How You Can Make Money Selling Candles

Do you want to make money selling candles? Well, selling candles can be a great way to earn extra money or even a full-time income from selling candles.

How You Can Make Money Selling Candles in 2022
Selling candles can actually be a pretty profitable and simple business if you do which wouldn’t require so much capital for a start.
Not only can you make a side income selling candles, but some makers can earn a full-time income selling their candles.

How to Make Money Selling Candles

The following are the principles you know if you want to make money selling just candles:

1. Master Your Formula

You will want to make sure you have mastered the recipe before you begin selling candles. This will ensure that your customers offer the highest quality product from you.

You will need to first decide what sort of wax you are going to use to do this. The most common wax for candles is paraffin. You can use beeswax, soy wax, gels, and more as well.

You should also think about adding dyes, dried flowers, and essential oils. For coloring candles, Rit All-Purpose Powder Dye works well.

It’s advisable to take some time to investigate various waxes, essential oils, colors, etc.

Expand your knowledge of candle making by watching YouTube tutorials, and reading books and blog posts.

Additionally, make sure you practice making candles until you’ve got your technique and formula just right.

2. Buy Your Supplies From a Wholesaler

Wholesalers are manufacturers who sell their manufactured goods in bulk or retailers who buy the product in bulk at a fraction of the retail price to sell it in bulk to various retailers and customers (like yourself).

It would be almost difficult to make a profit from your candles if you were to purchase your supplies from a craft store.

You should probably buy your supplies from a wholesaler to make the most profit from your candles.

Because you’ll need to purchase your supplies in bulk, you will receive a substantial discount on the price of the products.

You can buy nearly any item that you can think of in bulk. This covers the boxes you need for shipment, and the jars or tins you use to hold candles, wax, dried flowers herbs, etc.

3. Work on Your Branding and Packaging

I do not know about you, but I love seeing them come in beautiful packages when I order handmade candles.

Your candles will stand out from the crowd and have a unique appearance thanks to the way they are packaged.

On Etsy, lovely candle label templates are available for purchase. These labels from Rainbird Design can be edited to include your business name, the name of the candle, and more.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re mailing your candles off in attractive packing. Remember that being attractive doesn’t have to be costly.

You can use torn paper as box filler and present your candles in a box with a handwritten thank-you note to the buyer.

4. Pricing Your Candles

You will need to compare the risks of your supplies, equipment, and overhead before pricing your candles.

It will help you to decide the best price for your candles, once you know these numbers.

Candle Science has a great guide that goes into detail on how to price your candles. I highly suggest reading this guide.

5. Open Your Shop

You will need to decide which platform you will use to sell your items until you are ready to start selling your candles. I highly recommend opening an Etsy store.

Shopify is an additional platform that you may utilize to sell your candles. One well-known online e-commerce platform is Shopify.

However, Shopify is a well-liked option for small enterprises and currently powers over 600,000 organizations.

Shopify is unquestionably the way to go if you want to create a distinctive and personalized candle store.

6. Promote Your Candles

You will want to make sure you are promoting your store once you have your shop open and items ready to sell.

Instagram, Facebook groups, and Pinterest are some places where you can advertise your candles.

In return for an honest review, you can also give free candles to YouTubers inside the candle community.

Only contact the YouTuber to ask if, in return for a video review, they want to receive a free candle.

As a small business owner, starting your blog can be an excellent way to promote your candles.

You can write blog posts sharing your latest products, you can share a free DIY candle recipe, etc.

Your blog can also be a great way to get to know your customers and potential customers, as well as a way for them to get to know you.

You’ll learn more about how to effectively service your consumer base when you develop a tighter relationship with them. It’s advisable to launch a blog and use it to advertise your candles.

While it might take a bit of time upfront to get your candle business going, it’s a relatively low-cost business to get into, and once you get into your groove, you can make a good living selling your handmade candles from home.

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