment methods at any moment.
  • You can get your card’s PIN and CVV at any moment, and you can even block it right away if it’s stolen or lost.
  • Update your personal information if you change your address, email address, or account number.

You can also use the Caixa Bank ATM locator to locate the nearest ATM if you run out of cash.

Remember that you can use your DNI / NIE with the letter and password that you created at the first login to gain access to the App.

You already know how to use the IKEA VISA App to keep track of your purchases. Therefore, take advantage of all the benefits it provides!

Ikea Visa Rewards

The IKEA Visa credit card in 2022 makes earning rewards simple. Moreover,  everywhere Visa is accepted!

You will be successful;

  • All IKEA purchases, including Traemand and TaskRabbit, will earn you 5% in Rewards Dollars.
  • Get 3% back in Rewards Dollars when you spend money on restaurants, groceries, or utilities.
  • All other purchases earn you 1% back in Rewards Dollars.

In $15 increments, Ikea “Reward Dollars” are automatically redeemed for Ikea Reward Certificates. However, You’ll get a $15 Ikea Reward Certificate for every 15 Reward Dollars you earn, valid in Ikea stores in the United States or on the company’s website in the United States.

Therefore, , you’ll have to utilize your certificate quickly because it only lasts 45 days after it’s given, and the Reward Dollars you earn to earn those certificates only last 36 months after they’re credited to your account.

For a retail credit card with no annual fee, the rewards rates in the bonus areas are really good. Simultaneously, a simple cash back credit card like the Citi Double Cash Card could give you a superior rewards rate for purchases in non-bonus areas.

However, note:

1. It Could Take a Lot of Expenditure to Make your Rewards

It will take a lot of spending to earn even a single $15 rewards voucher. To earn $15, you’d need to spend $300 at IKEA, $500 on eating, groceries, and utilities, or $1,500 on other expenditures, according to the rewards rates.

If you’re buying a lot of furniture or using your credit card for everything, earning rewards might be a little easier. However, because most people only move or redesign their homes once every few years, you may discover that you spend the majority of your money elsewhere.

Because you’ll need to keep making IKEA trips to justify carrying the card, this rewards structure may cause you to spend more than you intended.

2. Rewards Recovery Information

It’s simple to use the IKEA Visa credit card 2022 to redeem rewards you’ve earned. In $15 increments, rewards are transferred directly to your billing statement.

These bonuses are only available for 45 days after they’ve been applied. furthermore, to use them, you’ll need to use your card to make additional purchases

3. How to Exploit Your Rewards

How much you spend and where you use your card to make purchases determine how much you get back. Here are two ways to make the most of this card’s perks.

4. Assumption

Assume you spend $5,000 on house improvements and furniture per year. On such purchases, you may earn $250 back.

You’d get another $300 and $50 back if you spent $10,000 on food, eating, and utilities, as well as $5,000 on other ordinary expenses. On $20,000 in purchases, you’d receive $600 in incentives.

5. Case of Aspiration

Assume you have a few significant home remodeling projects planned and a budget of $20,000 to spend at IKEA over the course of the year.

You also spend $10,000 on eating, food, and utilities, plus $5,000 on non-essential purchases. On $35,000 in purchases, you’d get $1,000 + $300 + $50 back, totaling $1,350.

Benefits and Features of Ikea Visa credit card 2022

Cardholders can earn IKEA Reward Dollars by using their Ikea Visa credit card 2022 to make purchases. IKEA purchases, Traemand installation, and TaskRabbit assembly services get 5% back; eating, grocery stores, and utility expenditures earn 3% back; and all other purchases earn 1% back.

The incentives are in the form of $15 IKEA Reward Certificates that are automatically provided once the cardholder has accumulated at least 15 Reward Dollars each month.

IKEA Reward Certificates are redeemable at IKEA locations in the United States and on IKEA.com, and they have a 45-day expiration date.

IKEA shoppers who open and use an Ikea Visa credit card on the same day as their first IKEA transaction will receive a $25 discount. In addition, when cardholders spend $500, they will receive a $25 IKEA Reward Certificate.

1. Average Benefits

Standard perks of the IKEA Visa credit card 2022 include:

  • Obtaining an emergency card
  • Dispatch on the Road
  • Experience of Cardholders

Ikea Visa Card 2022 in Comparison to other Credit Cards

When it comes to credit cards, ValuePenguin always suggests that you comparison shop.

Yes! It’s nearly hard to tell if a card is a good fit for you. As well as, your spending habits.

Furthermore, unlike the IKEA Visa Credit Card 2022, you won’t have to worry about your rewards expiring, and you’ll be able to use statement credits to pay for almost any transaction you make with your card.

Important Highlights:

While the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card has no annual charge, it is only available to Amazon Prime members who pay $119 per year.

However, those who aren’t already Amazon Prime members should think twice about signing up only for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

Ikea Visa Credit Card 2022 Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Advantages

Ikea Visa

  •  Shopping with IKEA is the Most Rewarding

When you shop at IKEA stores or online, you’ll get a generous 5% back with this card.

If you don’t have the time or energy to put together your IKEA items yourself, you can get 5% back by using your card to pay for Traemand or TaskRabbit installation and assembly services.

Moreover, that’s a good rewards rate that you won’t always find with retail co-brand or closed loop store credit cards.

  • IKEA Family Membership Program Enrollment is Automatic

New cardholders are automatically registered in the IKEA Family program, which has its own set of advantages.

For instance, every time you visit an IKEA store, you can get exclusive discounts on selected items, participate in workshops and events, and get free hot drinks.

Yeah! You can join IKEA Family even if you don’t have a card, but you’ll need to enroll individually.

  • Get Reward Points Anywhere Visa is Accepted

Unlike some closed-loop store rewards credit cards, the 2022 IKEA Visa lets you earn a percentage of your purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

Specifically, this means you can earn points for buying groceries, shopping at your favorite department store, or booking a trip with your card.

however, closed loop retail store cards restrict your spending and earning incentives to their own locations.

2. Disadvantages           

  • Only Billing Statement Credit Can Be Redeemed as A Reward

You may be able to redeem rewards for statement credit, cash back, gift cards, travel, or other choices if you have a regular rewards card.

Rewards from the IKEA Visa credit card are automatically applied to your billing statement as a credit. In order to redeem your rewards, you must do so in increments of $15.

  • Purchase and Balance Transfer APRs are Above-Average

If you plan to carry a balance on this card, the APR for purchases and balance transfers makes it less enticing.

Because neither has an introductory APR, you’ll be paying the usual variable rate from the moment you start your account.

  • There Isn’t a Standard One-time Offer

The IKEA Visa credit card does include a one-time promotion, but it’s not the kind you’d find on a standard cash back credit card.

Instead of receiving hundreds of dollars in cash, you’ll get a First Purchase Discount.

This Card is Top For?

This card may be beneficial to someone who spends a significant amount of money on furniture, home décor, or home remodeling, or who is an IKEA fan.

You can also earn money back on your ordinary purchases thanks to the rewards scheme.

Ikea Visa

If you use TaskRabbit or Traemand to install and assemble furniture, this card can be beneficial. You’ll get 5% back on those purchases, which is more than a standard cash back rewards card would provide you.

IKEA Visa Credit Card Previous Offer

This card does not come with a standard one-time offer, as previously stated. You can instead get a $25 discount on your first IKEA purchase.

In comparison to a typical cash back rewards card, that’s not exactly a fantastic boost. However, it’s comparable to the kind of first-purchase discounts or incentives offered by other retail co-brand credit cards.

Keep an Eye Out for the Following Fees:

With this card, it’s the APR on purchases, debt transfers, and cash advances that you should be concerned about, not the fees.

The IKEA Visa offers an above-average APR for all three, similar to other retail credit cards, potentially making carrying a balance month to month more expensive.

Amazing Findings About Ikea Card

DIYers and others who like to shop at IKEA for their house may find the IKEA Visa credit card to be a nice fit.

If you often charge eating, groceries, and utilities, this card is especially appealing for getting a significant amount back. Furthermore, there is no yearly cost.

If you’re not a frequent at IKEA or don’t have a major home renovation project in the horizon, this card might not be for you.

The goal of IKEA is to improve people’s daily lives. As a result, they strive to provide you with the highest quality products and services.

The Ikea Visa 2022 card is really dependable. So, how long are you going to be waiting? Today is a great day to go shopping at IKEA!

Also, please share this information with your friends and family. Feel free to like and drop a comment in the comment section.

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