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4 Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising 2021 Update

Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising: Your body is a temple. But to advertisers, it’s also prime advertising real estate. There are companies that will pay you to have their ad or logo tattooed on your body below are four of them.

4 Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising 2021 Update

Selling tattoo ad space on your body is a strange, but legit, way to make money. If you do this, make sure you make it worth your while (and flesh) by making the advertiser pay top dollar!

Meaning of Skinvertising?

There’s a form of advertising which, as well as augmenting the English language with a catchy new blend, has lent a whole new meaning to the expression ‘branded for life’.

Bizarre as it may sound, it seems that in return for a fee a number of people have been prepared to allow their skin to be turned into advertising space, a practice which has been dubbed skinvertising.

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Meaning of Skinvertising?

Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising

1. TatAD.com

TatAD.com is a cutting-edge marketing website with a community of members who are willing to promote companies they are fond of by tattooing the company’s logo on their bodies.

They are committed to showing or talking about the logo and the company to general or targeted people in order to create word-of-mouth advertising regarding the company they have been tattooed by.

There are currently over 1280 members. Pricing for getting a tattoo varies depending on how well you are known, etc. The average payment is between $1000 and $3000.

2. eBay

Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising

A few people have successfully auctioned off their bodies as ad space on eBay. Chances are, so can you. Since eBay is a popular auction platform, it’s easy to promote.

Plus media outlets love the whole selling-your-body-to-the-highest-bidder angle, meaning you have a big chance of bagging coverage on the mainstream news.

The attention your auction attracts could snowball, and attract more bidders in the process.

You can’t just have a soda logo tattooed on your hand, collect the money, then have it covered up later on. You gotta be in this for keeps.

Otherwise, you’ll have to disclose that you’re only willing to keep the tattoo for a limited period of time. This might limit potential bidders, but at least you’re not scamming anyone.

3. Lease Your Body

Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising

LeaseYourBody.com is strictly for temporary tattoos. They do however charge a one-time fee of 19.99 and a 30% share of your advertising revenue.

Consider the fact that most advertising companies and networks don’t even payout 70% of their revenue. The upfront fee might seem like a bum deal, but it’s your decision. How serious about this are you?

4. Craigslist

Companies that Pay for Tattoo Advertising

Craigslist could work, but I wouldn’t count on it as being one of my favorite options.  It could be a great way to connect with local businesses, however.

The only downfall is that their budget may not be as high as you envisioned.

Free to use, Craigslist would work no differently than eBay, wherein you would set up an ad and see if anyone is interested. If posting, the “general” for sale section would probably be a great place to start.

If all else fails you can always contact companies you are in to. Find out if they are willing and how much they’ll pay.

To conclude, you may not be able to get paid to get a tattoo with every company, some might completely shoot the idea down, but there have been others that have agreed to things like discounts for life or a free product.

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